UGLY END FOR ZIM CRIMINAL. . . Gunfight after robbery & carjacking

The late Thabisani Nkiwane

The late Thabisani Nkiwane

Whinsley Masara, Chronicle Reporter
A ZIMBABWEAN armed robber based in South Africa was shot dead during a shoot-out with crime prevention security officers after he was involved in a robbery and carjacking incident in the neighbouring country.

Thabisani Nkiwane (46) of Tshabanda village under Chief Gampu in Tsholotsho was gunned down by security officers from the Suburban Crime Prevention (SCP), a private security firm while his three unidentified accomplices managed to flee from the scene.

The incident occurred on Thursday at around 12noon in Montegomery Park, Randburg, South Africa.

Zimbabwe Consul-General in South Africa Mr Batiraishe Mukonoweshuro yesterday confirmed the incident.

“I can confirm receiving a report of a suspected Zimbabwean who was shot dead in an incident alleged to involve carjacking. I am however still waiting for police to furnish me with details of what transpired.

“In the meantime we urge our fellow Zimbabweans to desist from unorthodox ways of living, but to be torch bearers and flag carriers who don’t indulge in criminality,” he said.

Sources close to the matter said the four had followed a woman to her house in Montegomery Park and robbed her after she had withdrawn an undisclosed large amount of money from an ATM machine.

“As she parked her car at her house, the quartet pounced on her and robbed her of money, jewellery and the car. Before they left her house, an SCP security team was in hot pursuit.

“A chase ensued between the suspects who were driving a silver Mercedes Benz. As they approached a corner along Milner Avenue they crashed their vehicle. They all jumped out of that car and ran towards a garage that was across the road, where they hijacked a blue Toyota Etios from some woman,” said the source who preferred anonymity.

The scene where Thabisani Nkiwane was shot dead in Johannesburg, South Africa

The scene where Thabisani Nkiwane was shot dead in Johannesburg, South Africa

The source said when the suspects were cornered by the SCP team, they started shooting whilst trying to flee from the scene.

“One of the security officers returned fire and shot Nkiwane who was driving and he died on the spot. Two of the suspects jumped into a taxi and at gun point, ordered the driver to quickly drive away and they headed towards Melville. The other suspect fled on foot,” said the source.

The source said the now deceased was recently shot during another carjacking incident and was injured.

Tsholotsho Ward 16 Councillor Patrick Ngwenya, confirmed the death of Nkiwane.

He said he was in touch with the deceased’s family and arrangements to bring the body home were underway.

He expressed concern about people from his area dying due to violent crime in South Africa.

The councillor urged youths to shun crime and concentrate on their studies to get decent jobs.


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  • selibona nya bakithi!

    ‘somebody told me about it….when i was still a little boy ….he said to me crime does not pay…he said to me…education was key ! there is no future in crime how ever careful one is ,one day is one day you will be caught.All that way only to come back shot dead like a dog at 46?no sympathy from me!

    • Ziso

      I second you. But what made the crowd fail to apprehend the footer runner. The 3 will come back and do havoc.

      • selibona nya bakithi!

        by the look of things they must have been carrying guns to scare away the crowd

    • Bird Eye Chilli

      Ya at 46 surely you would perhaps only expect a hopeless ex-convict to be involved in such violent crime. Coz normally at those ages beyond 45, people generally start to accept the shape their lives have taken (the reality) and start living a steady life within their means while some would try to venture into various legitimate businesses.

      Had it been white collar crime he committed, it would have been “more acceptable.” But in any case, crime generally will lead to more suffering unless if you are an extremely lucky person.

      • Volcanic Eruption

        Thats the age group of most of these robbers here. You ask yourself if it was meant to have been the last?
        These guys make the life of every Zim difficult here with their thuggery.
        we see a lot of them, from drug pins to robbery, good lives they are living and cops are on their payroll.
        Not that they do not know them, they do, fraudsters you can list all of them. They stay in expensive suburbs, flashy cars etc. They are known for their criminal activities, blow a whistle you get death threats the same day.

        • zibulo

          yes man, they make life more difficult for Zimbos ,more than ZANU has , angithi ???? what ZANU did is nothing compared to what robbers do angithi kkkkkkkkkk. You look far away in RSA and leave the worst here in Zim , so-called “educated” cheap labor in Bots and RSA !!!



