Rape victim (4) breaks down in court


Leonard Ncube, Victoria Falls Reporter
A FOUR-YEAR-OLD rape victim broke down in court while giving evidence against her step grandfather who allegedly had anal sex with her two months ago.

The complainant who cannot be named, was testifying in the Victim Friendly Court (VFC) at the Hwange regional court on Tuesday when she suddenly stopped talking.

She had just been cross examined by the prosecutor after giving her evidence through an intermediary in a secluded VFC room away from the main court room.

The girl literally became mute and refused to speak when she was told that the accused was now ready to cross examine her, resulting in the regional magistrate Mr Collet Ncube adjourning the trial indefinitely.

Allegations against the accused, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the victim, are that he had anal sex with the girl sometime in September at their homestead under Chief Nekatambe.

He was caught red handed by another four-year-old girl who alerted their grandmother, the accused’s wife.

“On the 26th of September, the girl’s mother left her in the custody of the accused and grandmother as she went to the dip tank.

“The accused had anal sex with the complainant in the presence of another four-year-old girl. The four-year-old witness saw the grandfather in the act and ran to inform their grandmother,” said the prosecutor Mr Tinomupei Mbiza.

The court was told that the accused’s wife informed the complainant’s mother when she returned and a report was made to the police.

The girl was referred to the hospital where she was medically examined.


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  • Legit

    How in the world and the WHYY would you let the accused cross examine the 4 year old?????? The very person who has caused a deep emotional scar that will haunt her for the rest of her life…that’s the person who will cross examine her? What a terrible court system this is

    • Grace Mubi

      |Indeed it is a terrible court system

    • musa

      where is the “victim friendly” part in this system

    • makhosi

      Remember the accused also deserves a fair trial, in the interest of justice.

      Cross examining a four old on sexual matters is on the brink of child abuse. This guy might be acquitted for lack of evidence.

  • Shlama

    Somebody please sue the ministry of justice for this please please

  • Professor of Law

    This is plain ridiculous and just unacceptable. Let’s hope she is receiving therapy after these past events.

    • makhosi

      Presumption is injustice.