Teenager axes brother over cigarette

cigarettesFreedom Mupanedemo Midlands Correspondent
A VENGEFUL teenager from Silobela fatally attacked his elder brother with an axe following a fight over a cigarette on Sunday. The boy, 17, refused to share his cigarette with his now deceased brother, Busani Moyo, 22. Busani apparently was unhappy with his younger brother’s response and slapped him twice, according to the police.

Seething with anger and a hurt ego, the boy rushed home and armed himself with an axe.
The brothers were coming from Donsa 2 Business Centre on their way home when the fight broke out.

He struck his sibling on the head.
Police in the Midlands confirmed the incident which occurred at about 7PM.

Midlands Police spokesperson, Inspector Joel Goko said Busani was rushed to Kwekwe District Hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival.
Insp Goko said: “The now deceased Busani Moyo, 22, was walking with his three brothers, Callington, 19, Ocean (age not given) and the 17-year-old suspect. They were coming from Donsa Business Centre when Busani asked for a cigarette from the suspect.

“The teenage suspect refused to share the cigarette with his now deceased brother and Busani was not amused. He reacted angrily and slapped the teenage suspect twice on the left cheek.”

Insp Goko said the suspect became angry and rushed home and came back armed with an axe.
“The suspect, in a fit of rage, attacked his brother with the axe once on the head. The axe remained stuck on Busani’s head and the other two brothers rushed to inform their father, Lethu Moyo, of the incident.  Police attended the scene and arrested the suspect. He will soon appear in court facing a murder charge,” he said.

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