PSC drags feet on nurse recruitment


Dr Parirenyatwa

Patrick Chitumba Senior Reporter

THOUSANDS of nurses across the country are still unemployed even though the government recently announced the lifting of the freeze on recruitment of health workers. Minister of Health and Child Care Dr David Parirenyatwa told Chronicle on Thursday that it was now policy that the freezing of recruitment of nurses had been lifted adding that it was now up to the Public Service Commission to recruit nurses and fill vacant posts.
“The government lifted the freeze on nursing posts. In terms of policy there is no more freeze on nurse’s employment,” he said.

He said bureaucratic dynamics in the government were hindering the employment of nurses. “There is bureaucratic dynamics but in terms of policy it’s unfrozen. It’s now a matter of where the vacancies are and how each institution should recruit and how to distribute the nurses that are available to the health institutions,” said Dr Parirenyatwa.

Last week scores of jobless nurses were seen milling around Mpilo Central Hospital looking for employment. Some of them said they graduated in 2011 and were still to secure employment. “We have been coming here and other health institutions looking for employment. We are told that the freeze was lifted but the institutions still maintain that there is a freeze. So we are really confused,” said one of the job seekers.

Last year, the Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr Paul Chimedza told parliament that the job freeze had washed away the skills that the newly-trained nurses had acquired. “We are continuously engaging the Ministry of Finance so that these posts can be unfrozen, but probably, I would like to implore this August House to make a decision or enough noise about this issue so that we will have those posts unfrozen,” said Dr Chimedza.

“The problem is that when you train a nurse for three years and this nurse is put in the streets after using government money, they lose the skill and after three years they cannot be a nurse anymore and will need to be retrained,” he said.

Since 2010, Zimbabwe has failed to absorb graduating nurses into its health institutions regardless of staff shortages at most health centres. Last year, the government partially lifted the freeze but only absorbed 1,000 nurses. It is estimated that the country has more than 2,500 qualified nurses who are out of work.

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  • ThembaniNyoni

    Any literate fool will know that it requires more than the ‘lifting of the freeze’ on employment of graduate nurses. It is not right to point fingers at the PSC as solely to blame for the delayed recruitment. Its not only a matter of where the ‘vacancies are’ because they have always been there but more important, it is a matter of where the money to foot the extra salary bill will come from.

    • df

      the journalist has outdated infor psc is no longer psc it is now called csc (Civil Service Commission) be that as it may the csc is also not responsible for the recruitment of nurses that is now done by the Health Services Board.

  • Vusumuzi Bvunzawabaya

    Comrade minister let us be humble and ask USAID ,DFID or WHO to fund the salaries of our nurses until such time that government is able to pay them. We may hate the Evil West but reality is the west has been funding our health programs for years. Yes they provided 70% of the healthy budget during the Gono operations so let us ask them. Putting our heads in the sand does not help.

    • Jotham

      Donors , ahaaaa donors ? hmmmmm. Some people have such disorganised brains. May you kindly repeat. Donors?. umhlaba lo ulezimanga shuwinyanisi. How can the govt. invite criminals and thugs and thieves in this present day and age?.

      • Vusumuzi Bvunzawabaya

        Between 2006-2008 the “VERY CRIMINALS” provided 70% of the Natiional Health budget support by providing salaries and equipment in Zimbabwean hospitals:maybe you don’t live in Zimbabwe or you are so well-off that you and your relatives fly off to other countries for treatment. This is reality and we will remain in this state until we start prioriting health care ahead of German Sedans and all-terrain 4X4! Not sure whose brain is disorganised: one who takes all the money to buy luxury cars ahead of providing health service to the poor

  • Jotham

    You know very well that since 2008 the supposedly Zim. economy collapsed( white owned). When an economy is 90% owned by the white pink pigs what do you expect. The Zim. economy did not collapse – whites took away their capital – what happened. These are the dangers on over reliance on Europeans. These whites wanted to be treated like heroes. I am not condoning the deaths of people in hospitals – the Govt. has no money and that is reality. We must live within our means – relying on Europeans is of no use. You can belittle China – those are better people rather than animal like Obama and Camerons.