South Africa agrees to extend Zimbabwe Special Permit dispensation

Prof Hlengiwe Mkhize

Prof Hlengiwe Mkhize

Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Correspondent
THE South African government has resolved to extend work permits for nearly 200 000 Zimbabwe Special Permit (ZSP) holders working in the neighbouring country beyond December 31, media reports have revealed.

Issued in 2014, the permits were scheduled to expire on December 31 this year.

Zimbabweans working in South Africa under the special dispensation have been having sleepless nights after the neighbouring country had earlier indicated it would not renew them.

Zimbabwe’s Consul General in South Africa Mr Batiraishe Mukonoweshuro said the country’s Embassy will meet their South African counterparts to discuss the latest development.

“I can confirm it has happened. I’ll have more details next week because that is when we are meeting the Minister of Home Affairs (Professor Hlengiwe Mkhize of South Africa). But I understand she will be organising a press conference to announce how they will handle the issue of the new permits. What is important now is to engage the Minister to hear the conditions,” said Mr Mukonoweshuro

The South African Press yesterday reported that the country’s cabinet approved the extensions under yet to be unveiled conditions.

South Africa’s Minister of Communications Ms Ayanda Dlodlo reportedly told the media that their cabinet has given the green light to the new Home Affairs Minister Professor Hlengiwe Mkhize to start offering work permits to Zimbabweans.

“Cabinet approved that the department of Home Affairs can reopen the re-application process for the Zimbabwe Special Permit (ZSP) holders, under certain conditions,” read media reports.

“The initial special dispensation to document Zimbabweans who were in South Africa illegally was approved in April 2009. Their permits expire on December 31, 2017.

“The Minister of Home Affairs, Prof Hlengiwe Mkhize, will hold a separate briefing to explain the conditions and the process to be followed once the re-application opens.”

The former SA Home Affairs Minister Mr Melusi Gigaba once told ZSP holders that it was unsustainable for his government to continue issuing the special permits.

He encouraged them to apply for the permits just like other immigrants.

The new development is therefore a relief to thousands of Zimbabweans who benefited under the ZSP scheme who were increasingly becoming anxious over their continued stay in the neighbouring country.

The International Organisation for Migration in 2012 estimated that up to 1.5 million Zimbabweans were living in South Africa. — @nqotshili

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  • Njomane

    Relief at last. Shame to your partisan reporter Tendai Mugabe who had predicted and jeered that all Zimbos in SA under ZSP Permits will be deported from January 2018. I hope SA gives the migrants permanent residence

  • makhurane

    they should extend permits to Short surnames like khumalo,nyathi,nkala,dube,mpunzi,mlilo,mlotshwa,NOT those long ones such as madzibanyika,ndakatadza,ndokumbirawomazai,serekamayi.

    • Heaven-bound

      I noticed your racism you makhurume

      • Mdhara

        Makhurane is longer than Mdhara

    • Shona Chairo Nxumaro

      tibvire kumhepo,vere endai ikoko kunamadzibaba enyu zvimbava zvemu hillbrow,ikoko ku Sa kwacho tisu tinotonga imi muri ma security guard

    • Mdhara

      the irony is the long surname of the poster

    • makhurane

      Those will always be your wishes, as if you’ve ever been consulted when they decide on permit issues. Ever wondered why Genius Kadungure (Ginimbi) is driving the most expensive car in South Africa, a rolls royce. The Frank Buyangas of this world are on top of the elite in South Africa, yet these are simple Shona guys and employing hundreds of South Africans. Problem with you is you want to go to SA to get a job. Your Shona hatred is hindering your progress.

