RoilBAAs! Tonight is the night

Cal Vin receiving certificate 2

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
With the glitz and glam that was exhibited on Thursday night during the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards nominees’ party, it could have been a precursor of what will happen today during the award ceremony.

The nominees’ party was held at Glen Lodge in Bulawayo where artistes came in their numbers to get their certificates as recognition for being nominated at the second edition of the awards. The awards ceremony will be held tonight at the Large City Hall in Bulawayo.

As a sign that artistes this year were ready to dazzle on the red carpet, there were many outstanding and less outlandish outfits that were on display on the night.

Others decided to be modest with their dressing as they did not want to let the cat out of the bag as to what they will be wearing tonight.

Away from the glitz and glam, the delight on nominees’ faces as they each received a certificate of merit was priceless. It showed the core of the awards ceremony to recognise many people who have been working in the arts industry and just needed that push to gain national recognition.

And when they receive their various accolades tonight, it will be memorable.

Everything was great on Thursday, except that the event started late, because of a number of factors such as artistes arriving at the pickup point late and some of the speeches dragging.

Now, considering that tonight’s event will be broadcast live on ZBCtv, all this needs to change as everything should be like clockwork.

The red carpet is the centre of attraction of many award ceremonies as people get to see what the stars will be wearing, who they will be accompanied by and if their outfits match or are misses.

The same will apply to the city awards where guests will be interviewed on the RoilBAA red carpet by Gilmore Tee, Nyasha “Diva” Mtamangira, Tsitsi Gumbo and Tinashe OkaMaskhosana.

Last year, there were some wow moments, showstoppers and instances that made people cringe on the red carpet. Veteran modelling guru Sarah Mpofu-Sibanda’s outfit had bloggers failing to describe what it was and it was concluded that we had to accept her for who she is, a diva!

This year, it seems that it will be the same, as she promised to spring a surprise on the red carpet.

“People should expect something jaw dropping. On red carpets wherever I go, I make a fashion statement and leave people talking and debating,” said Mpofu-Sibanda.

Over the past two weeks, nominees have been in overdrive trying to find the right outfits for the awards and we wait and see what they have in store for us.

On the dreaded red carpet, which is like a roadblock that many people don’t want to encounter but have to, there will be the fashion police to contend with.

The apparel police force assembled to vet and grill guests on their outfits will comprise Star FM’s Noxy, commercial model Marcu Kumbie, fashion stylist Noelu and radio presenter Mpumelelo “LELO” Moyo.

We are waiting for you is their mantra this year as they, according to one of style cops LELO, will not mince their words.

“We’re calling on the people of Bulawayo to come in their numbers to see and be seen on the red carpet. It’s exciting just to anticipate on who’s going to arrive with who, wearing what.

“You can’t have an awards show without the red carpet as it’s the core of any ceremony. So people better show up and show off. We as the fashion police are ready for you,” said LELO.

During the nominees’ party, the fashion police gave a taste of what people should expect from them on the red carpet.

If last year is anything to go by, then when guests enter the Large City Hall, they will be in for breathtaking performances from an assembly of artistes.

The performances were the best; they were the icing on the cake. And getting the programme moving along during the ceremony will be Mbo Mahocs, Star FM’s Phathisani Sibanda, Master Eli from Skyz Metro FM and veteran broadcaster Morris Touch.

All this talent that will be on the main stage, red carpet fashion police, being recognised and organising the ceremony is from Bulawayo.

