Tsvangirai’s secret wife exposed

The late Mr Morgan Tsvangirai

The late Mr Morgan Tsvangirai

Harare Bureau
THE late MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai secretly paid lobola for a Bulawayo woman, Nobuhle Marylin Ndiweni (36), last year while he was officially married to Ms Elizabeth Macheka, it has emerged.
Mr Tsvangirai, who died in February, sired a child named Joy with the woman.

Ms Ndiweni is a card carrying MDC-T member.

Mr Tsvangirai has been linked to several women over the years, siring many children in the process.

Our Harare Bureau is in possession of pictures showing Tsvangirai’s brothers Casper and Sam paying lobola to the Ndiweni family last year.

This vindicates assertions by Mr Tsvangirai’s brother Manase that the late MDC-T leader was a polygamist.

During Mr Tsvangirai’s funeral in Buhera, Manase admitted that his brother had many wives and his family was bound to give recognition to all families, whose daughters were married to the opposition leader.

Mr Tsvangirai was married to Susan Mhundwa, who died in a car crash in 2009 and they had six children.

He sired four other children with two different women before his latest marriage to Ms Macheka.

“We have to treat all these wives equally,” said Manase.

A family source said while it was public knowledge that Mr Tsvangirai had a child with Ms Ndiweni, the opposition leader actually paid lobola for her.

“One of your sister papers (Sunday News) actually reported that he had impregnated Ndiweni who later gave birth to a baby boy at Mater Dei Hospital in Bulawayo but the real story is mufi wakanosimbisa hukama nekubvisa pfuma (the deceased paid lobola),” said the family source.

“Mukoma Casper and Sam were the leading family members in the process and were welcomed in the family with both hands. The late actually made several visits to the family after his shenanigans.”

Our sister paper, Sunday News last year reported that Joy was born on July 27, 2017 with his mother having been admitted at the hospital on the previous day.

The birth record number is BC 0085691.

Contacted for comment at the time, Ms Ndiweni denied being in a relationship with Mr Tsvangirai and giving birth to the former Prime Minister’s child.

“What are you talking about? I don’t know anything about what you are saying. I never gave birth and I’ve never been involved with him (Tsvangirai),” she said before hanging up.

Ms Ndiweni is alleged to be the second Bulawayo woman Mr Tsvangirai has impregnated after Ms Loreta Nyathi.

In 2011, Ms Nyathi (then 21) exposed Mr Tsvangirai when she claimed that the MDC-T leader was neglecting his child and threatened to sue.

He was also accused of refusing to help Ms Nyathi to obtain a birth certificate for their son Ethan.

Mr Tsvangirai was married to Ms Macheka but the couple did not have a child.

Leading to his second marriage, Mr Tsvangirai had been involved or linked with various women, among them Ms Locardia Tembo Karimatsenga, Acquilina Pamberi, Arikana Chihombori, Leah Mhundwa and a South African woman Ms Nosipho Regina Shilubane.

He had to pay large sums of money to Ms Karimutsenga after he ditched marrying her at the 11th hour.

Investigations by the Sunday News revealed that Mr Tsvangirai met Ms Ndiweni through a senior female party member.

Ms Ndiweni is said to have joined MDC-T in 2000 as an ordinary card carrying member before she relocated to South Africa. Upon her return to the country she briefly joined Professor Welshman Ncube’s MDC before defecting to MDC-T in the same year.

Mr Tsvangirai also allegedly built a fowl run for his new lover at her parents’ house in Nketa 9.

Mr Tsvangirai’s private life has not escaped the media spotlight in recent years with his involvement with different women eclipsing his turbulent political career.

His relationship with Ms Shilubane from South Africa which saw the two’s cozy pictures on a boat going viral earned him the nickname Legend of the Seas.

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  • Concerned Citizen

    Let the dead rest in eternal peace.Tsvangirai will not dualize the Bulawayo-Beitbridge road, neither will he revive dead Belmont industries for employment creation. I will be happy if our journalists focus on what can be done to upgrade Plumtree town into a modern city,how an individual can rear 1000 herd of cattle, establish abettors or export beef to Europe.Let’s talk about progressive stuff.Reviving dead citrus fruit farming,refurbishing potholed roads throughout Zimbabwe ,banning bond notes,improving cash withdrawals at banks,firing incompetent ministers like David Parirenyatwa, arresting,prosecuting and convicting known and suspected corrupt ministers etc.The list of progressive stories outside the late Tsvangirai’s personal private and past life,is long.

    • Solwazi

      Straight talk Citizen. At times the Chronicle becomes so petty to a point of stupidity. If it’s not exageratated ED stuff it’s pettines.
      Why even publish a birth record of a child In the newspaper? Mr Editor please wake up man.!!!!!

      • musa

        really, like we are concerned about the birth record. chronicle staff are petty!