  • Mvura

    And when uncle bob said its Kalangas doing crime in SA everybody was like he’s a crazy old man talking nonsense

    • Sukuzukuduma

      is Nkiwane a khalanga?

      • Mvura

        Tsholotsho is mainly Kahalanga speaking People,Nkiwane ndebele fruit i know

        • N. Sithole

          Tsholotsho? Don’t display your ignorance. Tsholotsho is predominantly Ndebele. You have a sickness of stereotyping people, yet your tribe has had a fair share of armed robbers. Who is carrying out carjackings and armed robberies in Harare and Masvingo?

          • Mvura

            Ndebele people

        • Sukuzukuduma

          i come from tsholotsho myself, and happen to travel most parts of my home district but i am not able to confirm your facts.

    • Doctor Do little

      That statement was a crazy statement from a crazy person. Get your stats around the world and you will find that all countries have killers and criminals but it happens most where there is Poverty and unemployment.

      • Mvura

        Exactly and that will be in tsholotsho where Khalangas are

    • zibulo

      didn’t your uncle do crime himself ?? are you not poor because of him? are you not enviously wrong of a person like him due to ignorance? Dont look far, look nearby at Blueproof house where a criminal is safely and richly cosy at yours and my expense, not at Khalanga’s only expense, all !! so what do you gain

    • Thando Siziba

      i bet if you have time enough to think at all…. just do statistics by tribe of Zimbabweans in jail, both here and RSA, come back with the stats then the truth will come out fine

  • Ntombi Tshabangu

    I applaud the security officers for a job well done. I have said it before and will say it now.Any Zimbabwean involved in violent crime in South Africa should be shot dead on sight. Zimbabweans involved in criminality are making it harder for other Zimbabweans who are genuinely looking for jobs. It is well known that our country has been run down by corrupt politicians and for many South Africa provides relief so for people to come to RSA to kill and maim is just not acceptable. I call upon my fellow Zimbabweans to report any of our countrymen and women involved in crime whatever crim

    • zibulo

      and have you ever said before that Zimbabweans leaders who do CRIME must must also be shot on sight?? You hit hard on Zimbabwean citizens who have fled EVIL govt and yet you never call for their Shooting, kanti linjani bantu be Zim? Is it so-called education which makes you pathetic even when you open your mouths/or put pen to paper ? I wanna know ukuthi uthini ngaleyi i murderous govt yethu which daily steals, loots, kills , cheats elections, including this coming one,

      • Vusa

        Zibulo, are you one of the criminals in SA? Ntombi mentioned Zimbabweans. Are leaders not Zimbabweans? Why display your ignorance on public platforms? You talk of education, something you clearly lack.

        • Doctor Do little

          It does not make him a Criminal if he gives an opinion. Neither does it make him ignorant.

        • zibulo

          so you say Politicians who steal are not crim inals ?? Thats why we are in this mess in this country, minds like yours , you so-called “educated moron” kkk. you good at hitting hard on me and not so on the thieving leadership. Kahle kahle according to you i must stop talking about zim “education” which produces CHEAP LABOR for neighboring uneducated states , i must stop saying whatever evil you wish the dead thug shouldn’t also befall murderers of 20 000 unarmed civillians?aRE YOU ONE OF THOSE WHO IS TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT THE MURDEROUS LEADERS, and therefore expect that to go under the carpet and your life goes on?? wars in many parts of the world are about past injustices, unresolved issues, call yourself educatedkkkk

          • Vusa

            The subject was Zimbabweans in RSA, regardless of who you are. Do you expect the South Africans to come to Zimbabwe and shoot your leaders? Who has kept those leaders in ppwer for all these years? If you feel they must be shot, who must do that for you? Learn to be on topic. You can refer others to morons but you are worse than a moron and a coward.

        • zibulo

          read her passsage again, she says Zimbabweans in RSA. yet she lives under the tight and dictatorial reigns of the worst than the dead guy. Lawe futhi you live under them, say mabafe ; uyesaba ngitsho lokulitsho lelo gama to them !!

          • Vusa

            Zibulo, the crime was committed in SA, hence Ntombi mentioning Zimbabweans in SA. We all are the victims of the looters in Zim but it doesnt give us the right to committ crime in SA. This gives a bad name on foreigners even those living honest lives. We now have an opportunity to remedy the looting. If we cant, we have to live with it but not become criminals. As for the looters nabo ziyeza ezabo izinsuku.