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  • Brutal Truth

    The Chronicle guys busy deleting my comment because they cannot stand The Brutal Truth Hahahaha

  • Brutal Truth

    For a fading city buckling under the backbone-breaking boulder of economic hardships,perenial sporting misery & artistic mediocrity,the United Refineries Sponsored Byo Arts Awards,like a cheap drug in the mould of nyaope or bronco, come as an easy alternative to offer an illusionary sense of pseudo-satisfaction to the byo community.
    Let’s face it,Highlanders FC last won the league title when Lobengula himself was still captain & the arts sector,despite its exaggerated greatness,lags far behind in terms of content & relevence in the national entertainment arena.
    The belief that Byo is the Arts Capital of Zimbabwe is a gigantic fallacy peddled by a few delusional individuals like Continueloving Mhlanga & Nkululeko Nkala desperate for means to beautify a city so stuck in the past you would think it was Khoisan village.
    That the whose who of Bulawayo will abandon their caverns momentarily to huddle at the Large City Hall tonight is without question.
    Hoards of township vagrants,escaping the emotional anguish of being unemployed will also join them,smuggling in their beloved cheap opaque beer in the process to enjoy what will be the best nights of their lives. Decorations & setups will be immaculate after all what better way is there to create a convincing facade of success than lining up one’s duck in a row & sprucing up the little venue that belongs better in Masvingo town than ‘mighty’ Bulawayo!
    Then come the awards.
    The few financially broke, struggling but genuinely talented will be awarded & exaggeratedly praised as heroes as so will be the many untalented lucky,chosen merely to fill in the gaps of categories created for the sole purpose of a proper awards ceremony.
    The latter group will be the loudest.The irritatingly noisiest both on the streets & the social media thoroughfares for weeks to come.
    The problem?When you praise your dumb child for coming out second last in class at the end of the school term,he will never feel the need for being number 1 at any stage in his life.
    In a nutshell,when the night has come & gone Byo artists,with egos bigger than Inyanga mountain,will go back to their homes where they will continue churning out garbage waiting for another 12 Months to pass by so they can have their bull excrement admired & cherished yet again & the Arts Sector in Byo will never grown beyond the Byo Arts Awards!

    • Misty

      Wow! You sound bitter. However there is some truth to your words

      • Doctor Do little

        That guy is very bitter. Funny part he lives right in the middle of Bulawayo. Why would one that lives in the Capital care? This one is speaking and acting out his own miserable existence which he thinks we all go through. Shame, poor miserable idiot.

        • Brutal Truth

          First I don’t live in your crappy polluted city.Used to – yes!Not anymore.At least not until the last of you people swims across Limpopo river back to where you came from.Second & last I may have a miserable existence as you put it but at least I have a country to call my own.
          You can call me a hater I’m okae with it.I’m not obliged to love you or anyone of your kind

          • Doctor Do little

            You do. Why would it worry you so much that you come here day in and day out to insult other people. I will gladly swim across the limpopo when you first swim across the Zambezi where you came from. No one asked you to love anybody. And about a country of your own I have mine as well. Zimbabwe. If you think you can intimidate anyone to leave or force anyone then you are thicker than I thought. ABOUT THE SWIM make me YOU MISERABLE PIECE OF RUBBISH.

          • Brutal Truth

            Saka you will argue with me when I’m telling you where I live hahaha. Zimbabwe is not your country buddie.Do you even know what the word Zimbabwe itself means & how it came about? Don’t tell me what they taught you at school because any foreigner can learn that. Zimbabwe inyika inoyera,ndeyevanhu.

          • Doctor Do little

            What you say is of no consequence because you are nothing. You are not my History teacher to tell me what Zimbabwe means. Concentrate on your own HUTU Heritage. About pollution you make me laugh. Who has politically polluted Zimbabwe for the past 3 decades? Ask yourself that question and you will see three fingers pointing right at you. I am not and will never be your “Buddie”. If I am a foreigner then You were a foreigner long before me. You came here first so you leave here first. You can try all your stupid racism it will not work. I am staying put and at the end of July I am going to put a big X on the ballot paper and there is nothing you can do about it. Soon the time for bigots like you will be a thing of the past and hopefully they will put you where you belong and throw the keys into the Zambezi river..

