‘There is no respect anymore in Zanu-PF’…factions beware: president

President Mugabe

President Mugabe

Felex Share Harare Bureau—
Individualists and factionalists have no place in the Zanu-PF government and people should respect the leadership appointed at the party’s 2014 National People’s Congress, President Robert Mugabe said yesterday. Addressing hundreds of Zanu-PF supporters at the Harare International Airport on his return from the 26th Ordinary Summit of the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, President Mugabe warned those denigrating his appointees that they would soon fall by the wayside.

The President, whose one-year tenure as AU chairman ended over the weekend when he handed the baton to Chad’s President Idriss Déby, said those with eccentric thoughts should repent, drive the Zanu-PF empowerment agenda in peace or risk being chucked out.

“We must reject selfishness, We should reject factionalism,” he said. “Our youths shouldn’t be used and misled. They should always remember that it’s the will of the people which should lead us, for us to push forward our resolutions and targets we give ourselves at the Congresses.

“If we unite, women on this hand and the youths on the other hand, we will achieve our goals. Now if we start fighting, some are fighting here, some are insulting each other in newspapers, there’s no respect any more, we just insult each other, even the leaders aren’t shown respect. What have we done? We don’t want that!”

He added: “We need unity in the country, province by province. Not to have a province which says we stand for this and our leaders are so and so. There are no other leaders other than the ones we were given by the Central Committee. Leaders are chosen at the Congress, that’s where we drop those we don’t need.”

President Mugabe, whose address centred on unity, said while differences existed “here and there”, in the end people should be guided by the country’s principles and resolutions.

“We want to correct each other. to pull in the right direction,” he said. “If ideas are different, people do sit down and share thoughts and choose the best idea to push forward our developmental agenda.

“We don’t want those that say what I think is right, no one will remove me from my position. Zimbabwe has principles and resolutions; this is what has taken us this far. Since time immemorial, we were united, yes there were differences and those on the wrong fell by the wayside.”

President Mugabe took time to brief party supporters on the deliberations of Heads of State and Government at the AU Summit, with emphasis on value addition and beneficiation of raw materials and the need to reform the United Nations Security Council.

“We’re obliged to reform our way of doing things,” he said. “It shouldn’t just be farming and mining only, we need to establish industries. We should stop exporting raw materials before refining them. If it’s cotton, it means they should come and buy clothes from us.

“Where we’re not able to do that, we get into partnership with progressive countries like India and China and others then we manufacture those things we buy outside.”

Value addition and beneficiation, the President said, created employment, added knowledge to locals and resulted in the realisation of high rewards.

He said the Western world still had the slavery mentality and did not want to see the development of any black society.

President Mugabe said the West wanted to remain on top of the situation and was now using non-governmental organisations to achieve regime change in independent countries.

“In Harlem (United States), they (blacks) are suffering, diseases and murders are galore,” he said. “Right now they’re coming with regime change, wanting to remove elected governments. In Africa, NGOs have flooded the continent and here (Zimbabwe) alone there are more than 3,000. When they want to come they should be guided by our laws.”

The President said African nations were equal and they should assist each other in times of need. He said peace was vital for development and countries should always work together in tackling any crisis.

“If you’re hungry where ever you are, I must know about it here,” he said. “Your problems are my problems too and my problems should also be yours. For us to achieve this in our countries, we need peace. No contention and fights. (We don’t want) those who come outside (like) Boko Haram, Al Shabaab, Al Qaeda, we should assist each other to stop these terrorists.

“The same applies to diseases; we should do it the way we tackled Ebola. We united to ensure countries affected live and work freely.” President Mugabe cherished the standing ovations and thunderous applause he received from Heads of State and Government when he opened the Summit on Saturday saying, “Zimbabwe had been put on top.”

On the inequality in the UN Security Council, President Mugabe reiterated that it was time African countries got permanent seats with veto powers or the continent pulls out of the United Nations.

Britain, China, France, Russia and the US are the only veto-wielding permanent members of the Security Council.

