Taffi’s guitar stolen

Taffie Dube

Taffie Dube

Showbiz Reporter
POPULAR Bulawayo street musician, Tafirenyika ‘Taffi’ Dube, lost his guitar to thieves over the weekend and Skyz Metro FM is urging people to assist him to buy another one.

The talented Taffi, who is visually impaired, has been performing on the streets of Bulawayo for over 20 years. He is always by his base that is located along 8th Avenue outside Pioneer House which houses Skyz Metro FM. His ballads have brought beauty to some hardest days on the streets of the City of Kings.

Performing country music renditions of Don Williams, one may actually think that the late artiste has risen from the dead as Taffi performs his songs with so much passion and sounds just like him.

“We’re appealing on his behalf, for assistance to get him a new guitar as it is his livelihood,” posted Skyz Metro FM on their Facebook page.

This is not the first time thieves have pounced on Taffi as they once stole his late wife — Gertrude’s mobile phone.

For now, Taffi is using a keyboard for his performances.

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  • Brutal Truth

    Shouldn’t come as a surprise in a city filled with a bunch of violent,dumb & lazy people who only think of where their next “shake shake” is going to come from

    • phakamani mpembe

      Not only that, they also scout for opportunities to steal and raise some bit of money for border jumping so that they go and live off armed robberies and various misdemeanors in neighbouring South Africa. My Mthwakazi people are now an embarrassment to us Mthwakazi people.

    • Intellect

      Msunu weshona.u good for nothing Gukurahundist

  • Joy

    How was the guitar stolen?

  • Intellect

    Skyz Metro should buy the guitar for the man.It was going to do them well than this stupid plea.I will buy the guita iskyz yenu is useless