Snake bite kills sleeping boy

snakeAuxilia Katongomara Chronicle Reporter
A 10-YEAR-OLD boy was fatally bitten by a snake while sleeping in a bedroom hut in Bhizeni Line in Tsholotsho.
Moment Ngwenya, a Grade Five pupil at Mhlabangubo Primary school, died on his way to Mpilo Hospital in the early hours of last Tuesday morning.

Ward 12 councillor Melusi Ndebele said Moment was bitten by a puff adder.

“Moment was at home sleeping and it’s suspected that the snake, called ibululu in IsiNdebele, had already sneaked into his room when he went to sleep. It’s said that at around 1AM he turned and slept on top of the snake which reacted by biting him,” said Ndebele.

He said the snake bit him four times in the face.

“He started bleeding from the nose, vomitted and had a running tummy.”

Ndebele said Moment was taken to Tsholotsho Hospital which is about 12 kilometres from his    home.

The councillor said the boy was later transferred to Mpilo Central Hospital in Bulawayo.

Tsholotsho District Education Officer Kelvin Mathe confirmed receiving a report on the death of the pupil.

“We received a report that Moment Ngwenya, a pupil at Mhlabangubo Primary school, was bitten by a snake at home on February 10 and was admitted to Tsholotsho Hospital before he was transferred to Mpilo Hospital,” said Mathe.

He said the pupil died on his way to the referral hospital and was buried at his home in Tsholotsho on Wednesday.

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  • Nkom’ edlayodwa

    Yaaaaaaaaaaa eish sad indeed. So rural hospitals cant deal with snake bites. Reminds me of my boyhood days e Kezi under the Smith regime, where you could hardly hear of transfers to Mpilo for operations and other majors issues.

  • lockman

    Con-Graces! Nice one musa. May I use it too, in future?

  • tshaka

    Re read he said “impilo ingalahleki.”