China and Russia have been open to discussing reforms, as have emerging powers like India and Brazil who also want seats on the Security Council.

President Mugabe was welcomed by his two deputies, Cdes Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko, several government ministers and service chiefs on his arrival from Ethiopia.

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  • Zarura Zimbabgwe

    The center happens to be the problem and you will never that. Just wondering how many voters anyone of the so called leaders, garnered during the December 2014 Congress❓ ❕

  • Disgruntled ZANU-PF cadre

    If only the President had also told his ministers to “beware of you do not pay bonuses now!”

    What are your priorities, Sir?

    • simbo

      may they pay up the bonus there is suffering, morale is low

  • magents

    Zanu must fall

    • Mahlabathi

      MDC- T must disintegrate forever.

  • koka

    nxaaaa, umdodovu wekhehla ongazilutho. zanu must fall. zanu in fighting when the country is experiencing economic difficulties just shows how narrow minded these clowns are. whoever wins these factional fights will preside over nothing. no economy, no infrastructure and even the people would have crossed the border to neighbouring countries.

  • Lux

    I am no longer reading this stupid rag,comment blocking,nxaaaa

  • Bongani Dlamini

    Seliduma. Lithwele uthekwane. Ugogo wekhehla lo usefana lenja engelamazinyo. Bark Bark no bite.

  • blarazonke

    Mnangagwavs Kasuku, Charamba vs Prof , then the Gweru squabbling ,kkkk pudai pachena president se lokuzeni yembudzi.

  • Mpisi

    Robert Gabriel Mgodoyi is no longer fit to run the country .The idiot has lost his marbles. He is not only an embarrassment to Zimbabwe but to himself and wats left of his family. Robert Gabriel Mgodoyi must stop stalling the young people’s dreams. Robert Gabriel Mgodoyi must go now! Kahambe inja yothuvi !

  • clement moyo

    He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword – as violence begets violence. These are lessons that Zanu PF members have learned from Robert Mugabe himself and he should not dare blame them for emulating the leader. Now what is left is that some shouild disappear and some die as is the culture of Zanu PF. If you cant win through the votes you rig or force people into submission violently. Why should I follow rules when my father taught me to use short cuts and when I actually saw him use them to success.

  • Sponono

    Wise words coming from an idiot. Let your people fight because they are also tired of you, awunzwisisi iwe Matibili nxxxxx

  • Takawira

    Earn money through generating traffic


  • Mkhokheli

    The man is quick to point other people’s lack of respect ignoring his out of sorts wife who goes around the country insulting and demining other people/races just like Mr Mugabe himself. On the issue of respect I would advise the centenarian to shut his mouth and concentrate on finalising his will. All people of Zimbabwe know very well that you and your family have no respect to other people including your children.
    Just to bring into light some of the incidents that you and your young wife had shown utter disrespect to the nation;
    1. Rigging elections to allow yourself to continue globe trotting at the expense of millions of suffering Zimbabweans.
    2. Undressing the widow of Solomon Mujuru in public when any level headed leader will be protecting the such.
    3. Making Emmerson Mnangwagwa your vice when he orchestrated the butchering of innocent people of Matabeleland.
    4. Calling Father Zimbabwe, JM Nkomo ‘ngomo’ when you yourself know that you built on his foundation.
    5. Calling the Kalanga people uneducated when you are the one who killed their parents and frustrated any development in the area for donkey years.
    6. Your little wife calling people of Matabeleland as good at making kids as if those children of hers have a Ndebele father.
    7 You saying people of Mbare have no surnames after they rejected you for Tsvwangirayi.
    8. Saying Tsvangirayi has an ugly face, something which is unAfrican and embarrassing to come out from someone who calls himself a national leader.
    And the list goes on……………….
    The headline should have highlighted the continuity of disrespect in ZANU PF full stop. Highlights of these incidents is a recent case of your secretary (prone to embarrassing you publicly by giving you wrong speeches) accusing elected legislators with his meaningless English.

  • mkhusto

    lelixhegu kufuna lihambe lisijwayele kakhulu