SHOCKING DECISION. . . Chiyangwa nullifies Dynamos’ Epoupa red card

Christian Epoupa Ntouba headbutts Peter Muduhwa

Christian Epoupa Ntouba headbutts Peter Muduhwa

Ricky Zililo and Ngqwele Dube, Sports Reporters
IN a shocking decision, Zimbabwe Referees Committee (ZRC) chairman Philip Chiyangwa yesterday nullified the red card shown to Dynamos striker Christian Epoupa Ntouba in Sunday’s epic encounter against Highlanders at Rufaro Stadium.

Ntouba was shown a red card by referee Arnold Ncube after head-butting Highlanders defender Peter Muduhwa in an off the ball incident in the 87th minute. Then, the scoreline was 1-1 and the two giants went on to share the spoils.

Barely 24 hours after the encounter, Zifa announced in a statement that Chiyangwa, who is also Zifa and Cosafa president, alongside unnamed “several important football stakeholders” had decided to overrule Ncube’s decision without giving reasons.

“Dr Chiyangwa announced the decision (nullification) following extensive deliberations with members of the referees committee and several important football stakeholders,” read part of the brief statement.

However, Dynamos are in the dark about the decision by Chiyangwa with their manager Richard Chihoro telling our Harare Bureau that they did not appeal or discuss Ntouba’s red card.

“We spent the whole of today (yesterday) locked in a meeting with the executive. Nothing to do with the red card was discussed and I only heard that the red-card has been nullified late in the afternoon after the meeting. I don’t know if any member of our executive had made an appeal but I can confirm that nothing to that effect was discussed in the meeting we had the whole afternoon.

“On Sunday, I did not see what actually transpired in that box because I was concentrating on looking at the player who was about to take the corner kick. I only saw the referee (Ncube) flashing the card to our striker (Ntouba).

“So, on the nullification of the card, hear me right, I have no comment,” said Chihoro.

The match was broadcast live on Supersport 9 and replays show the referee was correct in sending off Ntouba after head-butting Muduhwa.

 Christian Epoupa Ntouba is given marching orders by referee Arnold Ncube

Christian Epoupa Ntouba is given marching orders by referee Arnold Ncube

Ncube was spot on with his decision, as Law 12 of the International Football Association Board (IFAB) laws of the game in case of fouls and misconducts, violent conduct warrants a red card.

“Violent conduct is when a player uses or attempts to use excessive force or brutality against an opponent when not challenging for the ball, or against a team-mate, team official, match official, spectator or any other person, regardless of whether contact is made,” reads part of Law 12.

A seasoned referees’ instructor who declined to be named for fear of victimisation, said Ncube correctly interpreted the laws of the game.

“Under law 12, any violent conduct by a player towards another is a sending-off offence. That Dynamos player headed the Highlanders player in an off-the-ball incident and the referee correctly flashed a red card. Violent conduct or retaliation is a dismissible offence,” said the instructor.

He questioned Chiyangwa’s decision describing it as mind-boggling.

“In my view, Chiyangwa and his buddies have set a worst precedence. What of the penalty denied to Highlanders, will he order it to be taken? What of games that are not broadcast live, will he (Chiyangwa) reverse red cards or yellow cards wrongly given to players?  The focus should have been on Dynamos fans that threw missiles and balls on the field,” said the referees’ instructor.

The instructor said unlike the English FA, Zimbabwe does not have a proper structure that analyses match officials. He said the FA has experienced former referees such as their chairman David Ellery who has 17 years as a topflight referee.

He also officiated in Fifa competitions for nine years and went on to become a Fifa and Uefa referee assessor and instructor while Chiyangwa is just a businessman with no history of refereeing.

Zifa spokesperson Xolisani Gwesela said they would not be making further pronouncements on the matter at this stage, referring questions to ZRC vice-chairman Gladmore Muzambi.

Muzambi said he was not aware of the decision, which brings to question which members of the referees committee Chiyangwa consulted.

“I do not know about that, I was out of the country. I did not watch the match as I only arrived late yesterday evening,” said Muzambi.

Two other members of the referees committee, who declined to be identified, said they were also not aware that the red card decision had been rescinded, a sign the decision could have been made by one person.

The decision sent shock waves, with football fans taking to social media blasting Chiyangwa and his association.

