To tuck in or not to tuck in

I WAS driving down Airport Road on my way into town when a kombi in front of me suddenly stopped for a passenger right in the middle of the lane.

Because there was oncoming traffic, I was forced to slow down before I could proceed.

But while I was doing so — I couldn’t help noticing the passenger the kombi had stopped for.

It was this pretty, chubby yellow bone in a brown and beige combo.

She wore a brown pair of pants, a matching jacket, a beige top and matching tan shoes.

The choice of clothes was good, in fact, it was great but there was one odd thing about the outfit.

She had tucked in the top into the pants exposing her big belly and love handles more.

No, she wasn’t pregnant — it’s probably just the junk food, nothing a couple of gym sessions can’t fix I’m sure.

For a fraction of a second I was distracted and kept thinking this could have looked much better had she not tucked in the already tight fitting top.

This is a problem for many women who have “wholesome” figures.

The bulging tummy is out there thriving, with a life of its own and the moment you tuck in; you have what my mother likes to call an “S” figure — which is basically unattractive.

Admittedly, it’s always somewhat of a dilemma deciding whether or not to tuck in.

Probably your tummy is not flat enough for the tuck in or your behind is not round enough for a shapely silhouette after tucking in.

Maybe the concern is your boobs — you’re conscious of their size and fear because they are already big, they’ll pop a little too much the moment you decide to go for a tuck in.

For some, tucking in is actually to flaunt their figure in all its fullness.

You find the belt so tightly done the human being can barely breathe just so that they accentuate the waist and make sure the booty is out there.

But this is not always flattering.

It’s not an issue with jeans or pants alone, even when it comes to skirts — deciding whether or not to tuck in is not an easy decision to make.

It’s pretty simple the way I see it — just don’t tuck in if you’re not sure you look good. Chances are high that when you doubt you look good, you really aren’t looking good.

When you’re looking good, you know you’re looking good and don’t need the next person to tell you — you just feel yourself.

If you can’t immediately rectify them, rather find ways of camouflaging your flaws instead of highlighting them.

Go for loose fitting clothing as opposed to spandex or stretch material if too much is happening around your waistline.

Wear tops that will give your body a seamless finish as opposed to those that will make you look like a sausage.

This doesn’t mean you should wear baggy clothes — it simply means highlight your strengths instead.

If you have a good bust line, invest in tops that will fit your upper torso well and come flowing from the diaphragm going down.

Dresses are also a great option. Go for those that are tight fitting at the top and have gathers just below the bust line to leave some room for your bulging belly.

A good fitting jacket also has a slimming effect; when you feel you need it, rope it into the equation for a flawless finish.

But this is not a women’s problem alone.

I’ve seen men who tuck in when they shouldn’t and leave their shirts out when they should have tucked in.

Nothing looks scruffier than a formal pair of trousers and a formal shirt that isn’t tucked in. It should be a no brainer for such a combination — tuck in your shirt always.

But if you’re wearing a pair of chinos — with or without a jacket, and your shirt is slim fit, go ahead and let it loose.

The size of the shirt should guide you — if it’s a little too roomy and long, tuck it in gents!

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I see you talking about attending a top shayela party, good work girl. Keep it up. — Noma

Great article there Yoliswa! You’re right; you can never go wrong with a little black dress. There are always ways of pimping it up for virtually any occasion. — Hannah

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