Success on debut . . . 1st Fallin’ Festival touches right chord with revellers

Melissa Mpofu recently in Vic Falls
The inaugural Fallin’ 2015 festival meant to usher people into 2016 was received well with hundreds of revellers attending the three-day party in Victoria Falls.

Held at the same time as the popular Jameson Vic Falls Carnival, the Fallin’ 2015 Festival which began on December 29, 2015 and ended early morning on New Year’s Day, was meant to unite diverse people through music. With an affordable entry fee of $5, organisers of the festival, Davies Events seem to have accomplished their mission as people of different races and tribes thronged the Rest Camp for what was one of the biggest Vic Falls parties of the year.

Carnival attendees who were on a mission of sampling Vic Falls nightlife last Wednesday joined the Fallin’ party, increasing patronage as they were given free entry into the Fallin’ 2015 party.

With a world-class stage and sound system, on the decks were popular DJs TBass, V, Ray and Raydizz. They provided the much needed entertainment therapy, constantly keeping patrons on their feet. Bulawayo’s Djembe Monks ushered festival goers into the New Year with a performance on New Year’s Eve.

All the way from Harare, DJ V who played last Wednesday enticed those who were having their meals in the resort town to join the party. So tempting was his mix that people quickly concluded their dinner and thronged the venue which was located in the Vic Falls CBD. Airtime vendors and cab drivers could be seen dancing along but sadly could not make their way into the Rest Camp as they were hoping to cash in on those attending the event.

The well-travelled Newscafe DJ V who played at the Durban July last year gave revellers a Durban experience, playing latest house hits, leaving them yearning for more.

Next up was DJ Ray who gave patrons their dose of electronic dance music (EDM). Immediately after was Miller ambassador, DJ Raydizz who continued with Ray’s flow, fusing EDM with R&B hits, eventually moving to a bit of dancehall and other genres, putting people into a party mood.

When TBass took over, word had spread in town that the biggest shut down party was ongoing. Never one to disappoint, the DJ who plays at one of the country’s most upmarket nightspots – Pablo’z – TBass began his set with a remix of Winky D’s Disappear which he gave a house feel. The happiness amplified at that point with those who did not know the song jumping around. TBass also used his set to play more local music from Jah Prayzah before playing popular hip hop tunes as well as anthems such as Justin Bieber’s Sorry.

On all three nights, leaving the venue was close to impossible as the DJs kept churning out hits. Others were spotted rushing back into the venue after hearing some of their favourite tracks being played.

A satisfied patron, Thelma Moyo from Chinotimba, Vic Falls thanked organisers of the Fallin’ 2015 for hosting the event.

“I love partying and wish we could have such an event each year. This is similar to the Falls Festival which used to be held here years back before the carnival. We’d fun tonight and are looking forward to 2016,” Moyo said.

Other carnival attendees concurred with her saying the carnival needed to take a leaf from the festival and have diverse DJs to cater for different tastes. Most DJs who were at the carnival specialise in EDM music which often leaves revellers dissatisfied.

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