Stanbic unveils tobacco debit card

Business Reporter
STANBIC Bank Zimbabwe has unveiled a special debit card for tobacco farmers starting this farming season. Farmers only need to have an identification card (ID) and grower number to access the new service. Stanbic marketing and corporate affairs manager, Palmer Mugavha said the new service does not require any minimum opening deposit.

“As Stanbic Bank we understand the challenges faced by tobacco farmers given the poor rains.

“Most importantly, the need for funding is paramount and so is the need for the development of convenient, relevant and appropriate banking solutions for tobacco farmers and farming in general,” said Mugavha.

The tobacco debit card comes with numerous benefits with no monthly service fee charges, receipt of payment of tobacco sales proceeds in a safe and convenient manner as well as ensuring that one does not carry large sums of cash.

Card holders can access cash through Stanbic machines or other Zimswitch ATMs and POS terminals country-wide. Card holders can also transfer funds from their accounts to an EcoCash wallet or vice versa.

Stanbic has also launched a platinum VISA debit card for its private banking arm, which incorporates priority pass and the lounge in partnership with Traverze Travel. The Platinum Visa card has a microchip, which makes it extremely safe to use on Point of Sale and ATMs.

It is also internationally recognised and provides a variety of benefits from Merchants and other third parties. Stanbic Bank is a member of Standard Bank Group, represented in 20 Countries on the African Continent.

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