UK govt warns Zim against social media grandstanding


Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Correspondent
The UK Government has warned Zimbabweans against grandstanding on social media which it said will not proffer solutions to problems affecting the country.

In a statement posted on its Twitter account, the UK government said public grandstanding on social media will not proffer solutions to problems affecting the country.

It made the remarks following frenzied Twitter attacks from ousted Zanu-PF member Professor Jonathan Moyo who made “absurd conspiracy theories” that Britain backed President Mnangagwa to win the country’s elections.

UK government in Zimbabwe said it does not support any political party or faction ahead of the national polls.

It stated that the country’s citizens are best placed to decide on the country’s future.

“We’re certainly not blind to Zimbabwe’s difficult past — or to many of the governance challenges that continue to be present today. It’s totally up to Zimbabweans to decide who they want to govern them,” twitted the UK government in Zimbabwe.

“We and our partners want to see that happen through a free and fair election so that Zimbabwe can get back on the path to having its relations with the international community normalised. That surely is the bright future that Zimbabweans fully deserve.”

The UK government said it was engaging both the Zanu-PF and mainstream opposition parties on matters that are affecting the country with their main agenda being the promotion of human rights.

“Our ambassador and senior members of the embassy team engage as often as is possible with officials from all main political parties in Zimbabwe. Our priority is to promote human rights and democratic gains for the Zimbabwean people,” twitted the UK Government.

“We’ve put our money where our mouth is: between 2014 and 2019 the UK will have spent approximately £24 million on strengthening civil society’s support for transparency, accountability, human rights and citizen engagement around the polls.”

It also stated that it has no influence on how journalists employed by the BBC HardTalk frame their questions.

It distanced itself from Stephen Sackur interview with MDC Alliance presidential candidate Advocate Nelson Chamisa where he claimed the ballot papers have been printed.

“As far as the UK embassy in Harare is aware, the ballot papers have not yet been printed. We aren’t privy to any information to the contrary. We’ve made it very clear that the UK does not support any particular faction, party or individual in the forthcoming Zimbabwe elections,” twitted UK government in Zimbabwe. “In the last few days we’ve seen a fair amount of confusion regarding opposition leader Nelson Chamisa’s appearance on BBC HardTalk. In particular, Zimbabweans have been upset by a suggestion from the presenter that ballot papers for the forthcoming polls have already been printed.”

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission recently revealed that it was in the process of procuring ballot papers and indelible ink and the process was at  tender level.


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  • Doctor Do little

    Moyo has a right to his own opinion. If he has his suspicions he has a right to air them. Surely the British Government is aware of that since they also have been accused of Shady dealings concerning the Windrush Generations and other Africans immigration standings that were revoked in the most fraudulent way. It is called freedom of speech. Why don’t they ask Corbin to avoid grandstanding or ban him for that matter for his utterances ? They know the British people would not stand for it. If this article is true the British Government needs to smell its own armpits first. We want the same democratic right they have to air our views. As for Sakur we have a right to dream about BULLET TRAINS for the future.

    • Bird Eye Chilli

      But you see, his opinions (Jonathan) and suspicions are too idiotic and childish and clearly a result of hard feelings or sour grapes. He is clearly a deranged man. We expect more responsibility, maturity and depth from him given the impact on Zimbabwe politics he had, not this business of just waking up to make grotesque utterances that have absolutely no grounding as if one has all of a sudden become schizophrenic. Almost akin to when a man all of sudden get’s a mental illness attack.

      • Doctor Do little

        If you have seen my past post you know that my opinions of Moyo have never been that great. But then again so have my opinions of some that lead today. I still stand by the statement that he has a right to air his opinions and suspicions and being a Politician and a FORMER member of the most prolific rigging machine in Southern Africa I think he has a better insight than most of what takes place in the dark places of dictatorial politics.

        • Common

          Stop reaching for relevance , you just want to push your ideas on people who don’t care

          • Doctor Do little

            This is a platform where we debate not push ideas. If you don’t like what I am saying challenge me with your opinion rather than trying to answer me with nothing. That is dense. Bird Eye Chilli is debating with me. I respect that. Your silly reply about relevance is for the bins of General waste.

          • Common

            It’s either you’re in a dead marriage or you’re suffering from chronic loneliness, go out often you’ll increase your chances of meeting up with a woman.

          • Doctor Do little

            I knew it was you. You are so predictable.

          • Common

            Yes you knew it was me, who else reprimands you on this forum??
            Who else has failed to buy into your Mr. Nice Guy antics on this forum??
            Who else manages to penetrate beyond the mask you put on to reveal the real you??
            Tell me who else??

          • Doctor Do little

            Reprimands? That is a rather strong word for an idiot.

          • Common

            how about stop being offended and upset by what anyone else thinks? If you have any self esteem, it wouldn’t bother you what others thought. Stop being a damn freakin’ victim

          • Rod Strictland

            Yo Loneliness has been responsible fo’ yo’ weird behaviour. Now dat yo’ man(Boyfriend) Dr Frank N Stein iz back wif so much energy ta dreel you, as claimed in another post. I expect a rapid change in you, a sudden change in behaviour towards da normal than fo’ you ta always dwell on da extreme side o’ things Jus’ like Orenthawl James.

  • Zimbul

    Now its the oposition crying foul.Not long ago UK seemed to be backing oposition.Truth is,its nt abt backing any organisation or political party..its abt acknowledging and observing policies,efforts and conduct that bring about democracy.No one can change a nation foreign’s policy.Glad to see that Zanu now sees it and i hope MDC will see it in the same light.If Zanu doesnt deliver on its promises to bring abt free and fair elections,Britain will condemn it.I believe it acts without fear or favour

  • musa

    what is :frenzied twitting”

    • zaburoni

      ku twitter zvedzungu…