Shock as headmaster collapses, dies

Police take away the body of the late Bernard Maphosa in Gwanda yesterday

Police take away the body of the late Bernard Maphosa in Gwanda yesterday

Mthabisi Tshuma, Gwanda Reporter
BUSINESS came to a standstill yesterday at the Gwanda Government complex when a school head collapsed and died at the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education provincial offices.

Mr Bernard Maphosa, the Acting Headmaster of Mpalawini Primary School in Insiza North, allegedly clutched his chest and began gasping for breath at the Ministry’s offices yesterday at around 10 AM.

A ministry official said Mr Maphosa had visited the complex to submit fees approval documents.

“While at the Education offices’ reception, Mr Maphosa is said to have complained that he was feeling hot and appeared to struggle to breathe. He thereafter collapsed,” said an official who declined to be named for professional reasons.

The office employees took him to the foyer where nurses from the Ministry of Health and Child Care offices tried to render first aid while others called an ambulance.

An education official said he was disappointed by  Gwanda Provincial Hospital’s failure to promptly respond to the distress call.

“The ambulance only arrived after about 40 minutes despite the fact that the hospital is less than 500 metres away from the complex,” fumed the official.

The official said the ambulance arrived when Mr Maphosa was already dead.

Scores of people had gathered and many said they were shocked by the sudden death.

Mr Maphosa’s death comes three years after another person died at the Government complex, also waiting for an ambulance.

Matabeleland South police spokesperson Inspector Philisani Ndebele said he was yet to receive a report on the incident.


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  • Godlwayo

    Ambulance only arrived after 40 minutes even though its 500 m, why didn’t these retards use any other car to take him to the hospital instead of waiting for nearly an hour

    • Beke Mthembo

      this happens when you buy chiefs car instead of ambulances. but again, there was no one with a car to run the man to the hospital? Any way RIP man

  • ziso

    ….another person died at the Gvt hospital waiting for an ambulance… known that they do not act. Honestly someone could have just offered transport. eish

    • maria nyagwaya

      true. considering the distance between the govt complex and the hospital

  • musa

    gwanda administration must be visited by the new soon-to-be-doctor amai. (as if that would change anything)

  • khuluza

    kulenzinsuku umuntu uyawa ahle afe

  • pat

    peaceful way to go , unfortunately it hurts those who remain behind

  • Fairer

    This is a wake up call for the new government to chanel adequate resources to the health sector.Most likely Gwanda Municipality has few ambulances and there is inadequate medicine at Gwanda hospital just like all government hospitals.Its time our leaders should also utilise local medical facilities instead of flying out to neighbouring RSA or abroad for treatment.

  • Nkosiekhabo

    Two things show me that something is really wrong with us Zimbabweans. 1. The hospital is 500m from the complex yet we are waiting for an ambulance, would it not have made sense yini to put this person in a car to the hospital. Surely any sane person would not have waited for 40 minutes for an ambulance to take a seriously ill person just 500m away. 2. this then goes on to show me the education that we are receiving is not one that help us to critical think but rather just to know without any application.

  • Ndukwana

    Sad sad sad. On using any means of transport. It becomes a problem if that person dies along the way or after. The one who offered transport will ve questioned okungapheliyo. So people tend to stir away. Again 500m is too short to justify this delay. I suspect redtape/beauracracy. Sad! RIP Maphosa.

    • Mlambapheli

      Seeing he was at the Goverment Complex when he collapsed, am sure they was a goverment car using goverment fuel that they could have used to take him Maphosa a goverment offical to the goverment hospital and be accompanied by the very same Goverment nurses who assisted him in the foyer. All those things where at their desposal but they choose not to use them if fear of being questioned okungapheliyo really…
      When EDM started to vomit at the rally in Gwanda he was airlifted in a army helicopter to seek medical attention. People should have taken a leaf from that incident.

      At times our people fail to think on their feet with resources at their desposal and it results in such tradic incidents. I suspect they is more to it that meet the eye…never the less RIP Maphosa.

      • Galveston

        Superstition must have kicked in. You know how these traditionalists are? They probably thought that witchcraft was at play, which made the collapsed headmaster untouchable, lest they too would be contaminated in the process!!

  • Shlama

    Are defibrillators available in Zim Cde ED answer me please

  • Essexvale

    Shockingly irresponsible reaction by the Gwanda General Hospital’s emergency services team whose base is reportedly just 500m away from the scene of the incident, yet only gave assistance 40 minutes later. Do these hospital staff need an incognito visit from the the current first lady in order to behave with responsibility and efficiency? This really cuts me up!!

  • kuchadziya

    Really sorry for those who lost a beloved family member. may his soul rest in peace.

  • Sparks