Throw away the key! 188 years in jail for armed robbery

Tapiwa Chimuti, Anyway Madala and Simbarashe Machiritsa

Tapiwa Chimuti, Anyway Madala and Simbarashe Machiritsa

Wynne Zanamwe, Midlands Reporter
THREE notorious armed robbers who terrorised miners and businesspeople in the Midlands province and Bulawayo getting away with more than $25 000, a vehicle and six rifles, have been sentenced to a combined 188 years in prison.

Tapiwa Chimuti (29), Anyway Madala (27) and Simbarashe Machiritsa (40) who are related and stay at Ascot Infill high-density suburb in Gweru, were part of a six-member gang linked to a spate of armed robberies committed in Bulawayo, Zvishavane, Gweru, Shurugwi, Kwekwe and Kadoma.

Three other members of the gang; Andrew Masendeke, Matrimony Nyathi and Sydney Mangisi are still at large.

Chimuti was sentenced to 91 years, Madala 76 and Machiritsa 21.

Police recovered the vehicle and guns which were used during the robberies and the property has since been forfeited to the State.

The three accused were convicted on their own pleas by Gweru regional magistrate Mr Morgan Nemadire.

Chimuti was convicted of 17 counts of armed robbery and was sentenced to 91 years in prison.

Mr Nemadire suspended 14 years on condition Chimuti restitutes some of his victims $4 401.

A further 10 years of his sentence were suspended on condition of good behaviour.

Effectively he will serve 67 years in prison.

Madala was convicted of 13 counts of armed robbery and sentenced to 76 years imprisonment.

Seven years were suspended on condition the accused person restitutes some of his victims $983.

Furthermore 10 years of his sentence were suspended on condition of good behaviour leaving him with 59 effective years in prison.

Machiritsa who was the eldest of the trio was convicted of eight counts of armed robbery and sentenced to 21 years imprisonment. One year was suspended for five years on condition he does not, during the period, commit a similar offence.

In passing sentence Mr Nemadire said as relatives, Machiritsa should have reprimanded the young ones.

“As relatives and as the eldest, accused number three (Machiritsa) was in a position to reprimand the two accused persons who asked him to join them after they had already robbed a number of people,” said Mr Nemadire.

“The court acknowledges that the accused persons have families to take care of, have asked for lenient sentences and are first offenders but their offences deserve the most severe punishment.”

Prosecutor Mr Lloyd Mavhiza told the court that the police were still investigating the murders of two security guards in Kadoma and Zvishavane that have been linked to the gang.

Mr Mavhiza said on January 17, the gang wearing masks and gloves raided Chaka Grocery Shop in Makusha suburb, Shurugwi, and demanded cash at gunpoint.

They got away with $15.

He said the gang also went to Besta Mine which is located at Princess Farm in Shurugwi where they stole a 22 Winchester rifle, a 22H Lithgow rifle, a 12 bore Franchi short gun, a Theodor Bergmann shotgun and 16 shotgun live rounds as well as a pair of Hi-Tec shoes, a pair of Adidas shoes, a pair of green sandals, VW Golf motor vehicle and $8 270.

Mr Mavhiza said the property and money had a combined value of $14 120.

The court heard that the robbers armed with a 303 rifle and a Star pistol went on a robbery spree terrorising shop owners, miners and transporters in Gweru, Shurugwi, Kwekwe, Kadoma and Bulawayo.

They robbed their victims of electrical goods, cash, guns and live ammunition.

The three accused were arrested in Ascot Infill suburb in Gweru following a tip off from members of the public.

Detectives recovered household property which included beds, television sets, electrical gadgets, blankets and guns.

The trio has six pending cases of armed robbery committed in Bulawayo.

— @wynnezane

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  • AbaseLowerGwelo

    Message sent out, those like minded hope it’s a warning!!!! Why is the Jingu trial taking more time????

  • Mvuzo


  • God of War

    Why was the property forfeited to the state? Was it not claimed?

  • Cetshwayo

    Government of crooks, why forfeit guns which have serial numbers and have owners who have lost them to the thugs…now Zanu thugs in the system steal the guns.

    • Dingiswayo

      hamba katshana ..dangerous robbers have been caught and your concern is about stupid guns..

  • wordfanece

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  • Predator

    These guys could be the same group that killed a bussiness man from Mberengwa turn off because the period they commiited the crimes coincide with the death. Police must dig deeper.

  • joy

    i wish rape cases were treated the same way. Big up judge we do not want Zimbabwe to turn into another Hilbrow (S.A)

  • Danny

    I still dont understand then logic of sentencing someone to 71 years. Our prisons are meant for rehabilitation aren’t they?

  • mjafa

    Did u say MASENDEKE? AHH surely wat goes around comes around

  • makhurane

    kkkk tapiwa ngiyakuzwela mfana 96 years you will be worse than our nonogenarian skeleton at 93,worse you wont be having a treatment to Singapore asazi bakithi

    • Nkunzemnyama


    • kimmy

      kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk dead

  • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

    These are petty thieves rather – petty robbers. The real criminals are those that went away with $15 Bhida. We know them, they are walking scot free in the high corridors of Government.

  • Mutsa

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. thank you ZRP


    I hope our High Court is still exercising its supervisory role on the Magistrates’ Courts. Our magistrates have just gone mad and any mistake in life you are sentenced to death, no second chance. Magistrates are now giving sentencies which even the Supreme Court is not giving. Criminals are evil, but so is a Cruel magistrate/judge. I suggest all Magistrates’ sentencies above ten years be subjected to mandatory High Court review with/without appeal. Magistrates have suddenly become Gods(or Satan), Justice Bere has said it before, forgetting that their days will also come.