Teacher tied to tree, raped for 5 hrs


Nonsikelelo Moyo, Chronicle Reporter
A TEACHER at a school in Victoria Falls was allegedly kidnapped by a homeless man who tied her to a tree and raped her numerous times over a five-hour period near Truck Stop in Hwange.

Bonface Nyambiya (32), who often hangs around the Truck Stop area where he preys on prostitutes, allegedly inserted his manhood into the teacher’s before taking it out and forcing her to suck it.

He would allegedly take a smoke break after every round of sex as he raped the woman several times between 10PM and 3AM on June 30.

A court heard how he pounced on the woman, who cannot be named for ethical reasons, near Truck  Stop.

Nyambiya appeared before Hwange magistrate Mrs Portia Mhlanga-Moyo on Wednesday for initial remand after being charged with rape on multiple occasions.

He faces another charge of rape and robbery after he allegedly pounced on a prostitute at the same place last week on Sunday and raped her twice in a broken down truck before robbing her of her handset and $7.

Nyambiya was not asked to plead to rape and robbery and was remanded in custody to August 30.

Prosecuting, Mr Onias Nyathi said Nyambiya met the complainant at a bus stop opposite the Truck Stop in June.

The complainant was looking for transport to Victoria Falls and Nyambiya pretended as if he was also going in the same direction.

“The complainant was intending to travel to Victoria Falls and accused approached and greeted her. The two started chatting and the accused suddenly produced an iron bar before grabbing the complainant by the neck and dragging her to a nearby bush,” said Mr Nyathi.

He said while in the bush, Nyambiya assaulted the woman with the iron bar before stripping her.

“He tied her legs to a tree and had sex with her several times from 10PM to 3AM. After each encounter, the accused would leave the complainant and take a rest while smoking a cigarette a few metres from her,” said Mr Nyathi.

Nyambiya finally released the woman at 3AM leaving her in the bush.

In the other count of rape, the court heard that on Sunday last week, Nyambiya allegedly hired a prostitute aged 25 for a short time.

“The two entered a wrecked truck. While inside and about to have sex, the complainant pushed him away indicating that she was no longer interested in sex with him after she saw him drawing an iron bar. The accused forcibly had sex with her twice without her consent,” said Mr Nyathi.

After the sex, Nyambiya allegedly demanded money and took away a Samsung handset and $7 which the complainant had been paid by a client who had hired her earlier.

Nyambiya was arrested after the second woman identified her at the Truck Stop and alerted police. — @nonsy_m.

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  • Mvuzo

    This monster must rot in jail.

  • ndabezitha

    Umgodoyi. Inja yothuvi.

  • Gxabhashe

    Life sentence is the best for such Dogs…

  • Jereso -Trouser Snake

    just imagine the trauma kumukadzi wechidzidzisi uyu ,,,,,shaaaame

  • DeKepekepe

    This guy only need to be castrated and let him go because he is misusing his manhood

  • True Makepekepe

    Nxaaaa, mad idiot! Send him to jail for a long time!

  • makhurane

    kkkk 5 hours

  • Brutal Truth

    Matabeleland people never cease to amaze me;
    Give them pens,they stab each other.
    Give them books they tear off the pages to wipe off their butts & to smoke mbanje.
    Send them teachers they rape them.
    Then they turn back to Gvt & complain about marginalisation.My foot!

    • Pure Blood

      Too true my brother!

    • Jofa

      If you think there is no rape, no stabbing and no smoking Mbanje in Mashonaland then you are living in cuckoo land.

      • Widza

        All Brutal truth is saying is that it is much worse in Matland! He is not lying.

        • Justice League

          You make me laugh. Worse off where? Do not start making your own Stats because of what you read in the chronicle. The crime and Murder rate is higher in Mashonaland. Midlands and Matland are almost similar.

      • Doctor Do little

        The more facts one introduces, the more truth one shows, the more determined the bigot is to cling to his belief.

        • Jofa

          Honestly does not bother me Doc. I’ve been around and I have seen things. There are no go areas in Harare where if you are not street wise you end up with a knife in your back. Rapes on a daily bases. This platform seems to concentrate on it more. What is sad Doc is that in this time and age a person can be freely allowed to fan such hatred knowing full well that others are going to retaliate and then turn the platform into a tribal battle ground. I have to assume that those that regulate this platform are actually signatory to these beliefs.

          • Doctor Do little

            Who knows? Anyhow I think you are aware that cockroaches thrive in chaos so do hyenas during a drought when the animal are falling all over the show. There are people who also thrive in such conditions. Ours is to ignore comments that are derogatory and debate with those that offer mental enhancement and constructive argument. Do that and soon they will slink away into oblivion.

          • Jofa

            Got you.


        Crime rate is related to poverty, the more poverty stricken the more prone people are to committing violent crimes.

        • Ras Makate (Mutunhu une Mago)

          This has everything to do with uncontrolled lust and blatant disrespect for females, zero to do with poverty, rather theft and robbery have everything to do with poverty in most cases……. But rape, eish..hell no…!!!

    • Shlama

      Brutal Goreraza mwana wa Grace the B.H.

  • Go Low Limnandy

    Omama abayeke ukuhamba bodwa ikakhulu ngezikhathi zantambana, in secluded areas.

    • Ras Makate (Mutunhu une Mago)

      Yes, you are so right, I am horrified that this lady actually was confident enough to stand at a secluded and deserted bus stop in the dark, women are soft targets for all sorts of criminals