Secret train, bush party on the cards


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FANS of the end-of-year Jameson Vic Falls Carnival may just have an early treat as a train and bush party which makes the carnival exciting is being organised.

Dubbed the Secret Bush Party to Lost, the party with a #LetsGetLost hashtag, is scheduled to take place at a secret location on the outskirts of Bulawayo on June 10 ending the next day.

One of the party organisers, Basil Mapfumo, said the event was being held to unite people through music while promoting and developing the local arts industry.

“Lost is an event that brings together artistes and music lovers for a night of fun and a day of relaxation. It’s a call to music lovers to experience Zimbabwean arts, culture, music in a creative way to develop the creative industry in a non-conformative environment. The event will blow your hair back whichever way you choose to experience it. The more you do, the more fun you’ll have – guaranteed. It’s a place where people are welcome to start something, make something or do anything (within reason). Forget standing on the sidelines – jump in with both feet and get busy!”

Mapfumo said the venue is accessible by rail with accommodation available on the train as well as at the venue where tents will be pitched.“The event starts at 6PM with two steam trains set to ferry people to the site. The first one will leave at 6PM followed by an 8PM one. The party will begin on the train as DJs will be playing music on board,” said Mapfumo.

“The second train will have a special dinner as well as VIP coaches as they travel to the secret location.”

He said a concert would be held at the party with several surprise local acts lined up to perform till the next day. Winky D is rumoured to be part of the line-up. Activities such as Quad bikes, water games, paint guns, trampolines, mud fights and art displays will also be there.

“At the secret location, the party will start at 10PM where revellers are set to party the night away. There’ll be local artistes and DJs that’ll be performing at the secret location.”

The organiser said all people needed for the party was energy.“We’ve arranged bush showers with hot water for people to bath at the venue the next morning but we don’t really think there’ll be time to sleep.”

“After the partying, two trains will ferry people back to Bulawayo, the first departing at 6AM with the other at 2PM. Breakfast will be served before they come back to the city’.’ Tickets to the party are already on sale at LNA, Brooks, Chicken Inn Haefelis, Chicken Slice and Annur Tech.

“They have been pegged at $25, $100 and $200. The $25 silver circle ticket will give one access to the party train and the event as well as a six pack and braai pack. For $100, one will access the VIP lounge dinner in the train and gain entry to the event. VVIP tickets will cost $200 per couple which includes luxury accommodation and dinner.

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