Ndumiso Gumede, a former referee, ex-Zifa vice-president and Highlanders official tweeted: “News has it the incident of headbutting that resulted in a red card, has been rescinded by some kangaroo committee of ZIFA. Shame indeed.”

In his tweet, former Chronicle editor Mduduzi Mathuthu appeared to scoff at Chiyangwa’s reason for nullifying Ntouba’s red card.

“I sought clarity from Chiyangwa by the way. He says there was so much pushing and shoving everyone should have been sent off,” Mathuthu wrote.

ZBC sportscaster Sibongumusa Dhlodhlo tweeted: “Mane faces 3 match ban for that dangerous play yet Epoupa is set free for war like action. Zim football.”

The decision according to some fans conveniently comes a week before DeMbare face champions Caps United on Sunday.

Without Ntouba who has been their leading light scoring 12 goals for them so far, DeMbare’s quest to beat champions would be difficult.

Dynamos, with two games in hand are third on the table with 49 points and trail leaders Chicken Inn by two points.

They are in the title race with Chicken Inn, Ngezi Platinum Stars as well as FC Platinum.

The football fraternity is waiting anxiously for reasons behind Chiyangwa’s decision.

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  • Mwandiita

    This is not only shocking……’s totally criminal and killing fair competition and soccer!

    • Smoothy1

      It’s shocking indeed. The game has to be played in the field and not anywhere else. Trying to prop up Dynacheats to be champions??? It’s unfair. I knew something strange would happen considering the state of the race to championship. This is match fixing and needs to be investigated.

  • Bongani Dlamini

    Aze asijwayela amaswina. What about the offside goal, the denied penalty, the many balls thrown when we were on attack and the missiles thrown onto the pitch by those morons. In other news Chiyangwa’s uncle the great tribal warlord has promoted 29 army officers 99.9% shonas. Siphakathi kwetshe lembokodo. Sibuswa zinyoni

    • Josphat Mwandiita

      You too Bongani, desist from vilifying other people on the basis of ethnicity!

    • Tarubva Chibva

      You are free to go back to Mzansi where your coward Mzilikazi evaded Shaka. Mfecane is over!

      • Dube

        You also are free to return to the Great lakes region.

      • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

        That’s uncalled for. We all came from somewhere mate. We can’t all go back to wherever.

        • Tarubva Chibva

          Yes, but the loose tongues of some of our brothers need lashing. They are a lousy and noisy minority seeing tribal plots in anything

          We are going to take it head-on. These are guys whose Lobengula, raised by a captured white woman, put an X to sell Zimbabwe.

    • Zvekukwereta Rega

      kikiki, you might as well shut up especially if you can’t do anything about it.

    • Max Chiks

      and Muduhwa is ndebele I guess!

  • Bulawayo Born

    if it was bosso fans throwing the missiles into the pitch, three points was going to be deducted .savelelwa madoda elizweni lendlala.i am feeling for the referee the guy is going to fired for doing the right thing

    • s

      and his surname is ncube. trouble.

    • Max Chiks

      Which missiles were thrown? anyway, inasmuch as I do not agree with Chiyangwa’s decision ….. I do not agree with you saying the referee did right because instead of him giving Muduhwa a red he chose to show him a yellow. Muduhwa started the scuffle by hitting Ntouba with a blow … check the replays again. Both players were supposed to see red.

  • Phaqa

    Iswina liswina lothuvi ngitsh’umama sibili khala mantengwane selibuswa zinyoni

    • Moyowakobulawayo

      Hawu bakithi, uChiyangwa kayisiyo representative yama *Swina* wena Phaqa onga layekanga! into ongayiboniyo yikuthi undoda lo is just a bad pick for ZIFA, lawo ama *Swina* owatshoyo kasimfuni, thina sithanda ibhola! Zonda obaziyo kuloku thethisa umhlobo wonke welizwe! Its just football afterall!! Tholoukuthi Swina Ndebele Kalanga singabantu banye!

    • Josphat Mwandiita

      What Chiyangwa has done is no justification for you to hurl tribalistic abuse at other ethnic groups.

    • Ex Bosso Supporter

      kikiki, yimali ndoda. Olemali nguye obusayo, linabayanga lizahlala lingabokukhala kuphela.

    • Max Chiks

      Seems to me Muduhwa is Ndebele. … and by the way how many ‘swinas’ and how many Ndebeles are playing for your team?

      Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones …… (why being tribal on football issues?) Grow up and get a life …….

  • Ziyabheda

    We can expect more off-the-ball incidents of this nature to multiply from this Epoupa guy and others. Chiyangwa is a disgress to the beautiful game!

    • Max Chiks

      I do not agree with Chiyangwa’s decision but I disagree with people who refuse to see Muduhwa’s blow to Epoupa …… my question is …. how did the referee ignore Muduhwa’s blow on Epoupa …. anyway … why didn’t both players see the red? To me Ntouba deserved a red for that retaliation but so as Muduhwa.

      • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn


      • Nsukwini

        I don’t think people are refusing to see anything. As Chiyangwa and his crew said on the last problem we had between these two teams “teams are free to lodge appeals”. Dynamos were free to complain about about the referee and the other incidents but the appeal on the red card should not be entertained. Instead if replays show that there were other offenders the right way to go is to suspend them as well.

  • Gen Gowon

    Board room politics of Zanu pf brought into soccer administration.By the time this Ciyangwa leaves football,there would be no soccer to talk about.One can only sympathise with the young guys who earn their living through this unlucky kind of sport.These are ultimate victims and losers of this type of administrative circus.All this is due to the reckless and opportunist behaviour of Zifa councillors who brought in an expired Zanu pf political functionary into the administration of football.

    • Max Chiks

      Ciken and Cips ….. how is that?

  • Vumani

    Chiyangwa’s a known Dynamos supporter his contentious decision to overrule a decision which was rightfully and appropriately made the referee brings the game of football into disrepute it calls into question his integrity and impartiality. You cannot have a national football president who also presides as chairman of referees when he has never practiced as referee it’s a blatant and manifest abuse of power.

    • Josphat Mwandiita

      Point of correction: he’s a self-confessed Caps Utd fan.

      • lizzy


        • mtshayazabhotshe

          i for one don’t have a f#&@k what team he supports he shouldn’t be in that position if he was such an asshole!

        • Max Chiks

          Why do you say Josphat is lying?

      • JR Wezheve

        you dont know what you are talking about, Chiyangwa is Blue, read Memory Mucherahohwa’s book, where Chiyangwa used to give Dembare players cash for winning

      • True Makepekepe

        Memory Mucherahowa says it in his biography that Chiyangwa is a Dynamos supporter and he used to give them money! Chiyangwa early in his term ensured that he haunted Twine Phiri (ex-CAPS) from the PSL and replaced him with Mubaiwa (Dynamos). He is Dynamos through and through. Even the Dynamos Team Manager Richard Chihoro admits that Dynamos did not appeal the red-card! You begin to wonder how extensive were the consultations! Extensive consultations arriving at a solution in less than 24hrs after the red card! I feel you Nhlanhla when you say CAPS should refuse to play Dynamos if they field Epoupa. But the fact of the matter is that CAPS would be docked off the 3 points and shameless Dynamos would welcome those points! Twice in the match Ocean Mushure kicked an extra ball into the field of playe when Bosso was attacking. No one is talking about that. #ChiyangwaHasKilledFootball

      • Vodloza

        cover up profession papa.

        Not all who say i follow caps are indeed caps fans, go back to class and learn about dummies, or face savers.

        He is unarguably a DEMBARE FAN, period

  • Gatsheni

    Its a sad day for Zimbabwean football indeed.

  • mtungwa

    The problem with my kinsmen is that e see tribalism in everything even when someone acts stupidly like what Chiyangwa has done. This decision, if looked at objectively does not really affect Highlanders but Caps and indeed the rest of the PSL teams. Dynamos is playing Caps on Sunday and without the Cameroonian they were going to be an ordinary side. On the other hand Chiyangwa has never made it a secret that he supports Dembare. So at the end of the day he will give decisions that benefit them. On the other hand a former Highlanders official is the vice to Chiyangwa at ZIFA but he has not helped Highlanders at all. Instead he has been helping Chiyangwa fight and try to destroy Highlanders. Peter Dube is still suspended and had it been Mubaiwa ho had been suspended he would have been back within a month. So bantu bakithi lingasoli amaShona, the real problem is thina ngokwethu, period!!

    • Vodloza

      awula point wena thula.

      abantu bakithi ukuthini thina sicindezelwa.Ayi akusekele sikhulume, nxa wena ungakuzwa esikuzwayo akuthule. What will the vice do, if he stands on the way of a dinossors he will be crushed.

