Storm over Busiswa’s Madau snub. . . Songstress disgusts many after rebuffing disabled Byo socialite

 Michelle Madau  and Busiswa ‘pose’ for a photo at the  Large City Hall car park in Bulawayo on Friday

Michelle Madau and Busiswa ‘pose’ for a photo at the Large City Hall car park in Bulawayo on Friday

Showbiz Reporter
MULTI-talented Michelle Madau left the Large City Hall car park in Bulawayo shattered at the weekend, not because she had not seen one of her favourite artistes Busiswa perform – but because she had been rubbished by the Kalawa Chikita after having shoved the rowdy crowd with crutches to gain access to her.

Popularly known as the Diva, a disabled Madau – who has defied all odds and manages a lot of local artistes through the Divas Inc events and artistes management company – said she had gone to the City Hall where the SAMA Festival was being held to see Busiswa, an artiste she adores.

“I just wanted a picture with Busiswa. I literally waited for her to finish her conversation with someone then I politely asked to take a picture, but she refused to pose with me.

“When the crowd took note of what was happening, they made noise and yelled at her. That’s when she turned around and said ‘take the pic’.

“But still, I asked her to at least kneel or bend a bit so she’s almost my height and she said, ‘I don’t want. Take the pic and go’,” Madau told friend Oliver Keith who shared her ordeal on his Facebook page.

Keith said he was disappointed by Busiswa’s attitude especially considering what Madau had gone through just to gain access to her.

“Michelle (in her state) wrestled her way through the crowd at City Hall to make her way to Busiswa because she adores her. I was on the phone with Michelle for close to an hour after the incident and she really let out her disgust,” said Keith.

“So here’s my question to Busiswa. Would you have acted the same towards someone who is able bodied. Would it have cost you to be polite to a fan who made her way to City Hall despite her disability? I was actually your biggest fan, not that you really need me, but I’m disappointed.”

Keith further demanded that Busiswa apologises to Madau and threatened to mobilise people to sabotage her next show in the city in the event that she does not apologise.

“Unless you apologise to this young lady, the next time you’re in Bulawayo, I’ll make sure that no one I know attends your show and believe me, I know a lot of people.”

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  • Brutal Truth

    Well deserved.I Hope Bulawayo people will learn a lesson from this because they idolise these South African celebrities who don’t even care about the city & it’s people & only come there to make money.

    • Half Ndebele Half Shona

      Your name says it all, you speak the Brutal truth, Ndebele cowards think South Africa is their heaven yet in SA they are treated like rabid dogs!!

      • Brutal Truth

        You’re polluted by inferior ndebele blood yourself so please just shut up!

    • God of War

      You can say that again but the worst kind of person is the one who idolizes the Kadashian clan.

      • Zodwa Wabantu’s Maid

        What Kadashian Clan, how about keeping quiet if you don’t have anything to say. Than soiling the whole forum with your faeces.

        • God of War

          Oh dear! Not you again. You; my friend are what is called a bug-a-boo. I have no time for the likes of you; so get lost.

          • Proud Ndebele

            But if truth be told can anyone be forced to take a photo with anyone? I really think its just unfair to force yourself on someone and demand to be photographed with them.

          • Proud Shona

            Very true

          • the Soviet Union dissolved

            But the “bug-a-boo”, just knocked out your mouthpiece out of your mouth and its stuck on his knuckles. How many times have the bug-a-boo floored you with his heavy punches. He sorts of reminds of Sonny Liston. He had the biggest hands in boxing by the way, just in case you use up your bundles trying to google him!!

          • God of War

            You sir, are a hyena; i have no wish to engage with you. GOODBYE!!

  • John Cena