Soldier blows bonus, steals bet shop cash

Nqobile Tshili Chronicle Correspondent—
A MEMBER of the Zimbabwe National Army attached to the military police lost his bonus at a betting shop in Bulawayo and was later captured on Closed Circuit Television sneaking into the same shop where he allegedly stole $342. Munyaradzi Linos Tamayi, based at One Brigade Headquarters in the city, allegedly blew his 13th cheque at Soccer Shop, Horse Racing and Sport Betting, corner Fort Street and Leopold Takawira Avenue, on Monday last week, the day soldiers received their bonuses. He lost $380 during the day and “recouped the loss” at around 7PM.

Sources said Tamayi, who is still at large, used “military tactics” to bypass security systems at the shop. Yesterday, The Chronicle caught up with Soccer Shop, Horse Racing and Sport Betting manager Constance Ndlovu who narrated how Tamayi broke into the shop.

She said the military policeman was captured on the company’s CCTV sneaking into the shop and stealing $342 from one of the tills. “He kept checking his surroundings as he inched his way towards the till. He crawled on his belly.

“At some point, he rolled on his back and flipped over to avoid detection as there were still people in the shop,” said Ndlovu. “I’ve all this on our camera footage. He is said to have told his friends that he had lost his bonus. We’re told that he had lost $380”.

Sources said Tamayi was a regular punter at the shop. Ndlovu said he took advantage of an open door as their employees were cleaning before closing for the day. “One of our girls was cleaning. Instead of locking the security door that stops customers from entering the area where staff members will be, she placed a bucket to keep the door open.

“So he took advantage of that to ghost in and crawl towards the till,” she said. Ndlovu said a teller manning the till that Tamayi stole from spotted him as he tried to sneak out. “The teller asked him what he was doing in a restricted area and he ordered her to shut up before running out.

“He dropped his wallet which had all his identification particulars. “That’s how we learnt that he was a soldier,” she said. Ndlovu decried the slow response by the police saying they have not visited the scene even after the case was reported.

“They haven’t even come to see our footage. Right now we’re told that he has been spotted at several drinking spots but nothing is being done. “We’re disappointed with the way police are handling the matter,” she said.

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  • Zololo

    Kkk hayi amasotsha madoda

    • cop

      who said investigations are only done through visiting the scene….. what if they can be done here thru social media…. no one knows…. the scene thing its old fashioned


    It’s soldiers and bonuses akalalwa !!!!

  • Orenthawl James

    In English dey say, “A foo’ an’ his money is soon parted”. dis here iz exactly what happened here!!

  • theza

    how are they able to say he is a soldier was he in his uniform, dropping a wallet what if they obtained it somewhere and placed it there to cover up their crime

  • qili

    surely the CCTV can not be the one that also said he had lost $380 then he had to steal $342

  • blarazonke

    They owe him $38 . Kkkkkkk..!!!

  • Luthuli

    the shop owners should produce valid evidence, and should not confuse us with their findings

    • makhulela

      the story of a wallet being dropped in a crime scene seems to be used by hard core criminals to confuse investigations as police will go for the wallet owner and not the actual criminals, l think after committing a crime they then throw someone’s ID or wallet to cover up, finger prints should not be ignored

      • khu

        just like if an ostrich is chasing you then you throw grain on the ground its focus is diverted

  • Confused

    POLICE have not come yet ?? They are busy at road blocks.A crowd of them at a every road block.What a waste of the tax payers’ money.

    • Zuze

      They have been told not to attend. If it was an opposition supporter or official they would have sent the riot squad.

  • Beloved Chinyoka

    Yah! Muchinda akaipa uyo

  • Beloved Chinyoka

    “Military Tactics”

  • Munationalist

    Another funny or misleading report, the soldier told his friend he lost money?Sounds like the soldier’s wallet was stolen in the shop, now the same thief went on to still from the till and deliberately exposes wrong stolen identity. Probably that’s why police have not arrested any one since there are looking for the correct thief.

  • Dumi

    These shona thieves! they must all be booted out and sent to zvimba.

    • Orenthawl James

      very true, but first of all how about booting the sh*t out of your thick head and send it out your As*hole!!

    • Harare

      Dumi you are stupid, just becoz you are kalanga you hate shona people , you must ask your grandfather properly he will tell you that you are kalanga , there are no zulus or ndebeles in zimbabwe only a few less than 40 000 and they dont hate they are unlike our kalanga brothers who act as ndebeles and hate shonas

      • Dumi

        Maybe he is another Dumi. I comment here under my own name and this is not me. I on the other hand am Dumi and I am from Bhe Bhe linage with no Kalanga linage. Kalanga friends I have and they are part and parcel of the Ndebele family so do not paint a whole people with the same brush because of one comment. Who knows it could be a Shona like some of those that refer to us as southerners trying to cause trouble.

        • Orenthawl James

          You haven’t said anything, please rephrase maybe we might get that which you’re trying to put across??

  • cop

    who said investigations are only done through visiting the scene….. what if they can be done here thru social media…. no one knows…. the scene thing its old fashioned lets see

    • case

      Duh…investigations begin from the where they occurred not anywhere else nor social media…if you are a cop, you are the boarder gezi who joined our force through patronage…you got a nerve to even suggest such stupidity

    • Orenthawl James

      Yo dis here iz UTTER STUPIDITY AT IT’S WORST!! just like mammy.