Tilda joins Star FM

Loc4Auxilia Katongomara Entertainment Correspondent
SEASONED radio broadcaster Tilda Moyo-Karizamimba has joined Zimpapers’ Star FM after serving for many years at Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio Zimbabwe where she made a name for herself.Tilda left Radio Zimbabwe last month and is expected to add flavour to the crème de la crème at the year old station which has become arguably the best in the country.

Star FM production manager Comfort Mbofana confirmed Tilda’s recruitment.
“Tilda has joined us as a part-time presenter and will be starting on Sunday. She has been with us the whole week familiarising and training with us before she commences her duties,” said Mbofana.

The soft-spoken Moyo is in the same league with other seasoned broadcasters such as Brenda Moyo, Praxedes Jeremiah, Themba Mkanda and Patricia Jacobs among others.

She is famed for her no-holds barred Sunday morning talk show on Radio Zimbabwe, which earned her in equal measure, both admirers and foes who feel that she is exposing issues that society normally sweeps under the carpet.

She is viewed as a symbol of courage in the face of vices that have made society a miserable place as she has exposed these issues through radio.

Tilder is one of the daring presenters who unravelled controversial issues which sometimes society views as taboo. Some of the controversial issues that the programme has dealt with include those of satanists, child prostitutes, victims of rape and business people who use juju to enrich themselves.

It was a phone-in programme and many a times perpetrators and victims called in airing their views and experiences making it worthwhile for the audiences to tune in.

She left Radio Zimbabwe last month and her departure was met with mixed feelings from listeners. Tilda made her debut on Star FM on Sunday from 9am to 12 noon on the Rockstar.

Since its launch last year, Star FM took has taken radio programming to another level.

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