‘Sexist’ Chamisa misfires again

Advocate Nelson Chamisa addresses one of his rallies in this file photo

Advocate Nelson Chamisa addresses one of his rallies in this file photo

Freedom Mupanedemo in Lower Gweru
MDC Alliance leader Mr Nelson Chamisa yesterday said he was young and can impregnate any woman to prove how energetic he is in yet another show of sexism.

The misfiring MDC-T faction leader recently pledged to give President Mnangagwa his 18-year- old sister if he manages five percent in this year’s harmonised elections.

Mr Chamisa’s remarks sparked outrage from Zimbabweans across the body politic.

He apologised last Thursday for his sexist remarks saying: “If anyone felt hurt about the joke I am sorry. It was just a political banter that I used to illustrate that even if I promised to give him (Mnangagwa) my most prized position, he would still not be able to defeat us in a free and fair election.”

But yesterday Mr Chamisa repeated the sexist remarks while addressing a rally at Maboleni Business Centre in Lower Gweru.

“As we go to an election this year, we must say goodbye to old age leadership. We want young and energetic leaders like me. Is there any one who can doubt that I am energetic? Just give me any woman here and see if I will fail to score,” said Mr Chamisa.

The increasingly gerontophobic MDC faction leader is accused of leading a campaign to marginalise perceived old people in his side of the MDC, and this week incumbent MP for Harare West Jessie Majome opened up about the abuse she is being subjected to that saw her withdraw from the party’s primary elections.

Ms Majome said she had been told that she was old and should retire to the countryside to herd donkeys. Mr Chamisa, who was addressing a gathering largely comprised of isiNdebele speaking people added: “You think I don’t know isiNdebele? You are wrong. Totally wrong! I can propose love in isiNdebele!”

Mr Chamisa said it was difficult to lead a nation without seeking advice from the elderly.

“We have our elderly people like the ones standing with me here. You cannot lead a nation without tapping wisdom and working with the elderly. We need elderly people in leadership for us to steer the country forward,” said Mr Chamisa.

Mr Chamisa is a lawyer and pastor with AFM.

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  • Rod Strictland

    Yo What sexist Chamisa, Mr Editor please grow up an’ learn ta report facts. Otherwise we’s will loose our respect fo’ Chronicle.
    Yo Sexism iz prejudice or discrimination based on uh ni gga’s s ex or gender. Sexism can affect anyone, but it iz particularly documented as affecting beotches an’ beotches in the hood!!

    • Godlwayo

      Lawe please write proper [email protected]

    • july

      Where did you learn your English…Please tell us so we do not send our kids there.

      • Rod Strictland

        Yo I learnt my English whilst incarcerated at New York’s most infamous Juvenile prison, where troubled an’ notorious kids learn ta become troubled adults. Iron Mike Tyson occupied da next cell, dat’s why I’m mo’ inclined ta Boxing mo’ than anythin` else. we’s would pass each other Crack Cocaine da whole night in order ta git high.
        Yo If you know what I’m sayin`
        Jus’ like Orenthawl James.



  • Mkhokheli

    Everything written about MDC on this paper is negative. Your editors are colour blind just like dogs which see grey all the time. When will you start coverage on perennial long qoues in the banks caused by 38 years of misrule by ZANU ?

  • J

    Editor, can’t you bar Rod from contributing. He is not helping the young ones learn and his vulgar comments are not friendly to the family paper.

    Please do something about this contributor!!

  • Pilato

    Any joke by chamisa becomes an issue to the chronicle reporters ,so becomes the only news,all the important things he articulates are ignored ,this is sad

  • Dudu Mdlaziba


  • musa

    this is zany pf paper & zany pf does not change. so expecting this zany pf tabloid to write positive things about the opposition is just plain old dreaming, fantasizing.

    • Precious Mbali Phiri

      Stop plastering yourself all over social media if you don’t want to hear any negative comments……Life ain’t full of people giving your ego a boost! Get over yourself.

