Truck-bus collision kills five

Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba

Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba

Walter Mswazie, Masvingo Correspondent
FIVE people died on the spot while seven others sustained injuries when a truck they were travelling in collided head-on with a Munenzwa Bus at the 196km peg along the Masvingo-Beitbridge Road.

In a statement, National Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said the accident occurred on Sunday at around 2.50AM near Bubi.

She said the Munenzwa bus was going towards Beitbridge from Masvingo with 55 passengers while a Kia truck it collided with was heading to Masvingo with 11 passengers on board.

Snr Asst Comm Charamba said all those who died, including the driver, were in the truck.

All the people in the Munenzwa bus escaped unharmed.

Snr Asst Comm Charamba said the injured passengers were rushed to Neshuro District Hospital while bodies of the deceased were taken to the same hospital’s mortuary.

The condition of the injured passengers could not be ascertained last night.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police would like to confirm the death of five people in a road traffic accident which occurred at the 196km peg along Masvingo-Beitbridge Road on January 8 at around 2:50AM,” said Snr Asst Comm Charamba.

“On approaching 196km peg, the bus driver attempted to overtake in front of oncoming traffic resulting in a head-on collision with a Kia truck. The Kia truck had 11 passengers on board. Five people from the truck including the driver died on the spot while the other 11 from the same vehicle were injured. Those in the Munenzwa Volvo bus escaped unhurt.”

She urged motorists to avoid overtaking on portions of the road which do not allow them to do so.

“They should take note that it is also dangerous to overtake at night when visibility is mostly affected. Police are also encouraging and appealing to motorists to plan journeys and where possible avoid travelling at night,” said Snr Asst Comm Charamba.


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  • Njenjema

    If the KIA truck had 11 passengers on board, how the other 11 be injured if 5 were dead?

    • Munationalist

      Interesting what do you call the person who is driving, a passenger or the driver? 4 passengers died+ the driver + the injured 7. The vehicle had 11 passengers + the driver total 12 people.

    • ngwena

      is the driver a passenger?

      • Njenjema

        No, he is not. He is one person other than the 11 passengers mentioned. But still 11 injured+ 5 dead= 16??? fill me in


    Its a sad incident indeed. May their souls rest in peace. Charamba 5 + 7 = 12. You need to be STEMitised.

  • gumbo

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  • Masuku Zikode oweBhelingwe

    When will the carnage on the roads stop?
    Officials are doing nothing except sending token condolences messages to the bereaved. It has become acceptable that our roads are death traps. No one seems to care anymore.

    May I request lawyers in Zimbabwe to take this case. If the driver tried to overtake another vehicle, and there was poor visibility and/or the stretch of the road did not allow him to overtake, then this is a case of negligence by the driver. He committed this negligence in the course and scope of his employment and the bus company should be held liable for the loss of lives, pain and suffering suffered by the bereaved families. It is about time that these bus companies and their drivers come to the party. Where employees are negligent in the performance of their work, and the result is damage to someone, the law allows the innocent party to go after the employer.

    Please, let us all play our part in reducing the loss of life on the roads. Exercise patience and caution, stop drinking and driving, and reduce speed as well.

    • Munationalist

      The problem with accident cases is that it is referred to as an accident, soon after giving a harsh sentence you can also get involved in the same before getting home. Its never planned or wished for

  • Mbla

    Beitbridge road a silent killer

  • spoks

    Masvingo road needs urgent attention it is in a bad state, there is a possibility the truck was speeding and then the driver applied emergency brake thus throwing it off balance and avoiding the dangerous impact that could have finished the people in the bus

  • Lovemore

    This is all good and well but i would like to air my anger and disgust
    at whatever the Authorities that be are doing at Bulawayo Cowdray
    Park.The Roads to Sigodweni and Empompini are no longer roads but little
    dams which are impassible with a motor vehicle,i do not know whether a
    4×4 will be able to negotiate those roads?WHEN ALL THIS IS HAPPENING
    Cowdray park what are you saying about those roads at new stands?or
    should we call them roads at all ?lets stand up and be counted.Rural roads are far much better than those roads and we say we are in the 21st Century ,City Status its a joke.

    • BRAVO

      my brother i had the car done the whole front suspension after visiting that place to be with famly during the holiday. i got the shock of my life because the Councillor seems to reside there as well. Maybe kawazi owakhe umsebenzi. Those are not roads my brother.

    • vusumuzi

      Please ujnderstand something about this Rubbish thing called Politics; ZANU has left cities to decay to this extent because they are governed by MDC Councils. So just observe what the Govt does to urban citizens , its a “leave them to suffer for voting wrongly” attitude. Councils do not have enough money to provide us with services , understand this. Central Govt has the power to correct everything . Council are incapacitated as they suffer from the ills of XCentral Govt economic and political decisions . Your elected representatives are trampled upon in Parly , hence you see ZANU making and implementing un-people decisions . I know the road you mention , there are several of them in all cities and surbubs and Govt knows that, but it thinks citizens will be fed upo with MDC councils then they vote ZANU hopwfully. Politicians are normally dirty , esp ZANU is very dirty. It starves people of their own rights deliberately in order to twist the mind set of people

      • Lovemore

        thanks for the well informed opinion,if it is some one deliberately doing this so that we change our mind then he is in for a rude awakening.