Roadblock dodger runs over cop

Elizabeth Tsuro Midlands Reporter
A POLICE officer is lucky to be alive after a driver from Masvingo allegedly hit him with his vehicle and attempted to run over him at a roadblock on Good Friday.

Elisha Chidhimiri, 26, from Mucheke Suburb in Masvingo was arrested after a high speed chase, about 31 kilometres from where he left the injured cop.

He allegedly took offence when officers at a roadblock asked him to hand over his licence along the Harare-Masvingo Road.

Gweru Magistrate Tayengwa Chibanda heard how Chidhimiri became uncooperative and drove straight at an officer who could not jump out of the way in time.

He sped off in his Toyota Granvia while passengers from a local church screamed in protest inside.

He allegedly smashed into the cop and drove for some distance with the hapless officer hanging onto the vehicle’s bonnet, before dragging him on the road.

Chidhimiri appeared on initial remand for attempted murder.

The magistrate did not ask him to plead and remanded him in custody to April 12.

Chibanda advised him to apply for bail at the High Court.

Prosecuting, Lloyd Mavhisa told the court that on March 25 at around 4PM, Constables Bruce Chikwanda, Virukai, Gwandu and Mashaira stationed at Charandura Police Station, were deployed at the 222km peg along the Harare-Masvingo Road for roadblock duties under the command of Sergeant Rudhane.

The prosecutor told the court that Chidhimiri’s Toyota Granvia was loaded with passengers from Paul Mwazha Church.

“He was stopped by Cst Virukai who asked him to hand over his driver’s licence but he just flashed it from inside his car,” said Mavhisa.

“Chidhimiri engaged the drive gear and drove towards Cst Chikwanda, hitting him with his vehicle.”

The court heard that Cst Chikwanda hung onto the bonnet before the vehicle dragged him for some distance.

Mavhisa said the accused did not stop.

“Sergeant Rudhane jumped into a police vehicle and gave chase. He caught him near Mvuma, 31 kilometres away from the point of the incident,” said Mavhisa.

The court heard that Cst Chikwanda was rushed to St Theresa Hospital for treatment and the medical report was produced in court as evidence.

The extent of the police officer’s injuries and his condition were not disclosed in court.

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  • jahman

    Kkkkkkk police of Zim willing to die at the traffic roadblocks for a few dollars, but show them a real criminal in action and they take to their heels fleeing the scene nxa

    • madluphuthu

      just yesterday at the intersection of 12th avenue and J Mqabuko in Bulawayo two vehicles were involved in an accident.There was a zrp poyisa about 20m from the accident and naturally i was relieved by this hoping that the cop would quickly mark the scene and remove these vehicles from the road as they awkwardly affecting the flow of traffic and posing an accident risk to other motorists.Kodwa bengingabuzanga elangeni ngoba the cop decided to be part of the onlookers before disappearing from the scene without trace( tactical withdrawal). Gone are the days we used to have a proper police force nowadays you get thieves in uniform carrying out these funny for a dollar or two

      • Fake Cop

        This zrp poyisa was either a fake one or was upto something illegal. Ubalekeleni. Mina I have lost respect of our cops. I used to give them a lift in my car whenever I saw them looking for transport. But manje no no angisaqali. Angithwalani lamasela.

  • Max

    The same granvias and honda fits which are such a nuisance on our roads even in surburbs belong to the bosses of the cops, so why worry.

  • koka

    people are tired of these thugs in uniform. the driver knew better than hand over his licence because once they have your licence they wont release it until you pay the bribe. good job Elisha.

    • Doppelganger

      so true that

    • blarazonke

      On the other hand, pple in such vehicles are not insured in the event of an accident. The driver knew his offence of pirating. Yaah , we like fast transport, but only realise the folly when we lose our limbs.

  • khulu undubeko

    this was an unfortunate incident on police doing their duties, l will give them the benefit of doubt that they were acting professionally at the time of incident

  • mask

    dai akarova two mbavha idzi

  • chigavazira

    under the command of sergeant Rudhane, meaning there were no jokes at this roadblock as a ‘shef’ was present

  • xi

    chidhimiri is too young to know what should be done

  • ms T

    I’m tired of this thieving force. They never give you the option to go and argue your case in court. They are such a nuisance. On December 25 2014 they used a button stick to hit the windows of a kombi in front of me. The other one screamed “Rova rimwe racho” Up to now my kids keep saying that expressing. Violence by our own force in public, is that what we want for our society. Our taxes are used to train thugs who’ll abuse us.