Speeding cars kill two kids in separate same day accidents

Police take away the body of a child who was knocked down by a taxi along the Bulawayo-Gwanda Road in Riverside yesterday

Police take away the body of a child who was knocked down by a taxi along the Bulawayo-Gwanda Road in Riverside yesterday

Nqobile Tshili/Andile Tshuma, Chronicle Correspondents
TWO children aged three and seven years died after being hit by speeding taxis in Bulawayo yesterday while a third person was injured after a police officer allegedly grabbed the steering wheel of a moving vehicle in the city centre.

The Chronicle news crew attended all the three accidents and human error was blamed in all of them.

A grey Honda Fit that ran against traffic on the one-way-street near the intersection of Basch Street and 6th Avenue extension, bumped into the three year old who was strapped to his mother’s back at around 5PM.

The baby flew headlong onto the road and the driver of the car, whose registration number onlookers said was AEE 5226, did not stop.

The tot died on the spot.

A witness, who identified the mother as Ms Netsai Marufu, said: “The child was on his mother’s back when a grey Honda Fit which opposed other vehicles, hit the mother and child who were not expecting a vehicle from that direction. The child died on the spot.”

When the news crew arrived at the scene, the mother was sobbing uncontrollably while her relatives and residents tried to console her.

An angry mob had gathered and was baying for the hit and run driver’s blood.

In the second incident, the seven year old was fatally knocked down by an Expricos Taxi along Bulawayo-Gwanda Road near Bobs Garage in Riverside suburb around 5PM.

She was allegedly trying to cross the busy road to follow her mother who had already crossed to the other side.

When a Chronicle news crew arrived at the scene, the child’s mother sat next to her daughter’s body, weeping inconsolably.

“The sad thing is that they had just picked a $10 note and decided to cross the road to buy some groceries with it. The mother crossed the road and her daughter was hit by a speeding taxi as she ran after her. This is really a difficult thing to occur to any woman let alone mother. How is she going to explain to her husband how the child died? She is going to be left with a lot of ifs,” said one of the witnesses.

Expricos Taxis chairperson Mr Mpumelelo Khumalo mourned the child’s death.

He blamed the driver for failing to exercise due care.

“We heard how the accident occurred but we are blaming our driver. He could have been speeding. As we are talking the driver has been fired. He did not follow our policy that our drivers should always drive on the outer lane. And it’s clear in this accident he was not in the outer lane. We want to express our condolences to the affected family,” said Mr Khumalo.

The third accident occurred around 8AM after a police officer allegedly grabbed the steering wheel of a moving kombi to stop a driver who was fleeing arrest.

The driver lost control of the vehicle and knocked down a man who was walking by the roadside.

A crowd gathered near Hyper Pick N Pay and tried to mete out instant justice on the overzealous cop.

The man was whisked off and by the end of the day the extent of his injuries could not be ascertained.


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  • Brutal Truth

    The economy is bad.Families are starving out there.Obviously this woman and her daughter,after picking up the $10 note,got so excited at the prospect of buying a few grocery items that they threw all road caution to the wind.

    • amateur panama vandal

      It’s funny how we all take different things from what we read. However, bottom line is it’s all perception as neither of us actually has a clue.

      • Rudo K

        Its not a girl who was hit by the expricos taxi, its a boy. And no, dnt blame the mother for not doing things right, the taxi was speeding and its a bend and a hill. If you are downhill you see nothing approaching from the other side. Alot of people have perished on this spot. This kid had crossed that road a 1000 times its just unfortunate he met his fate at a very early age. May his soul rest in peace. May the family find comfort.

  • ThaDoggPound

    I am not getting Khumalo’s logic. Is he saying its OK for their taxis to go against traffic in a one way street as long as they use the outer lane which is actually mostly used by pedestrians?

    • God of War

      He is commenting on the expricos taxi and not the Honda fit that was driving the wrong way.

      • ThaDoggPound

        Thanks for the clarification.

        • amateur panama vandal

          Please don’t grovel in public for sympathy

          • ThaDoggPound

            With trolls such as yourself I now see why Mugabe saw the need to have a Cyber security ministry.

    • Tee

      diff accident, read again

    • just-in

      the outlane issue is for the accident in riverside while the one oppossing traffic occured in town. However, the decision to fire immediately on the basis of failing to observe the outer lane kkkkk it leaves a lot to be desired of the organisation, operating like the Rhodesians, am sure thats the time that the driver needs you and your support. potential life has been shortened its sad, RIP

    • amateur panama vandal

      Be open minded!!

  • God of War

    That $10 was cursed. It’s always advisable never to pick up money you find in the street; you never know what’s behind it.

    • Cde Chandunga

      Not so. The mother got just over excited and forgot to get hold of the child’s hand. i
      It was like manna from heaven. It happens with human mind. When people get the unexpected they also do the unexpected.

  • Tom

    So sad that lives have been lost due to negligence. Khumalo admits their driver was at fault and thus Expricos and the driver can face a case of wrongful death and be subject to a civil suit as well. Legal Projects Centre please help this family. The issue of the left lane is neither here nor there-it was a case of pure negligence unless if Khumalo is saying the driver would be blameless if the child was hit while the taxi was in the inner (fast) lane! These Expricos Taxi drivers never really keep to the left lane and this is because the Gwanda road from after the ascot traffic lights right past sunninghill is so bad and patchy and the left lane on either side is terrible. City council need to do something about that route sooner than soon. The grids (not humps) at Nust are rough and cause damage to cars and they are not really effective as i have seen cars as small as toyota vitz flying past them.Council must sort them out and not just do a shody job as if there are no engineers-hell you need not be an engineer to put a decent effective yet user friendly hump!

  • Essexvale

    All the reported incidents have the common factor of stupidity as their key cause. In the first, the driver of the vehicle that hit the unfortunate child was illegally driving the wrong way down a one-way street. In the second, the mother of the 2nd deceased child did not pay attention to traffic on a busy road and ignored to assist her child safely across. In the third. both kombi driver and police officer acted stupidly. The kombi driver demonstrated, through his action, that he was prepared to risk the lives of his passengers, his own and that of his crewman, in order to evade an officer’s attention. The police detail on the other hand is guilty of the same risks to lives as the driver, through his silly action of grabbing the steering wheel of a moving vehicle. Result? Two young lives cut short and one injured man who probably cannot afford treatments for injuries he sustained; ….. all this due to acts of incredible stupidity. Sincere condolences to the bereaved and I pray that the injured man will have a speedy recovery.

  • Je M’appelle Kindness Khupe

    arrest the cop immediately