      So nxa ungela point thula uthi zwii wekele ukusibangela umsindo thina sizondile kangaka, haaaaaaaaa

    • Zapalala

      Shlama Thula

    • Bongani Dlamini

      You are such an idiot. isiwula esingelancedo.

  • desy

    usually by this hour, if the decision was against the harare team we would have seen many comments,clearly the fans are also surprised and speechless because we “STILL KNOW WHAT THEY DID LAST SUMMER” we know how this team operates don’t be fooled the Harare Goliath always play in and outside the pitch.

  • Fairer

    This is killing football in our country.If Dembare wins the the PSL Championship they will not make any progress when they play other African champions because of lack of fair play in our country.I think this Chiyanga ruling deserves to be contested to higher authorities even up to FIFA if need be.

  • zibulo

    Remember and do read what we Senior citizens always write so that you have a light for the future. I did say that it is the begining of the end of Soccer/Sport, having the likes of Chiyangwa heading football . But some were given “sweets” and they tasted so “good” and allowed it to happen. How come in mordern day Zimbabwe Soccer is being headed by Tho Who Never Played It ??? Leo Mgabe ,Chiyangwa, Cuthbert. Isn’t it time to put Terms and Conditions on this Post of Chairman? Otherwise Soccer will suffer forever.And what is it with soccer that these Crooks want to head it always? Its our game , not theirs. So how do we allow them in ?? Its us who are wrong. How can Phillip be like Mgabe- ZIFA Prez, Referess’ Boss , and all other powerful SOCCER pOSTS. Was he a referee before, was he a soccer player before. All i know he was a BSAP Police for Smith but now commands wealth in a ZANU Govt. I say like Mgabe coz Mgabe is Head of every Public Institution; Prez , Chancellor, Commander, etc. If Dynamos did not appeal , hope they are not lying , then in whose interest? And a rush rush decision , ahead of another big game weekend. A sign that Zim’s problems are far from being resolved, from politics economic to Sport

  • khamarada

    Chiyangwa should not over ride what took place in the field, you portray some form of unfairness, remember other teams have had their scores nullified but if its the big team having a player issued with a red card he immediately comes in as a giant, leave the decision of the referee to prevail, no to favoritism

  • mtshayazabhotshe

    kanti usantshwani lo Siyangwa wamasimba .Yazi lomfana uzama into engazamekiyo usenza manje sizondane shame !ngoba ngizokhuluma kabi bese kuthiwa ngithe!shit IDIOT engumphathi wezebhola uyinja Siyangwa

    • Ex Bosso Supporter

      Chiyangwa has money and has no business to discuss with a nobody like you, love or hate him, it’s still the same!!

      • Nsukwini

        Its not about love and hate or his money. Even if you hate Highlanders if this is the way you want your team to be successful and then all I can say is shame. I for one as a staunch Highlanders supporter have always respected the rivalry of my team and Dynamos. If we beat them I celebrate. If we lose I look forward to next time. This however is something never ever witnessed in Zimbabwean football. Disgraceful.

    • Max Chiks

      ‘S’icken, ‘S’ips, ‘S’ocolate, ‘S’ain, ‘S’ill, ‘S’impanzee, ‘S’eese, ‘S’oose……, I would expect you to pronounce these and many more words with ‘Ch’ the same way by replacing ‘Ch’ with your dumbfounded ‘S’.

  • mathe

    Chiyangwa should not incite violence

    • Max Chiks

      How is that so?

    • Dariel

      true, he is inciting violence

  • neighbour


  • JR Wezheve

    this is insane, I am a Dembare supporter, and I am still in shock, speechless

  • kays

    Its COMMAND SOCCER, ndi Gushungo weku bhora, kungwara setsuro magenga.

  • mambazo

    football is just but a game , kodwa abanye sebethukuthele, nxa umuntu ephiwe ikhadi elibovu kulani angithi yiwo umdlalo wakhona, kumbe ngani phela kube le committee ekukhangeleyo hatshi ukuthi uchiyangwa abe nguntando kayiphikiswa kanti ufuna kudliwe bani

    • dabulikethe


    • Zapalala

      Ufuze umalume kkk

  • khulu

    I pity the Ministry of Sports in Zimbabwe, COSAFA and the new CAF boss.