  • Prince Maphosa

    Reporter plz leave Chamisa he is not suppose to joke any joke it’s an issue why wat ever Chamisa yizo

  • steve blomefield

    there you go again chamisa. Your sister is your prized possession. I thought she was owned by God himself. In scripture [1 Corinthians 11] a woman submits to her HUSBAND; the husband to Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ to God. brother is not in this ownership list. [Nor a pastor/prophet/apostle].

    • Essexvale

      I’d say that the young man said that which he did in jest and the ZANU PF controlled media grabbed this opportunity to make him look silly. It’s the silly season before elections when the Zimpapers stable, traditionally over-excels itself in justifying to their paranoid bosses, the need to retain their jobs.

      • Susan Mdlongwa

        Regardless of your opinions about body building and horse racing, wouldn’t it be better if you at least tried to make a sensible comment?

    • Major Musango

      and you too…. you are focusing on the wrong things ….. Corinthians, Corinthians my foot!



  • Roscoe

    There they go again…

  • Major Musango

    Chronicle, Chronicle, Chronicle ……….. Give us a break. Anyway anomakwa ndiye anebhora … you are trying to demonise Chamisa because you see that he is a real threat and you try to promote Mudzuri and Khupe …… Time will tell!

  • Wellington

    The young boy thinks these are Erections, kkkkk, but the old people should retire from politics, there l support him these old guard have held us back woth their we know it all because we are old, they do the same emisebenzini bafele ezikhundleni when the young are struggling and need that experience

    • Nobukhosi Siziba

      Nothing about that woman you call your girlfriend is sacred. Stop her from sleeping around and you won’t have these problems.

  • ongafuniyo

    chronicle being used shame on you

  • Ton van Der Parker

    You must be ashamed of yourself Editor. You have a negative campaign against Chamisa and you think that would work. You are failing to show professionalism and make all politicians accountable. Clearly George Charamba and the minister of Propaganda are so afraid of Chamisa that they have to use you. It is now nauseating,stop it now. Shame on you !!
    What are you going to do if Chamisa wins? Resign from your position. Stop being used.

  • Kabius Kekedu

    It has not started yet. Anopenga zvemhando yapamusoro.

  • Vulindlela Sibanda

    Did Adv Chamisa say what is being reported? Or did he not? If he did not, then anyone reporting to the contrary is unfair at least, or downright mischievous. If he said it, then he is lacking qualities necessary for national leadership. Apologising on his behalf indicates that there is a lack of appreciation regarding the gravity associated with the position of a national leader. Yesterday his sister. Today our women. And then the guy asks for our votes! He must think – if he uttered the reported comments – we are mugs. He must stick to what I assume he knows, namely, political issues, amongst other things. If he did that, his adversaries or opponents would struggle to taint his name.

    • Nothabo Mdluli

      I take it English isn’t your first language?

      • Vulindlela Sibanda

        Quite correct Nothabo. And I do not lose sleep over it because it is a fact. However, you are welcome to advance my education. Seriously. You would be doing a great service to me. Or, is English your first language? With a name like that! In my first language – which I am also not good at writing it – your name is beautiful. Let us keep learning.

        • Nothabo Mdluli

          Try parboiled rice with Ketchup!!

          • Vulindlela Sibanda

            Nothabo, you are confusing me. First of all, you query, by implication, my expertise in English. I am prepared to take that because it is a fact that I am not an expert in writing in English. (Actually, English always used to be one of my worst subjects at school. Always a grade B equivalent no matter how hard I tried to improve.) Now you suggest I try parboiled rice with Ketchup. Now, what is that? How does eating that stuff improve my English? And, at any rate, my original post was about Adv Chamiso. Read it please.
            If you are trying to be of help to me, please go ahead. Be straight with me for I do not deal in riddles. If you are trying to ridicule me, save yourself a lot of bother. I just don’t play. All said, I trust you are a fair person and you always do the right thing. In the absence of knowing you, I cannot make any other assumption about you other than a positive one.

          • Nothabo Mdluli

            That is good to hear, especially if she feels the same way.