      • grace mubi

        zibulo, it looks you are only good at criticising. I have observed you inmany ocassions no matter who writes a comment. Ntombi is saying those Zimbabweans who live in SA and involve themselves in criminal activities should meet their fate. Thats true. When time comes according to her thinking she shall again tellthose Zimbabwean leaders who do cCRIME to get shot also but in the meantime she is trying to advise those Zimbos who live in foreign lands to desist from criminality bcoz zvesure zvinotadzisa vamwe vari kunyatsoita an honest living. Just look at this guy nesofa raakagara, paye paanouya kuno kuma charistmas holidays anenge achishamisira shamisira as if anotoshanda basa riri nani iye achiita basa rekurobber nekuuraya vanhu vakavapa pekuhwanda vanetswa neivavo maleaders auri kutaura. He should have been given a paupers burial zveshuwa . We dont want to see him here – period.

      • Ntombi Tshabangu

        They fled EVIL I agree but why should they emulate the same EVIL government by committing crime in South Africa that is my beef!!As for the Zim government I cant comment except to say I would not be working in RSA if I liked them!!

        • S.D. Dube

          We can trace you in South Africa

          • Ndlela Zimhlophe

            Wena slima uthini?

          • Khulumani Sizwe

            You trace me and then?Suddenly banks will have cash in Zim.Uphambene

      • Mvura

        Life goes on

  • Dudu Mdlaziba

    He looks like Simba Chikore. Doppelganger.

    • Bird Eye Chilli

      Kikiki, initially I also thought this was a story involving Simba Ch…

      Handsome, smart and descent looking man who actually looks way younger than his age of 46. What would have driven him to a life of such violent crime I wonder. Looks don’t mean much these days it seems.

  • God of War

    Let him get a paupers burial there; he is a disgrace.

    • Brutal Truth

      Aaaaargh why deny your cousin a decent burial?He has lived his dream & died the valiant death of a True thieving Ndebele son.Give him a hero’s burial,I see even the Tsholotsho councillor is heavily involved in the burial process

      • God of War

        You people from Malawi are a problem. First we had your father Mugabe and now its you tormenting us on this forum. Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans; nyasarands go home.

        • Mvura

          And you Kwazulu refugees must also go home nxaaa

          • God of War

            Chief, i’m more Shona than you totemless people from Matapi flats in Mbare.

  • Brutal Truth

    The pen is the best weapon for stealing but then Ndebeles are just not smart enough to understand.

    • mx

      do u get a high from fanning Tribalism? why do u despise Ndebeles that much?

    • Tinovaziva

      Owe urimbwa yemunhu. Urikutukireiko vamwe pasina chawakutadzira. Stupid troll who wants to divide our country

    • thulani

      chidumo masendeke mmmmmm it sounds like shona to me well im just trying to say criminal mentality knows no tribe so please stop purifying one tribe over the other when it comes to crime

      • N. Sithole

        You are wasting your time trying to knock sense to an ignoramus.

    • chazi dlamini

      think wt ur head btwn ur ears nt dat one btwn ur legs

    • Vusa

      Let us not waste energy resppnding to retards. We know who they are.

      • Brutal Truth

        The irony in your response kkkkk

  • Mkhokheli

    At home he was a hero, a hard working man who many youngsters looked to ……….khona umuntu ephila ngobugebengu. Wages of sin is death! – Rom 6:23

    • zibulo

      No one said such words when Maurice Nyagumbo one of those leaders involved in Willowvale, died of shock/uvalo when it was revealed he was in the Willowvale Motor vehicle scandal !!!. selective , angithi?? bangaki befa abeZANU an evil party to which you owe Zim poverty to, and no one says such judgemental words, as if lani lingcwelengcwele . Lilezenu esingazazi , plenty of them , get away, just because you were not in papers doesn’t mean you are clean. The dead man has met our maker, and you will , and will be asked for your secret sins . He is dead , its matter clodsed

  • Nxumalo

    Those in glass houses must not be the first to throw stones.Everyone is a criminal …’s only that u haven’t been caught.Judge not this guy lest u will be judged for all evil you are doing…..akuqili lazikhotha emhlane