  • khulu

    This scenario will have far reaching consequences, the league will be decided in the boardroom as teams in the race will take to PSL for use of a suspended player as this decision is surely going to be contested, Dynamos are better advised to ignore this shocker and avoid using the player if they are professional, the Minister responsible simply has to intervene as was the case with Cuthbert. Who said the referee’s decision is final? Our soccer gone to the dogs. Pamberi ne command soccer, pasi ne my game is fair.

    • Dariel

      not even boardroom, but the decision was made in PC’s toilet

  • Gxabhashe

    Nxaaaaa we wait and see but abahle bayinike le 3points on a 6-0 scoreline kuphele lokhu ,we are tired of this Dynamos rubbish…..

  • Dalubuhle

    Total rubbish!!!

  • Mugavimbi_Naledi

    nanso ke iGukurahundi Mthwakazi … lina abasayikhonza

    • Ex Bosso Supporter

      Yimali ndoda, olemali nguye obusayo, wena myanga ongakwenza yikuthula because umbono wakho and your input does not count.

      • Ex Dimbare supporter

        His input counts to me.

  • Max Chiks

    Inasmuch as i would not agree with Chiyangwa’s decision as the ZIFA chairman, I also believe the referee’s decision was biased given that Ntouba head butted Muduhwa after he was hit by a blow. To me, both players were supposed to see RED.

  • Dalubuhle

    I mean the whole thing was live on supersport, even Dynamos exucutive are not complaing about the red, Chiyangwa naNHIRA SAME SAME

  • Mziwane Morgen Mhlope

    I always pray and wish that soccer unites us. But the reality stares us in our faces, we are invoked and provoked by unfair and selfish individuals, who continuously urinate at our love for soccer with bad administration and decision making. They are trying hard to plant hatred, eish. Trying very hard not to be angry


    I truly feel its about time all teams and fans in Zimbabwe see who this Chiyangwa is for and who he is, its actually killing our football. I urge all teams chairpersons to pass a VOTE of NO CONFIDENCE on this idiot called Phillip before we bury whats left of football in Zimbabwe. I urge Highlanders to take this further send the video clip to FIFA and CAPS united should not play if this boy is there actually write to PSL that as long as the BOKO HARRAM guy is there they wont play

  • mtungwa

    The SRC was quick to suspend the ZRU board when they felt that it was not being run well, yet the problems at Zifa are the same if not worse than of the zru, but the SRC have never done anything about it. What are they going to say about this blatant one man decision made by Chiyangwa. I will tell you that they will not do anything because they are scared of him. Makhosini Hlongwane will also not do anything because he is scared of him politically. Life goes on. Hakuna matata!

    • musa

      unfortunately FIFA do not act kindly to what they may deem as interference in football administration. so if the SRC were to suspend ZIFA, FIFA would act.


    yaa. I spoke to the man Chiyangwa and he said hawuna cash. Plus he was only looking at Dynamos. He did not see the missile throwing by Dynamos fans nor the disputed penalty.

  • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

    Chiyangwa acted criminally – and so did the referees. Muduhwa was fouling Christian – as the video footage clearly shows so he should have been red carded too. That young boy was busy kicking Christian on the shins, throwing blows at him, grabbing and putting him into a bear hug – there were actually two Highlanders players engaging in the dirty trick. That is besides the fact that Christian found it impossible to play all afternoon because Muduhwa continually fouled him and the referee did nothing. Highlanders should not complain about the balls that were thrown into play because its them who clearly had a game plan to use dirty tricks and it worked for them. If they did it why can’t DeMbare “did” it too.

    • Nsukwini

      I think when we discuss here we do not look at other situations that happened during the game.If a referee is lacking it is up to those that regulate this to take care of the situation. In this particular debate it is all about a man in Chiyangwa’s position nullifying a red card after a violent incident. Fifa rules dictate that if there was violent conduct by players during the game that the referee did not see or ignored the disciplinary departments of football associations have the right to charge the player with misconduct. It is also clear about retaliation of any sort being a Red card. If there was any sort of situation that came about to cause the player to be red carded for his violent conduct this can always be taken up after the game and the appropriate punishment can administered. The story here is not about why he retaliated and rather more about a Chairmen of an institution raising a situation that might bring the game into disrepute because others will think it is ok to do that. Unlike a street brawl in football you don’t get to claim self defence.

      • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

        I have already said Chiyangwa “acted criminally”. But the discussion should not be confined to Chiyangwa. The person who lost control of the game is the referee and everything else that is happening now is a direct result of the referees incompetence. We should interrogate the “cause and effect”. Once you lose control – like Mugabe – criminals take over.

        • Nsukwini

          That is true but what is happening right here is like saying two wrongs make a right. The previous problem with these two clubs had the same ingredients albeit in reverse but totally different conclusions. As and individual Philip has a right to like any team he wants. That is human. In his capacity as the Chairman he has to be seen as impartial. At this time and point he is more and more looking like a dictator that leans towards a particular side.

          • Zapalala

            True there , l think its a bloodline issue.

        • zibulo

          the discussion m,ust be confined to the subject matter , not to other matters. Stop forcing things. How do you discuss two different tpoics at once?do you have order in your life ??

          • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

            So you think evey issue has a narrow and simple perspective?? That’s why I lead a fruitful and somewhat complex life. I studied History and was taught to be an analytical thinker so I do not want to be confined to simplicities. The controversies in that game started with the man with the whistle – or better still with the person/s who selected him to officiate. I look at the root cause rather than a thug in the form of Chiyangwa who is exploiting the situation for his own ends. Had the referee handled the game in a decent fashion we would not have this fiasco at all.

          • desy

            clearly your analysis is biased,but yet again i do not blame you because one can tell were you stand or on which side you are hence you want to put the blame on the ref.

          • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

            You also have your own standpoint and I did not accuse you of bias – obviously you see this issue with Bosso lenses on. At least in my case I am trying to go to the root of the problem – poor officiating.

        • Doctor Do little

          The “cause and effect”. Yes I agree with you. But I also agree with the many Dynamos fans who in another paper are calling for their team not to use this player for 2 matches. Those that are proud Dynamos supporters will be at this time ashamed of what Chiyangwa has done. Others that do not care much will hope that referees can let Dynamos score off side goals and never get red cards. I would like to think as one who always has constructive debates you will agree that the furore at this time is about the “red card, the red card only and nothing but the red card.” The bigger picture is that these two Giants of Zimbabwe football need each other and are more so needed by the other clubs country wide. If that be the case why is a man that is supposed to revive football going in reverse?

          • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

            That’s why I said he acted criminally – a criminal acts for his own benefit – for self aggrandisement. The red card should stand – no one disagrees with that – except maybe Chiyangwa. But why is everyone here trying to avoid talking about the very bad conduct of Muduhwa? As far as I am concerned this controversy has the following characters – who are all villains in the script;
            1. The referee – for a pathetic performance.
            2. Ntouba – for losing his temper and assaulting a fellow player.
            3. Muduhwa – for using dirty tricks
            4. Chiyangwa – for a very irrational and criminal decision.

          • Doctor Do little

            The reason being that the particular topic you speak about “poor officiating ” has been discussed on these local fora . That is nothing new. How this man handled the game is nothing new. It has even happened to these two teams. We have lived with it and so have other teams with the hope that the very same man was the one to clean up this mess. It is a sewerage stink that we have lived with for a while now. The referees were protected throughout. This new development out stinks that stink.

          • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

            Drain the swamp then.

          • Doctor Do little

            Maybe that’s the way forward although with this character that might prove impossible.. Truth of the matter I don’t think Dynamos are impressed with this behaviour either.

          • desy

            question to you, after all has been said and done missiles were thrown into the pitch which led to what we all know what does history show to such actions.I understand you are an expect in historical analysis please help me there.

          • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

            To avoid crowd trouble, match officials should handle matches with a high degree of professionalism, avoid bias and favouritism and make correct decisions. That is what ZIFA should strive for. Fining the clubs and penalising them is not the solution. The Bulawayo derby was abandoned because a referee made a silly decision and that was replicated in Harare. That why I am focusing on the refereeing rather than the short term decision made by crooked Phidza.

          • desy

            however the question still stand because it has effects on the log standings which is the main way of determining winner,How come when any other team does it against Harare giants these guys are awarded points and when any other team is affected by this act its overlooked?

          • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

            Its too early to say its been overlooked (although we should never trust Chiyangwa as Mugabe cautioned). However the desultory missiles did not stop the match as was the Bulawayo case so the penalties will differ.

