Suspect in leg irons outruns cops

leg irons

Nonsikelelo Moyo, Chronicle Reporter
A DARING Victoria Falls man outpaced cops and took a suicidal dive into the deep gorges on the Zambezi River while in leg irons.

Stanley Muzamba (33) from Chisuma Village under Chief Mvuthu outside Victoria Falls town made the dramatic escape as he was being taken to crime scene indications on Friday last week.

Police officers assumed he had died, only for him to surrender himself at Victoria Falls Police Station on Tuesday.

The leg irons that he had failed to remove had started cutting into his swollen flesh.

Muzamba appeared in court yesterday facing one count each of unlawful entry, theft and escaping from lawful custody.

Victoria Falls magistrate, Ms Rangarirai Gakanje, did not ask him to plead and remanded him in custody to next week Thursday for trial.

The court heard Muzamba had been taken for indications at the gorges area in Chisuma where he had allegedly hidden a TV set he had allegedly stolen from a local hotel where he was once employed.

He denied stealing the television set in his warned and cautioned statement.

“I went to the police station on Thursday for finger prints and I spent the whole of Friday being assaulted as they forced me to admit that I stole the TV,” said Muzamba.

The court heard that Muzamba broke into a local lodge and stole a 32-inch television set.

Police picked him up after investigations and he allegedly escaped while in leg irons.

The prosecutor Mr Listen Nare said: “On Wednesday last week the accused who is an ex-employee at Africa Premier Safaris unlawfully entered into the premises through a window and stole a 32 inch TV set and a piece of soap.”

“The accused was later arrested and he offered to do indications and recoveries in Chisuma area where he said the stolen goods were hidden. He was secured with leg irons and while he was making indications, he escaped and went into Jembwe Gorges.”

The court heard that the cops failed to locate him and went back to the station. Muzamba allegedly turned up at the Victoria Falls Police Station after breaking the chain joining the cuffs but failed to remove them from around his ankles. The value of the stolen goods is $451 and only the soap was recovered.


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  • Jotham

    Fire the physically unfit cops!!

    • makhosi

      C’me on man, the lad jumped into the gorge. He lead them close to the tipping point. The “outrun” crap is for sensationalising the story.

      • mmahlaba

        they assaulted him and threw him to the gorges to die. Fortunately for him, he was help by a tree branch. Police should stop lying. The truth will come out…..hold on there.


          Somebody, Augustine Chihuri I suspect, must have told the ZRP members that it is their no. 1 Constitutional Mandate is to kill suspects. I remember during the 2008 madness one of my friends was butchered close to unconciousness. Fearing that he was going to die at the Police Station they tied him to huge stones and then then to the “defender”. The idea was to “take him for indications INTO Khami dam for some minutes” then pull him out when sure he is dead. He was only saved by the Spirit Of God that lied to one of police that the suspect had been beaten so much that he was just going to die at home. Otherwise……? Or the Vhumbunu scenario whereby suspects were murdered by the police in cells and their bodies taken for indications where they were torn with bullets.

          • Essexvale

            Either you’re talking of an African movie or your writing skills are in the dustbin. Your rubbish is jumbled up, write in vernacular.


            Either you don’t understand the English language or vele you don’t understand. Maybe you are part of the thuggish system that was, in one of them’s own words, trained to kill. Don’t defend evil of whatever nature by whoever like Kudzanai Chipanga that G40 thug. Who doesn’t know about the corpses that were riddled with bullets by ZRP leading to a Court case that went all the way to the High Court? If you don’t know ask, benzi bvunza rakanaka, kwete kungovukura saMandiitawepi Chimene.

          • Essexvale

            The real Essexvale does not stoop to such uncouth levels as you do. Allow others to air their views freely without behaving as if you’re the platform prefect. And go back to using your own names. What you’re doing now amounts to cloning which is illegal according to the laws of the land. Besides you’re in violation of the Disqus Ts & Cs. Steps are being taken right now to end your criminal actions! And it isn’t Essexvale only whom you’ve been cloning. You’ve been doing it to other high profile writers too. Beware!!


            My sincere apologies to the original Essexvale. I didn’t realise it was that madman again who snatches your clothes whilst you are bathing by the river, forcing you to run after him naked. He once did that to me and usually you can detect him from his uncivilized language.

      • Cetshwayo kaGodlwayo

        Mad stupid and silly than i expected!!

  • Citizen Public

    This guy is sure-fire Olympic material. Take off the leg irons and send him with the track team to the next global games. He’s sure to bring back gold and maybe earn his freedom!

  • Ragna

    amapholisa ngakudala lawaa ayebopha umuntu okwamaqini. lawa akulezinsuku ngama hustler aso mapholisa…