Teacher who sjamboked lover to death jailed 10 years

Bemba Primary School in Tsholotsho where Ncube and his girlfriend worked

Bemba Primary School in Tsholotsho where Ncube and his girlfriend worked

Fairness Moyana Hwange Correspondent—
A TSHOLOTSHO-based teacher sjamboked his lover, also a teacher, to death for allegedly cheating on him. Obed Ncube, 44, of Nkulumane in Bulawayo was in love with Sarudzai Mutuma, and both were teachers at Bemba Primary school in Tsholotsho until their affair ended in tragedy. Ncube, who pleaded not guilty to murder but tendered a limited plea of guilty to culpable homicide, was on Friday slapped with a 10-year jail term by Bulawayo High court judge Justice Francis Bere sitting on circuit in Hwange.

Two years of his sentence were suspended for five years. Ncube told the court that he had been married twice and had lost the two women through divorce and death hence was pinning all his hope on finally settling down with Mutuma.

The father of three said he was hurt to discover that she was cheating on him, resulting in the fatal assault. “Your lordship, I loved deceased very much. I was married twice before, having divorced with my first wife and lost my second one through death. Meeting her put a stop to my search for someone to share the rest of my life with. I was hoping that I would be third time lucky with deceased but learning of her infidelity cut me to the heart,” said Ncube.

Justice Bere castigated Ncube for indiscriminately assaulting Mutuma using a dangerous weapon. “The postmortem suggests that deceased must have been subjected to protracted assault and went beyond average. As a qualified teacher with a level of sophistication, you were expected to deduce that a sjambok, which is not even used in our prisons, is a dangerous weapon,” said Justice Bere.

According to agreed facts, on October 18 last year, Mutuma, 33, had an argument with Ncube who accused her of cheating. She denied the allegations. Ncube slapped her several times on the face and was restrained from further assaulting Mutuma by Shelter Moyo, a fellow teacher who had heard the commotion.

However, later on that night, Ncube who was still seething with anger went to Mutuma’s room armed with a sjambok and started assaulting her all over the body accusing her of cheating on him. Corrinah Moyo rushed into the room and restrained Ncube from further assaulting Mutuma before disarming him.

The following day at around 6AM, some fellow teachers went to check on Mutuma after realising that she had not been up for work and found her dead in her room. A postmortem revealed that she had died due to internal bleeding and head injuries due to the excessive force Ncube used when he was assaulting her.

Memory Munsaka and Givemore Munsaka appeared for the state and defence respectively.

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  • Max

    Zim law. You kill a person you get away with it simply like that. Kill a rhino, syeal a cow, you are sent for 15 in.

    • Brigadier Siyasutha Belamba

      Culpable homicide: The court has to take into consideration the fact that the wife was cheating :these will be extenuating circumstances. I know a man who axed a certain man to death when he found his wife and the man he killed “doing it in a car”. He is walking the street as the court found “extenuating circumstances”. In the rhino case someone decided to kill a rhino and it is that decision that earns the person the “years”.I am no lawyer though

      • Zebron Dube

        According to the report it was not his wife but his lover.

      • MakhosiXamu

        The law is a bit twisted. Some people are very clever – they simple claim this or that in order to away with murder.

    • blarazonke

      Someone raped and got 15yrs, fair I think. Obert stole 15billion USD worthy of diamonds and is still a minister. Gono stole billions from RBZ/ taxeman on behalf of politicians and is still a free man who will soon be a senator.

    • Seles

      Don’t worry about him sir. You kill a black person at your own risk. This guy has invited problems with painful solutions. If only we can be updated on this matter you will see what I mean. Those who went on a rampage during the gukurahundi massacres are still suffering big time I tell you.

  • The optimist

    So if someone assumes you are cheating and kills you are those extenuating circumstances? So what if he is being cheated? And did he have proof? Because for the circumstances to be extenuating it must be proved that the circumstances actually existed. And how many men would be left in the world if cheating can be a reason for murder? Ngabe akula a single man left in in most marriages because the wives would have poisoned the husbands and circumstances will be extenuating too. How many men will cheat khonapho while they have 6 children with the wife at home. Will the judge say its extenuating circumstances after the wife kills the husband and claims she was worried after investing time and love and given birth to 6 kids for him?

    • Doctor Do little

      It does boggle the mind. Justice Bere is either the victim of the press reporting incorrectly or he is the most lenient judge ever. If my information is correct the maximum sentence for grievous bodily harm in most countries is 20 years in jail. Here you have a person beating someone who his is not married to to death and he gets to see freedom in maybe 3 years time.

  • Mvuzo

    He had all the time to sober up and refrain from further assaults,l suspect he is a bully, why these other teachers never manage to calm him. Or they liked him more than they did to Madam lover.?

    • xi

      and to imagine him being in charge of children, when he is a murderer

  • the gunner

    where does tribalism come in here. was O.J Simpson Ndebele when he was accused of killing his wife. Shame on u

    • Butas

      I would not worry about Muchena. He is probably the one doing the slave trade in Harare.

      • the gunner

        Thumbs up Butas

    • blarazonke

      Its Oscar. Don’t worry, he gets the kicks out of it.

      • Oscar

        Leave me alone you or I will ask T to give you a torrid time.

        • blarazonke

          Kkkkkk, I knew it was you Tonde.

  • blarazonke

    9 years for a dead pangolin or a skin of a python that might have died due to age. kkkkkk…

  • blarazonke

    Reminds of Netsai, the MSU lecturer who was fatally assaulted for the same reasons. Adn the n one of the boyfriends also committed suicide. Matters of the heart are complex.

    • Mirrror Mirror

      hahaha u cnt paint every man with the same brush, it is jut so unreal

      • blarazonke

        Id excuse pope John Paul.

  • Thulani

    May this be a lesson to women who date men who both divorced and widowers. There’s a reason why women leave men like that one way or the other, because relationships with them is a nightmare.

  • Major Generale

    aaah achimbozviitirei regai aende kujere

  • khu

    this man is dangerous, the story says he thought he will be third time lucky having lost one wife to divorce and the second to death, does it means he has killed two of them? He was supposed to have been given a longer sentence more than what he was given, but he will likely meet his match if killing is his way of life, some families are known to revenge using juju once you kill their relative ngozi or something horrible will be upon you

    • xi

      umuntu wabanikazi kabulawa lizambona nje umbulali yena lowo esentula lelizwe, uluthezile olulenkume mgci oh! ngifunga ngabakithi abahamba ngamabhayisikili

  • Kezi

    Justice Bere?. Then someone spends 9 years for a killing a python?. In God we trust.

  • mesmerise

    just 10year…this is pathetic

  • shacks

    judge bere???