          • Brutal Truth

            The LAW OF FIRST OCCUPANCY (which you obviously don’t know) stipulates that “the first person to take possession of or occupy something owns it!!!!!!!”
            Now we all know who occupied Zimbabwe first.You & your people are settlers & there can never be peaceful peaceful co existence between a violent,thieving settler and the owner of a property. Get that through your thick skull

          • Doctor Do little

            Bull dust. The first people who occupied Zimbabwe were not your kith and kin. At least you admit that you are Hutu. It seems your skull is so thin that It cannot even hold common sense so I take the thick skull bit as a positive. And then you contradict yourself because we possessed and occupied “Matebele” Land hence the name which you would never dare change.

          • Brutal Truth

            Iwe,if you think your mischievously manufacturing nonexistent Shona – Hutu linkages to exaggerate the damage inflicted by gukurahundi on your people matters to me then get your head examined.
            It doesn’t matter where Shonas originated from or which tribes or countries we stemmed from.
            Chikuru ziva kuti takakumamisai negukurahundi.Ende makamama kkkk & this land will never be your country.ever!

          • Galveston

            The good doctor is right! Your people cannot make a credible claim to this land. It was occupied by several migrant groups from the beginning of time. The land, in truth, belongs to Almighty God who in his magnanimity allows whoever he may to occupy it for a season. Perhaps you’d like to try finding the assurance that comes from appreciating the diversity of cultures which exist in this land. Try it; it’s surely salve for a troubled soul such as yours!

          • Doctor Do little

            You can iwe as much as you want. I am of Bhebhe Nkiwane Clan and I will never be afraid of an idiot. This Country is mine and I own land here and there is nothing you can do about it. Kapish.

          • Galveston

            You’re very right. This is Mthwakazi and it’s obvious that you are a stranger in our land. Don’t for one minute think that any sane person will believe your claims that you’re writing from outside. Every indication in your comments point to the fact that you’re right here in our midst. Just remember that when you’re a guest in one’s home, it is wise to show some simple courtesy.

          • Majoni

            You Mr are in serious denial. Bulawayo a crappy polluted city? Hahahaha you are sick. See what one of your own said about the Capital. You must be living in Mars.


          • Brutal Truth

            By polluted I mean filled with people of your kind,silly!hatisikutaura nezvemarara

          • Galveston

            Are you aware that your comments in this section are a serious violation of the new law on hate speech that was recently enacted? In other words you are committing a crime every time you write in that manner. Besides; don’t think that you are safe pushing your bitterness while hiding behind a false name on this faceless platform. You will be successfully traced and prosecuted.

          • Brutal Truth

            Futseke musatanyoko wako nemutemo wako mwana wehure wazvindzwa.Reporting & tracing,my foot!
            Use those types of empty threats to your ignorant & uneducated siblings

          • Galveston

            Fine; if that’s what you want. Now I’m proceeding to report you to the authorities. You can expect a visit from them soon. I will persist until you are arrested. This is no idle threat.

          • Brutal Truth

            You’re saying it like I care.

          • Galveston

            So who’s laughing with you? One thing’s certain; the inmate at the place where you’ll be incarcerated will certainly be laughing with and at you!

          • Brutal Truth

            Be careful not to go on a wild goose chase.From the grammar & logic in your comments here,I reckon you’re smart,don’t prove me wrong.I really am unarrestable,unprosecutable & unjailable!Especially for putting a dzviti in his place.
            Save your energy & time!

          • Galveston

            No one is holding their breath for your return to our city. That is, if indeed your claim to be writing from outside is true. Actually; nobody who is a true descendant of Bulawayo’s founding kings is planning to leave in a hurry, or at all! We will always be here and in charge. So ….. why don’t you leave right now since you are an unwelcome intruder?

    • chazi dlamini


    • Galveston

      Does it really take so many words for one to expel a little gastric wind? Next time just take a potent laxative and use a properly designated toilet to relieve yourself. In any case, much of that which you express smacks of sour grapes. It’s a pity really; because such bitterness clouds one’s ability to appreciate the remarkable talent in all fields which exists in this blessed and rising city; Bulawayo.