Uniformed forces being trained to fight cyber crime

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Nyaradzo Bakari, Chronicle Reporter
UNIFORMED forces are being trained in online investigation to curb cybercrime, which has become a threat to the country.

Speaking at the School of Military Police Graduation ceremony held at Mzilikazi Barracks yesterday, Brigadier-General Fidelis Mhonda said military training conducted in the second half of this year was designed to enhance soldiers’ investigative skills, administration of justice and maintaining discipline to curb cybercrimes countrywide.

One hundred and sixty three students drawn from Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA), Airforce of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Republic Police and Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) graduated in eight courses.

Brig-Gen Mhonda said the training was meant to meet standard techniques needed in dealing with crime trends in the cyberspace era.

“Cybercrime is one of the greatest threats now facing our country and has enormous implications for our national security, economic prosperity and public safety,” he said.

“The courses were primarily meant to impart and synchronise investigation techniques in tandem with current crime trends incorporating cyber and white collar crimes in your various organisations.”

“I am sure that you are all aware that today’s crime trends and policing methodologies are dynamic and constantly changing thereby necessitating the need for police officers like yourselves to always keep track of such dynamics and adjust your policing techniques in order to remain effective in crime prevention, detecting, investigating and general maintenance of discipline.”

Brig-Gen Mhonda said the training was necessary for prison officers to be up to date with new correctional and rehabilitation methods.

“It has been brought to my attention that there are 15 female students graduating today and I have been briefed that most of them matched their male counterparts in all aspects. Let me say to you ladies, well done for your efforts,” said Brig-Gen Mhonda.


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  • Vumani

    Let’s hope the will not interfere with our constitutional & universal rights of exercise our rights to freedom of unfettered freedom of expression.

    • Bongozvozvo

      Vumani, certainly not the freedom to decimate our traditional heritage and wealth in the form of livestock after paying some prosecutor/policeman a bribe to escape jail and then an equally gullible magistrate hides behinda technicality to release a well known stock thief who has been terrorizing poor communities, no. no, no.BR is supposed to be in jail for many years but some magistrate (our own Justice Masipa) released him.

  • Essexvale

    Yes there is a need for this service; but the government must ensure that it is not abused for political purposes. In other words; the service should not be used for prying on individual privacy. The repressive regime of RG Mugabe used a similar system to track down and illegally jail activists who relied on the social media in order to push their causes. Bottom line is that if the intended service is indeed abused, social media users will have to kiss goodbye to the pleasant pastime of posting comments or blogs on the various available social media platforms.

  • Bongozvozvo

    Well done (ex-Captain Jumbo Santana, GSO2 Operations for the Special Task Force) to safeguard the Beira Road/Rail Network (1982-1992) musadherere madharamadhara.I am happy thee uniformed forces have realized the need to learn how to forestall all manner of cyber crimes.The latest being a habitual stock thief who actually called the police to offer a bribe in Gwanda after a truck carrying two beasts he had stolen from the Nhwali Area had been intercepted. Some naïve ‘Justice Masipa’ type of lady magistrate miraculously discharged the ‘accused’ citing the manner the cellphone evidence had been retrieved to the chagrin of all and sundry when cellphone evidence has been used in very high profile cases allover the world without any qualms. Indeed, uniformed officers must enforce the law most efficiently now with top-notch expertise and we congratulate the Brig Gen and the military for this initiative.I take this moment to report that USD5 million was paid to one Chivaya for harnessing and installing solar energy in Gwanda but nothing has happened since the money was disbursed.Surely, the contractor appears to have been one of the ‘criminals’ targeted by the military when ex-President RG was relieved of his duties. The ex-President was surely not surrounded by three ‘criminals’ already under arrest being, Mphoko Chipanga and Chombo. How could only two criminals ‘surround the former President? May we see many more arrests please, otherwise the military is letting us down very badly.