      • makhurane


  • Shona Chairo Nxumaro

    vana va nkomo vafara wena kkkkkkk

    • Taki

      ende aunyepi

      • zibulo

        youy own fathers and mothers in Zimbabwe in the 1980s were xenoiphobic to Mozambicans when they had a civil war. Mgabe even went to fight there on one side, instead of working for peace between Mozambique brothers at conflict. Same thing he did to DRC, working for peace gives good permanennt results, sending soldiers drags all into conflicts for the long run, look at Zim, because of the massacres and black-on-black discrimination, we are reaping the rewards for being unGodly, just as you are perpetuating it here. Some people will die, have died , on both sides , and more still will because reckless ‘educated” people like you !!!!!. so small is your brain that you do not even know how many shonas are there in RSA and UK, ran away from evil from Harare

    • Bulawayo born

      we are no longer taking you serious becuase you are mentally disturbed

    • zibulo

      you mean Nkomo The Liberator of Zimbabwe, the Father of Zimbabwe Politics , Father Zimbabwe himself , Chibwe chiteza , the father of every Zimbabwean , including you?? Then those down there are your brothers too , shame ignorance of facts makes you a popayi now, awu bakithi

    • Tawanda

      For your own information, there are more Shona speaking “vana va nkomo” than Ndebele speaking ones, just in case you wanted that tribal line. Sadly we are all Zimbabweans and will definitely benefit irrespective of what you think and wish. Thanks to a government that understand what humans deserve inspite of all other shortcomings.

      • Mombe nevakadzi bedu

        No. Some of us are Mthwakazi. We not Zimbabwe. We not Shonas.


      Iqinisi lithi – Shona Gukurahundi mentality straight from the 1979 Grand Plan!!

  • Eddy

    “The International Organization for Migration in 2012 estimated that up to 1.5 million Zimbabweans are living in South Africa.” Some sections of the media have previously refused this fact. Is this source credible?

    • Essexvale

      Some sources optimistically estimate the amount to be nearer to 3 million. Hon. Eddy Cross (MDC T Bulawayo South) once estimated monthly emigration figures to be 6000. If one reduces this by half in order to allow for fluctuations and calculates the figure over a period spanning from 1985 (when serious migration from the region began) to the present, one comes up with 1,332,000. But; this issue has been always fertile ground for speculation by politicians, civil society, academia and plain citizens in order to justify their agendas.

  • Mhlakazanhlansi

    evele edingani amaShona eSA … angithi abafundanga bayanuka?
    why not go to the DR Congo kubafowabo?

    and when shall zimbabwe ruins ‘extend’ (let alone, create) a dispensation for SAfricans? why ku one-way ALL THE TIME!

    • Mhlakazanhlansi

      haha, amaShona are in SA to start and run successful businesses. Look at Genius Kadungure (Ginimbi) Frank Buyanga and a whole lot of other successful Shonas on top of the SA food-chain. Ginimbi drives the most expensive car in SA, a Rolls Royce. Why you don’t know them is that they usually deal with the Nicky Openheimers not o sakaliyasha like you, wena njwathi, musa ukuba ngu hwayibhetshu in Zim and in SA a foreign land as well.

      • MK-mat

        Hahaha, measure of success is driving a Rolls Royce – You are shamefully shallow and still have a village mentality.


        Since when has a surname such as Buyanga Shona? There is this tendency among the Shona to appropriate people as Shona when it suits them, especially if they are successful. They even claim people like Tendayi Mtawarira, the Rugby “BEAST” who plays for the Springboks in SA. Thars a typically Malawian surname.

  • Royal Mthwakazi

    Mzansi is in a fix. Thats what happens when you dont want to tell each other the truth. On one hand they pretend Mugabe is doing ok; its up to Zimbabweans to solve their problems. On the other undocumented Zims continue to flock into Mzansi and some getting involved in crime for survival. Thats it live with your lies!!

  • Mombe nevakadzi bedu

    Tshonas now smilling?

  • The Big Z

    Guys, don’t be engrossed in these tribal politics mhani. A shona, Ndebele, kalanga, etc. are just the same.
    Gukurahundi was a political game, so don’t paint everybody with the same brush. For Christians, your hope is in Christ Himself, the King of Peace. The ZSP permits are not given because of your tribal lines, no, they are given to Zimbabweans. Did you choose to be Shona or Ndebele??
    Why do you act as if you had a choice of which tribe or country to belong to??
    That’s why we always struggle to make it as a nation, because of corrupt leaders who think along tribal lines, serving their own interests first. Gluttony has crippled our nation.
    don’t follow the rest, be the best in your thinking.