Speak Out pots’ girl trending

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Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
A YOUNG South African woman, Siyabonga Makhavhu, has become an overnight Internet sensation after a clip where she broke English during an episode of SABC consumer rights show – Speak Out – went viral on social media networks.

What was meant to be an explanation to customers on the whereabouts of pots they had paid for, became a big joke as Makhavhu, who had unfortunately squandered money for her mother – Tsireledzo Singo’s pot making business, butchered the Queen’s language while responding.

Makhavhu had been lingering around their home on the night the disgruntled customers confronted her mother demanding their pots.

After realising her mom had openly told clients that she (Makhavhu) was the problem, Makhavhu showed face saying: “I’m the problem.”

Seemingly interested in the new development, Speak-Out presenter –Dingaan Mokebe (James on Muvhango) who was with the disgruntled customers, responded to Makhavhu saying: “You’re the problem. Why are you the problem?”

She responded: “There’s no need why I should explain why I’m the problem, just know that I’m the problem.”

Had the host known, he would have not insisted that she explains herself as it was at this point that she angrily responded: “Where’re the pots? You want to know where they are? There’s no pots because I made the things that it cannot make that pots to be done.” (sic)

Shocked by the final response, a bewildered Mokebe said: “I don’t know if anybody understands.” Makhavhu was, however, trying to explain that there were no pots because she had spent the money which was meant to be used to manufacture the pots.

From that point, life has not been the same for Makhavhu as her response: “I made the things that it cannot make that pots to be done” has been trending, especially after the clip, taken off episode 8 shown three weeks ago on the South African channel, was shared on YouTube last week. As of yesterday, the clip had over 70,000 views.

Internet meme’s using the catchphrase have since been created and shared with some of them written: “Lecturer: ‘Where’s the assignment?’ Student: ‘I made the things that it cannot make the assignment to be done.’

Another meme comprised of various opposition party members from South Africa with Speak Out host Mokebe asking President Jacob Zuma where the Nkandla money is. Zuma replies: “I made the things that it cannot make the money to be paid back.”

Others were innovative enough to use pictures of Zimbabwe’s signature Kango pots which they captioned: “We made these pots so that no one can make the things that will make them not to be done.”

A video that features American stand-up comedian Kevin Hart and a baby laughing wildly at Makhavhu’s chop has also gone viral. On the video, during Makhavhu’s explanation, Hart appears bemused trying to comprehend what she is saying. He then, as if speaking to her, asks her to repeat what she said, of which she does and then a baby appears at the end laughing.

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