Thrilling reactions over Eritrean law

Eritrean women

Eritrean women

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
ZIMBABWEANS have received the “news” of a hoax story alleging mandatory polygamy by men in Eritrea with excitement with many men taking to social media to express their eagerness to travel to that country.

This is after an alleged copy of a scanned decision of the Grand Mufti (Eritrean Parliament) surfaced on a Kenyan newspaper website claiming that the State of Eritrea was calling on all men in their country to marry at least two wives.

The Grand Mufti went on to state that the Eritrean government had assured its people that it would pay for the marriage ceremonies and accommodate the newlyweds.

The document, which could not be independently verified, says any man or woman who opposes the decision “will face a life sentence”.

As a result, Zimbabweans have been thrilled by the purported decision with some claiming that they are relocating to Eritrea in order to ‘buy one and get one free’.

All the attention on Idols SA judge – Gareth Cliff, has since been shifted to Eritrea with people posting pictures of visa application forms and fake flight itineraries on various social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Pictures of beautiful light skinned women who were said to be Eritrean were also posted to further entice the many men who seem interested in relocating.

Other pictures showed hordes of men reportedly in a long queue at the Eritrean Embassy in Zimbabwe, jostling to get a visa to that country, while others posted pictures of consulates in other countries – visibly overwhelmed by multitudes of men.

According to Google maps navigator, it takes three days and nine hours to travel the 6011KM journey from Harare to the capital city of Eritrea, Asmara by road. By aeroplane, the journey should take 19 hours 30 minutes.

Known polygamists – South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma and Swaziland’s King Mswati III, have not been spared from this craze as memes of them making the great trek to Eritrea emerged on social media. Captioned on the memes were messages such as King Mswati telling his royal wives that he was off to Eritrea and President Zuma supposedly arriving in Eritrea.

The King of selfies, Zifa boss Phillip Chiyangwa, has not been spared as he was captioned in one of the memes saying he had forgotten something in Eritrea.

Local women have also joined in on the fun as they are posting their best photos captioned: “Did you know I’m from Eritrea?” in efforts to show Zimbabwean men that locals are as good as women from Eritrea.

This bit of publicity has made Eritrea an overnight tourist destination with some researching more on the country, looking for the cheapest flight and accommodation there. Eritrea, which is nestled on the horn of Africa, is surrounded by Sudan, Ethiopia and Djibouti.

It has, however, turned out that the whole story on the Eritrean government urging men to marry at least two wives was a hoax.

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  • vicious aggressive tactic

    Eish, how old are you? Your comment suggests that you are very immature. Do you realise that included in inkomo zakini is your Mother, Sisters, Aunts and Grandmothers.

    Why insult your own people, worse your Mother just because you just wanna comment???

    • Ghost of Sparta

      You are the immature one! You have taken his comment out of context.

  • trina

    are you saying their faces almost look like that of cows kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Ghost of Sparta

    Shame on you if what you say is true.

    • Bul-24/7

      Hahahahaha ….. got the gist of your post. Nice start to the day. But let’s give the benefit of the doubt to the lady?

    • malubimbi

      there is nothing wrong with that or the shame as you put it we are in a polygamous marriage full stop and it is registered

      • G Tichatonga

        You do not need to justify anything lady, getting married is your personal decision. Best wishes to your family.

    • G Tichatonga

      Don’t be rude…what is shameful about her viewpoint?

  • Gogodera

    But those tattoos!! They are frightening to say the least. But no favour no jealous those ladies are something, more than beautiful.

  • mqangala

    the reason why some men marry more wives is because they can not be satisfied by one woman, they are used to having it daily, when the woman is not feeling well they become angry, they are better off with two wives otherwise the wife will suffer from sleepless nights

  • Izinyane lesilo

    Indaba ezilobufebe phakathi yizo ezikhwabithwa ngabantu.

    • Mahlabathi

      Ngivumelana lawe , ndoda.

  • Mahlabathi

    Tsvangirai must join the queue to Eritrea. At last we have found a solution to his problem. Ama thangazi abafazi be Eritrea azamphathisa. Kikikikikiiiiiiii.

    • qembu

      just recently we heard the former minister Goche has a child out of wedlock, the Mavhaires, the late Solomon Mujuru’s numerous children this is real

    • Citizen 777

      This time I’ll laugh with you. That’s a clever one; even though it’s aimed low. Made my day in a twisted sort of way!

  • Izinyane lesilo

    Isiwula ngibani ke manje? Akusi empowerment le, sekuyikukhawulisa lokho.
    Wena ungakuvuma yini ukuthi indodakazi yakho yenze ihlazo elinjalo lokwendela emadodeni amabili?
    Namhla ma ungatshelwa ukuthi unyoko wayethethwe ngamadoda amabili kwazalwa wena ngemva kokuthi enye yazo yehluleka ukumsuthisa yikho wasedinga omunye. Amanyala la…mphuuu

    Uyazi olalela umqondo wakho uchitha esakhe….

  • maqhinga

    Kambe ukuthi umuntu sengaze ayedinga igwayi khatshana khonale engathi kibo kalikho, igwayi ligwayi liyafanana njenge sawudo

    • G Tichatonga

      Hayi igwayi lobs isawudo alifani….yikho kulemihlobo etshiyeneyo. Isawudo olithola elwandle luyatshiyana lelwakithi. AmaCigar eCuba atshiyene leKingsgate cigarrettes.

  • Izinyane lesilo

    Lapha ufanisa udadewenu loyihlokazi logogo wakho lenkomo? Ngaphezu kwakho lokho uthethisa unyoko.
    Nxa intombi yakho ingakusuthisekisi tshono uthi yiyo eyinkomo.


    introduce johane masowe in eritrea

  • Jojochenjera

    This is gutter journalism. Where is the evidence that this story is a hoax? At least the Kenyan publication has something, even if it may need verification.