‘Sharon Macheso gave husband STI’

MACHESO SHARONTendai Rupapa Senior Court Reporter
SUNGURA ace Alick Macheso’s daughter Sharon allegedly infected her husband of two months Kudakwashe Munetsi with a sexually transmitted disease a few days before their wedding in August, while wedding gifts and $10,000 in cash went to the Macheso family.
Munetsi filed opposing papers at the Chitungwiza Civil Court yesterday through his lawyer Charles Chikore indicating that the two issues were partly responsible for the collapse of their marriage.

Sharon filed an application for a protection order against Munetsi on Monday, but in his opposing affidavit Munetsi said it was him instead who should be protected by the courts.

Munetsi alleged that Sharon was possessed by an evil spirit and had to take snuff occasionally to pacify it.

Sharon on Tuesday filed an application for a protection order against Munetsi whom she accused of being violent towards her and cited drug abuse as the major reason.

Munetsi has denied the allegations, saying his mother-in-law was interfering in his marriage.

“So many things have been said about me by the applicant, while I’ve been quiet,” he said. “To put the record straight, so many things are causing problems in our marriage.

“Our marital problems have been caused by the violent conduct she exhibits. Prior to this, we had other arguments associated with a sexually transmitted disease she had just before our wedding.

“She admitted she had the disease and we both got treated at Ebenezer Clinic in Hatfield. We’d to seek medical attention and up to now we hardly have sexual intercourse.”

Munetsi alleged that Sharon often flew into a violent rage which resulted in her family taking her to their home for up to three days, leaving him without company.

“She appears possessed by a spirit and she normally does that after sniffing some snuff and she becomes very powerful,” he said.

“This behaviour started way back before we got married and upon asking her she confirmed that she had a spirit, adding that her grandmother Mary Mutore who is a traditional healer, was always helping her.”

Munetsi alleged that all the presents they got at their wedding were taken by the Macheso family, while his mother-in-law Nyadzisai took away the $10,000.

“All the gifts we got were taken to her parents’ house in Waterfalls instead of our house,” he said. “I only asked about the money and gifts and that annoyed her such that she told me not to ask about them, saying the wedding had been sponsored by her parents.

“Her mother took the money we received which was put into Sharon’s account and she squandered all of it. Sometimes the mother comes to our house and starts shouting at me, this is basically the background of our problems.”

Munetsi said Sharon also had a habit of coming home way after midnight.

He said he recently sought for medical attention due to stress caused by Sharon, adding that he had evidence to prove that.

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  • Mindloz

    I think he sees the writing on the wall, there is no saving of this marriage.Thats why he is trashing her and her family.Washing dirty linen in public.He married for the wrong reasons , i think…

  • koka

    I agree with you the press can twist facts to sell papers. I had first hand experience with this a month ago.

  • xaba

    at this point it is now hard to tell which side is telling the truth. at least one person from the two of them needs to take a weaker side so that if they were to be negotiations to save the union it wont be hard.They should take note that marriage is not a bed of roses. although it seems hard they can still give it a chance what about the vows till death separates us. But from the type of words being used at the moment it is as though there is no tomorrow.

  • uphiri bakithi

    when l first saw the picture of these two wedding l was suspicious of the guy’s earing. From my assessment a very old person l don’t trust a young man who wears an earing. though perhaps it might be different here .A husband should respect his wife, if he was abusive then sharon was right in leaving at the earliest possible time before she is murdered

  • Jotham

    Macheso’s name is ever being soiled – Hmmmmm- last the father stole the lime light now it is daughter.

  • Ethany

    Its not abt the dressing..Thats wer yu gtn it wrong..Magaya is not a marriage officer neither is a he a pastor..He ws jst an invited guest soo dont blame Prophet Magaya

  • MehlokaMthwakazi

    Seles , if you read along the lines you would agree with me that this relationship was sour even before the wedding , bad to worse inviting the types of the Mangayas who just came dressed on mapatapata resulted more bad luck instead of blessings to this wedding , Bakithi uMangaya , upastor wakho Seles , ayi kungono uziyele eMadlodlo uyezinathele ingwebu lamasikadi , uwula pastor uzihlalele shame -kkkkkkkkkk

    • Seles

      Kkkkkkk Ndoda seyinging.a low pastor. Uyabona amahembe awagqokayo? Lemota ahamba ngayo ndoda iyasondela kwezabo Makandiwa labo Angel. Sebatshiyana lamadonki Kkkkkkkkkkkk

  • uphiri bakithi

    Do not be led astray by dressing, what matters is the presence of the prophet (Magaya) remember he is a very busy man but that he put aside everything for this occassion means a lot. The prophet is still able to bring these two together should they feel like. Remember everything is possible with God. Prophet Magaya is a servant of the living God

  • MehlokaMthwakazi

    Amapowers esatshwa nguwe , hayi ngabantu bonke , so wena uma usesaba ucabanga ukuthi bonke abantu bayesaba ?
    Jesus was so unique , nobody will match his integrity , never , Mangaya is only for today not forever , soon he will be history , stop fooling yourself please .

  • MehlokaMthwakazi

    Kunjalo mfowethu umfazi katshaywa ngesandla njalo ungaphikisani naye , uma nje umbona edelela muphi okwakhe owakulandayo la ekhaya ngaso leso sikhathi ungabesalinda ukutshona kwelanga . Ngizwalwa liNdebele ngafundiswa lokho , manje oMunetsi bagqoka amacici bathanda ukuma phambi kwezibuko .

    • unamandlo

      l know of a woman who ran away because utshomi wakhe waye thanda ukwenza kakhulu, wayemkhulela uma belele

  • Johnso wekuMbare

    Wether you doubt or not its not any issue.For all those who are children of the prophet hatisi kumira.The other thing God doesn’t look at the attire that one is wearing but what is in your heart.If only those who wore suits were the ones to go heaven then this will be sad indeed.