Thousands troop into Masvingo for 21st Feb bash

From Walter Mswazie in Masvingo
A CARNIVAL atmosphere engulfed Masvingo yesterday as thousands of delegates trooped into the city for the 21st February Movement bash to be held in commemoration of President Robert Mugabe’s 92nd birthday. There was a palpable air of excitement at the historic Great Zimbabwe Monuments as the city braced for the great event.

Organisers said they were confident the celebrations will be memorable.

Service provider Tel-One has hooked up Wi-Fi at the venue.

Delegates will be treated to a guided tour of the world-famous Zimbabwe ruins whose ancient mortarless architecture continues to intrigue and confound historians around the globe.

Provincial Political Commissar Jeppy Jaboon said by mid-morning yesterday more than half of the delegates including international visitors expected to grace the occasion, had arrived.

This year’s bash is held under the theme, “Youth Celebrating an African Icon through Enhanced Productivity.”

“All roads today and tomorrow lead to Great Zimbabwe Monuments for the big event. This is the important day that Masvingo has been waiting for and we are honoured to play host to President Robert Mugabe’s 92nd birthday celebrations,” said Jaboon.

He said all the people in the province were pulling in the same direction to ensure the event is a resounding success.

“We will not compete but we thrive to be the best ever as we are giving this important occasion the respect it deserves. We will be hosting an African icon’s birthday and that alone is no mean achievement. We are also proud to celebrate his achievement as former African Union chairman, Sadc chair and now AU rapporteur,” said Jaboon.

National Museums and Monuments provincial director Lovemore Mandima said guests will get a rare opportunity to tour the monuments for free.

“All the important dignitaries will tour the monuments but we will do it systematically as the structures can only accommodate a limited number at a time. This is an opportunity for our foreign visitors to see the beauty of our country,” said Mandima.

A total of 54 beasts, 300kg of game meat, hundreds of crates of soft drinks and beer have been mobilised to ensure a banquet fit for a king.

After the bash expected to start around 9 AM, there is going to be a musical show from 8PM till late.

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  • Lunga

    A banquet fit for a king!This is an insult and a waste of precious resources and money to those thousands who are going to go hungry this year!nxaa!