    • zibulo

      so you say Chiyangwa is right, or you trying to match his wrongness with other wrongs then say its all okay. What are you saying, comew out clearly , awuzwakali kahle . Support DeMbare and Zim soccer, not to win at all costs, kusasa uzodlala lobani? Are you not tired of the ZANU way things are run in Zimbabwe coz seems you want to live under the status quo of favoritism and dictating to others. Love freedom and allow us all to be free and love each other

      • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

        I m sure you failed comprehension at school. You fail to read and understand a simple statement written in simple English. Let me simplify further for your benefit.
        1. Chiyangwa acted criminally because he overturned a correct decision to red card Christian.
        2. However the referee is also to blame for failing to red card Muduhwa who started the brawl with Christian.
        3. Highlanders was using dirty tricks (assigning Muduhwa to foul Christian throughout the game) so they should not complain to much that Dynamos also used dirty tricks.
        I love freedom – especially the freedom to air my views (which you are not forced to agree with) without a slow person like you accusing me of supporting ZANU PF.

    • Cosmos

      Excellent analysis bro. Well done. Tell these morons the correct version. Chiyangwa’s actions compensated adequately for the dirty games the ref and bosso were attempting to inflict on the good game.

  • God of War

    Zimbabwean football is a joke generally. Now its obvious for all to see that Dynamos is favored by the Zifa people.

  • Wellington

    Thats what happens when politicians run football, political descisions at the detriment of the game

  • Vodloza

    Uncontested RED card is nullified in less than 18hrs after the match – INTERESTING SWIFTNESS WHICH EXPOSES SERIOUS BIAS AND FAVORITISM.

    PLZ open a league for your team and call it CHIYANGWA UNITED and stop playing with our emotions, no no no no no. We dont want that rot in our league.


  • Wellington

    The same Chiyangwa who sold state secrets to the enemy, the same Chiyangwa who plotted to oust the sitting president of the country in Tsholotsho with his friends, the same guy who is a match fixer par excellence. Corrupt to the core

  • Guest

    Shame indeed

  • Uyeza Futhi

    Action is needed against this siyangwa guy. Can the responsible bodies and sports reporters including football expose this biased act regional and international bodies bodies officially and through social media. He must go…



  • Nkunzemnyama

    Football is being run from zanu HQs. Nxaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • sandura

    Mthwakazi I sympathize with you. Dembare I symphathize with you. Touch football especially involving Highlanders and Dembare you have touched the raw nerve across the divide. We are being diverted from crunch issues and now at each other throats. This is a tactic to divert our attention from the crunch issues, a political tactic to divert our minds from the trouble and misgovernance our country is in. Our misrulers, am sure have bought another week, for this furor is likely to go on for some days. Divide and misrule!!!

    • khamarada


  • Dhoti

    I think the eyes of the Chronicle only see wrong doings by Demabre players and the eyes could not see Benson Phiri.

  • kays

    Isela ngelibanjiweyo, if Mudhuwa kicked that ngongongo without the referees notice, so be it, but fans should realise that the ngongongo was punished for retaliation. Sorry for using the term ngongongo, its because l cannot neither pronounce nor spell his name and he is always in the thick of things in the matters between bosssso and dhimbale.


    they are crying because of this

  • DeTroy

    Beats me why people are still interested in Zim football. If you ask me, it’s a waste of precious time and it will give you a heart attack. Not worth the hullabaloo. Just focus on more productive things and boycott this rubbish otherwise stress will kill you.

  • isifohlile

    We are a comical nation indeed. Zanu-PF’s misgovernance in every sphere of life- Grace bashing a model in a foreign country, Mugabe speaking about the banning of Zodwa Wabantu (as if its a national debate), Mugabe and wife lambasting ED, Accusations of witchcraft and poisoning in Zanu circles, and now this idiot Chiyangwa’s stupid decision. Laba abantu abadinwa yini ngokusiyangisa? I dont think even if this country is put on auction there will be any bidders. Not with this kind of rot and chaos. Nxa

    • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

      Amen munhu waMwari

    • Zapalala

      Kkkk Zimbabwe Ruings

  • Cetshwayo

    Robert Matibiri Mugabe the Malawian, Philip Siyankwa, Anne Nhira are all one thing.

  • Zapalala

    According to Zimbabwe ruins standards way of doing things Chiyangwa is right. Pls Chiyangwa continue doing this so that the world can c what Zimbabwe is all about.