Treger offers cash for trash

Tregers Group plant in Bulawayo

Tregers Group plant in Bulawayo

Yoliswa Dube, Features Reporter
MAKE easy cash and keep the city clean by collecting all plastics and sell them to Treger Plastics.

Treger Products (Pvt) Ltd through its division Treger Plastics is encouraging members of the public to separate plastic containers from their litter and sell them to the entity for recycling.

In a move to protect the environment, Treger Plastics has invested in a million dollar plastic recycling plant, a first of its kind in the city.

The company will buy PP grade plastic for recycling with 10kg per individual being the minimum purchase.

Group marketing director Thoko Ndlovu said the recycling plant was a necessary investment to help clean the city.

“We want to buy plastic from people for recycling. On every plastic container, there’s a triangle with a ‘5’ in it – that’s the plastic we want.

We’re encouraging people to start separating their litter and bring the plastics to us. We felt it was necessary to invest in a recycling plant to help clean up the city,” said Ndlovu.

The recycling plant, which is located in Thorngrove, will recycle plastic which the company will use as raw material in the plastic modelling department.

“It means we import fewer raw materials and make our own here. The products we make will be sold under the Ingwe brand of plastics,” she said.

This, Ndlovu said, is a long term project which will benefit both the community and the company.

“This is an innovation, the first of its kind in Bulawayo. As other companies are closing, Treger is investing more for the betterment of the environment,” she said.

Treger Plastics will buy plastic salad containers, Vaseline jelly containers, plastic tomato sauce bottles, stock margarine containers, scrap plastic, electric kettle shells, broken chairs in all colours, plastic trays in all sizes and shapes, peanut butter containers and lemon green Ingram’s cream containers.

They will also buy bucket lids, plastic baby baths, plastic washing baskets, plastic plate and cup rakes, plastic bowls, yoghurt containers, scrap plastic crates, ice cream containers and all shapes and sizes of buckets.

After the recycling, Treger Plastics will manufacture plastic ware, sheeting, packaging, pipes and fittings.

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  • Mwalimu

    Well done!

  • Mkhokheli

    Good job of keeping our city clean and also giving people little cash to buy bread. Well done Thoko.