Tsvangirai blames split for election losses

Professor Welshman Ncube

Professor Welshman Ncube

Innocent Ruwende, Harare Bureau
THE split of 2005, not alleged vote rigging MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai and MDC president Professor Welshman Ncube have been peddling for over a decade, has contributed to the opposition’s dismal performance in successive elections, the two leaders confirmed yesterday.

Mr Tsvangirai has been losing elections to President Mugabe since the formation of his party in 1999 and has contested the polls outcome as manipulated.
Speaking yesterday at the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Prof Ncube’s MDC for a proposed coalition of opposition parties ahead of next year’s harmonised elections at his Highlands home in Harare, Mr Tsvangirai said they shot themselves in the foot by splitting. He was flanked by his deputy Mr Nelson Chamisa and Senator Morgan Komichi.

Mr Tsvangirai admitted it would be folly for anyone to think they could defeat President Mugabe contesting as splinter parties.

The original MDC split in 2005 after a faction led by Mr Tsvangirai insisted the party should not take part in senatorial polls that year while Prof Ncube and his backers wanted to participate.

Said Mr Tsvangirai: “It would also be equally dishonest not to recognise that in our journey with Professor Ncube we both made our own mistakes. We split our party in 2005. The cost of that vote splitting in addition to the blatant manipulation of results delayed change for the people of Zimbabwe in 2008.

Ladies and gentleman, it takes humble leadership to accept one’s mistakes but it takes bold leadership to correct those mistakes.

“It is in this respect that I am both relieved and pleased to have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Professor Ncube as a first step towards undoing the damage we caused ourselves. Today, Professor Ncube and I will open a new chapter and craft a political agreement that should see us harness and combine our known electoral strength to face our common opponent as a united front.

“If anyone in this country expects us to contest the next elections separately as we did in 2008 and 2013 and expect a different result, it will not only be a third moment of real madness, but the highest form of insanity, and none of us is insane.”

Prof Ncube weighed in: “I too take responsibility for the mistakes we have made in the past. The decisions that we made, which were clearly not always in the national interest in particular in relation to the splitting of the MDC. We accept that we divided our people, we divided the membership of the party which we should not have done”.

He said he concurred with Mr Tsvangirai in everything that followed the split.

“Let me associate myself with everything that he (Mr Tsvangirai) has said to you this afternoon both in terms of the vision, the economic and other policy interventions that we intend collectively to make post-2018 and his description of the nature of the political crisis that faces us as a people, which have caused us to be here today.”

Prof Ncube said what was important was not just to accept the mistakes but to begin to take the requisite steps to be accountable to the people of Zimbabwe.

On Monday Mr Tsvangirai and former Vice President Dr Joice Mujuru and her National People’s Party leadership signed a similar pact at his residence in Highlands, Harare.


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  • Phaqa

    Very confused Opposition, so now its no longer Rigging on the part of evil zanu-pf? You boycotted the last by Elections saying no reform nor election, now what has changed? Are there any new reforms since you are busy with 2018 preparetions? Cry my beloved country, we need man and woman who are Sober to challange the evil system of satanists party governing this country not pretenders.

    • vusumuzi

      maybe its you who is confused brother. i do think so

  • vusumuzi

    A real man or leader acknowledges his mistakes , MT has said so. Our leader who now spots a Chiskop , has never!! All Internantional News stations, SABC, Al JAzeera, etc are mentioning the news of the MDC/Mujuru coalition, but not a whiff on ZANU news media. That the parties represent a big constituency as shown by previous results is not reason enough for ZANU media to deliberately ignore what the other half of Zimbabweans are doing or want. Same scenario we saw when we grew up under Smith. He used to ignore what good things Nkomo and Mgabe did, and Mgabe is doing exactly that. Any change in Zim from the current one would nt bring worse than we have seen. Any change will be better now.

  • Nkosi

    I feel Khupe is a better leader than Tsavangirai . why are they sidelining her? that is so bad.

    • Cetshwayo

      My thoughts as well, just because ngumuntu wesiNdebeleni she is not good enough

    • Royal Mthwakazi

      Ncube is a better leader than Khuphe. Tswangirayi a better leader than Khuphe. Ncube a better leader than Tswangirayi. Khuphe is not principled at all, just like her boss Tswangirayi. She is only interested in positions and will fight tooth and nail to prevent the unification of the two MDCs because that might cost her the Presidency. She only drives the women agenda, not because of equality but simply for positions. This is how I see it.

  • makhosi

    This is a strange unbiased article from Chronicle, ZANU PF will fire this editor.

  • qondani

    Elections still far for the same people to split again

    • silungisn

      Well said…they will…………………

  • N. Sithole

    I remember stating in this forum sometime in October last year that ‘uNcube lo Tsvangirai sebekhumisana umlotha’. I was stating something that had been reported in one of the newspaper articles. Guess what? I was insulted by one of the Ncube monopolisers. There are many such. There are people who have monopolised Ncube to the extent of becoming his de facto spokespersons just in order to spite Tsvangirai. Just this Wednesday I made an observation that the split between Ncube and Tsvangirai has never been unpacked yet we have people who pontificate as gurus about this split. Iqiniso laziwa yibo bobabili.

  • osetshaywa luvalo

    ukubuya kwama elections kuyesabeka, abantu bayaqala ukugamula abanye

  • silungisn

    Mr Rich…Hard Tsvangirai…..all the INSULTS hailed over Prof: W.Ncube….is still sitting haunting the people of Matebeland….it will not go away easy from their hearts….you made a big mistake to mend….A DOUBLE BLUNDER…………………………………