    • musa

      well said!

    • Doctor Do little

      I agree with you. There are many in Politics and in ordinary life that have children elsewhere. I respect the fact that the late took care of his responsibility unlike some who have children that they refuse to acknowledge. Even the former President has a daughter who was raised in Bulawayo and would now be in her 50,s. She used to be picked up and taken to state house to see her father every time he came to Bulawayo. That is common knowledge. The man had a right to keep at least some of his life private. He that hath no sin cast the first stone.

      • Galveston

        Indeed! But is it not equally true that those in leadership should set good examples to those they serve … i.e, the ordinary citizens?

        • Doctor Do little

          It is true my friend but if we look at this man that is at rest what does it get us? There are a very few in the current leadership of both Parties that would cast the first stone in this matter. Who knows what skeletons are in even the authors cupboard bearing in mind that the small house phenomenon is rife in this country, especially in Political circles.

    • John Motsi

      Agreed 100% what is the point of this stupid article please u dull chronicle journos let the man rest heish linjani kanti lina [email protected]?#

    • Linda Musiyiwa

      Well let Tsvangirai rest in piece we are not interested in reading about what dead peaple did.This journelist is an idiot ,he must go and live in the gravery yard with the dead.We want alive journalists not dead ones.We want you to rpotyon issues which are currently worying ple we want to hear about development ,progress if any discussions about live ple not about dead ple.He paid lobola for this Ndiweni lady so what ,does it help all of Zim problem’s. Futhi uqhamba amanga uwulahloni.Siyadubeka ngelizwe lethu wena ukhuluma ngomuntu oseziphumulele.If you don’t have stories to write about then keep quiet

    • Judge

      We hear you. But you know that can’t be done before finishing this hot stuff. Its what is called ‘the news in town’.

  • maji

    Editor can you please for once let the man rest in peace.

  • Wellington

    Let the man rest in peace Chronicle please

  • Defranche

    they a soliciting for votes by exposing ill of Tsvangirai… ethics and morals zero..

    • N. Sithole

      Yet those for whom they are canvassing could be worse than Tsvangirai. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

  • musa

    and your point is..?

  • Wikinerri

    Leave the dead to rest.

    • Galveston

      Yeah! ….. because after that rest, comes the fearful Day of Judgement.

  • mshaya’azeafe

    MaNdiweni has shared a covenant with the taboo and soiled her royal blood with amahole, therefore she ceases to be in the royality. Kudala wayesiba yinja endlalela inkosi nxa iphumula

  • Njomane

    Nothing new. How many people have more than 10 wives and 20 children in Zim. I bet even this reporter has a secret child/children somewhere

  • zibulo

    On this issue , i see only intelligent postings , more intelligence shown than that shown by Chronicle Editor and Staff !!!!. well done Zimbabweans , wherever you are ; vending or in bank queues , you still have sense

  • DM

    Kusi siza ngani khonokho

  • qondani

    This paper ,

  • Lux

    This is a damn stupid newspaper, no respect,nxxx

  • yimi

    Your newspaper is a shame.What does that have to do with us.What does it bring to the GDP…Lani liyayangisa.The herald and chronicle is infested with dull individuals.I wonder which stupid school churns out such imbeciles.msunu yabonyoko.You dont understand intellectual language hence my addressing you in the language you understand Zinja.As if you dnt have wives and girlfriends,Gay bastards

  • Galveston

    So what surnames have these alleged extra-mural “wives” given to the offspring supposedly sired by the late MDC boss? Besides; it would be interesting to know his true intentions concerning the impregnation of local girls. Judging from previous stories regarding Tsvangirayi’s fondness for local girls; there are probably several more who have not as yet come forward to make paternity claims against him. … Makes me think; was the man perhaps on a personal crusade to dilute the Ndebele influence in the region through procreation as entailed in the evil “grand plan” document?

  • Rings

    Foolish news from lazy journalists, go out there and find more useful news!

  • moyo msindisi

    MDC-T is broke now and Chamisa has taken Tsvangirai`s wife again. These adulterers will not go to heaven.

    • Linda Musiyiwa

      Lani lithethisana lomuntu ongaseko.You are idiots like that journerlist you are joining him bantu this is why the country is in shales with people like you., let’s hear more ideas about rebuilding Zim

  • Bongani Dlamini

    The less said of Morgan the better. The moron was a disaster. How was such a lunatic going to make a good president.

  • Mgungundlovu

    Liyasebenza sibili bantu be Chronicles; u hound Morgan during his life and even in his grave…..I presume u will also follow him to his judgement day in Heaven and u will cover the same news……shame on u ALL incl. your deluded and defiant Editor.. nxaaaaaaa!!!!!!

  • Willy

    So manje senzeni ngakho after reading? Kuzaletha yini ukudla etafuleni? Did you write this from the grave yard?