Trevor Noah in diplomatic spat

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah

US-based South African comedian Trevor Noah has become involved in a spat with the French ambassador to the US, Gerard Araud, over the identity of the French football team which won the World Cup.

Noah said he received a letter from Mr Araud after joking on his The Daily Show that “Africa won the World Cup”.

Mr Araud wrote that “nothing could be less true”. The “great majority” of the players were born and educated in France, and were “proud of their country – France”.

“The rich and various background of the players is a reflection of France’s diversity,” Noah quoted Mr Araud as saying, before quipping that it was in fact a reflection of France’s “colonialism”.

Mr Araud said that France, unlike the US, did not believe in “hyphenated” identities.

“By calling them an African team, it seems you are denying their Frenchness,” Mr Araud said in the letter posted on Twitter by the French embassy:

In his response, Noah said that black people “all over the world were celebrating the Africanness of the French team – not in a negative way but in a rather positive way”.—BBC Africa

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  • Ziyabheda

    Hahaha, Trevor Noah

  • chinos

    Let those boys be. They cannot be French because they are black? What racism!

    • benjamin

      Exactly my view. We Blacks are always shooting ourselves on the foot. Instead of us celebrating the fact that the French authorities have seen no difference between Black, white and ethnicity and have said let the best men make up our team, there we are saying the French team is not French! It is French!!! All those Kante, Mbappe etc are French men!!!

      PEOPLE!!! A BLACK MAN (A MAN OF AFRICAN ORIGIN) in France or anywhere in Europe holding ID showing he is French or European is a French or a European respectively. A WHITE MAN IN ZIMBABWE who holds Zimbabwean ID and passport is a ZIMBABWEAN!!!

      South Africa must be very proud to have been put on the world tennis map last week by the white African called Kevin Anderson at Wimbledon, just as we still celebrate to this day the Blacks of tennis who had put Zimbabwe on the tennis world map.

      I am pretty sure deep down in his heart, Trevor Noah feels embarassed at such a boob.

      • musa

        trevor is a comedian, he makes a living by making jokes. if you take jokes too seriously then that’s your problem. anyway if you watch(ed) his show the daily show trevor “explains” what he meant by his joke turning it back on the french ambassador.

      • Martin Makanza

        Trevor the truth hurts. Racism in France is sickening thats why now and again you get horrible race riots. Most of the Boers in SA would have left long back if they had a white place to go to. Those that can have already gone. Racism in South Africa is so thick you can cut it with a knife and the rainbow nation mantra is not working. Sport is one thing and reality is another. SA is two nations in one no matter how much you would want to paper over racial cracks over there they will keep reappearing.

  • Ndlukula Ye Sizwe

    Really? You call that a diplomatic spat? the embassador disagreed with what a comedian said. Big deal

    • musa

      slow news day at zimpapers. they’re clutching at straws.

  • Bosso4Life (the actual deal)

    I rooted for France and won a tidy sum. Anyway; watch it Noah ekse! You’re in whiteman’s land. That Trump guy and his lily white team might send you packing on your way to Soweto (JHB), since you have not yet earned your green card. But seriously; the French envoy’s right. I go along with his sentiments, even though this seems like a storm in a tea cup!

  • Ndlela Zimhlophe

    Fools don’t realise that Trevor makes a living from comedy…how is this comic piece news. Get a life Zanu Chronicles