‘Tap exports through digital marketing’

Business Editor
LOCAL companies have been advised to embrace digital marketing as a convenient and efficient method of tapping the export market.

Given the increasingly technology conscious world, digital marketing consultant and trainer, Nikolina Kobali, says online and social media marketing has become the most effective tool for business exposure.

“About 60 percent of the overseas export market clients make their decisions based on the information they access online. Your (businesses)’ potential export clients are looking for you as we speak,” she said.

“But most businesses aren’t visible online. They’re still hiding and the only thing they do is put banners and distribute leaflets.”

Kobali challenged businesses to move with time and establish a strong web presence.

She said the use of information communication technology in today’s world was a smart approach to reaching modern clients.

“Top managers in companies should appreciate this. Set up your online profiles properly and connect with the right people.

“Be actively engaged in your website and publish attractive content for the market to appreciate your products,” she added.

Kobali said modern marketing requires businesses to move away from “hard selling” where they force their messages to consumers.

Rather, she explained, the modern market needs to be engaged and educated about a product and why they should consume it.

“The old marketing strategy doesn’t work now. Online and social media marketing allows you to influence clients without pestering them. It builds credibility and awareness,” said Kobali.

“Digital marketing is coming heavily in Zimbabwe and there are many opportunities for new markets. Those who don’t upgrade themselves risk being overtaken by the ‘tsunami’ of social media and online platforms.”

Kobali met business representatives in Bulawayo last week where she gave a lengthy presentation on the subject.

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