UPDATED: Chamisa loses court case. . . Constitutional crisis in MDC-T, judge rules Chamisa not rightful heir to throne

Advocate Nelson Chamisa addresses one of his rallies in this file photo

Advocate Nelson Chamisa addresses one of his rallies in this file photo

Mashudu Netsianda, Senior Court Reporter
THE High Court yesterday dismissed an application by the MDC-T faction led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa, which had taken its rivals to court in a fight over ownership of the party name, trademark, signs and symbols.

The bitter wrangle involves a group led by Adv Chamisa and his rival Dr Thokozani Khupe.

Bulawayo High Court judge Justice Francis Bere ruled that there is a constitutional crisis in the MDC-T and there was no urgency in the matter because Adv Chamisa had not been confirmed by an impartial body to be the rightful heir to the MDC-T throne.

“There is a constitutional crisis in the MDC-T which must be urgently resolved first to determine the legitimacy to one of the competing parties to the leadership of the party. That resolution is the only one that must confer legitimacy to one of the competing parties to the leadership of the MDC-T,” he said.

Justice Bere said until legitimacy to the leadership is confirmed through a court process or arbitration, none of the MDC-T factions can claim to be the lawful authority of the party.

“It therefore makes sense to put that dispute before an impartial body to give guidance or lasting solution to the conflict. Issues of legitimacy in the MDC-T cannot be resolved on the basis of popularity or lack of it,” he said.

The judge said those who desire to get legitimacy to the leadership of the MDC-T must demonstrate “an insatiable appetite for constitutionalism.”

“There should be no room for the subversion of that constitution by any of the factions or any member of the party, and whenever that happens, it would be a serious violation of the rule of law. The issue of a trade mark is a peripheral one that should resolve itself once the substantive issue of the legitimacy to the MDC-T leadership is resolved,” he said.

“Whichever faction is determined to be the legitimate claimant to the MDC-T throne will automatically lay claim to the party’s trademark.

“The applicants and their locus standi in even bringing this application, is therefore questionable. The applicants and the respondents are in equal standing until a proper determination as regard to their status in the MDC-T is made by an independent competent body,” said the judge.

Justice Bere said the issue that has created the two MDC-T factions must be resolved urgently.

“This case cannot go beyond preliminary points by the respondents. I uphold the points in limine. Accordingly, the application is dismissed with costs on that basis,” ruled Justice Bere.

Adv Chamisa’s camp, through its lawyers Atherstone and Cook Legal Practitioners, last week filed an urgent chamber application citing Dr Khupe together with her two allies Mr Abednigo Bhebhe and Mr Obert Gutu as respondents.

The Adv Chamisa led MDC-T last month fired Dr Khupe as the party’s co-deputy president together with Mr Bhebhe and Mr Gutu following a national council meeting.

Prior to his dismissal, Mr Bhebhe was the party’s national organising secretary while Mr Gutu held the post of national party spokesperson.

Dr Khupe was last Saturday elected substantive president of her camp at an extraordinary congress at Stanley Square in Bulawayo’s Makokoba suburb.

The MDC-T split into two factions, one led by Adv Chamisa and the other by Dr Khupe as a result of power struggles that followed the death of its founding president Mr Morgan Tsvangirai on February 14.

Adv Chamisa was elevated by MDC-T’s organs to be the party’s leader while Dr Khupe remained with another faction where she declared herself acting president with the backing of other senior party members who included Mr Bhebhe and Mr Gutu.

In his founding affidavit, MDC-T acting chairperson Mr Morgen Komichi said the respondents were infringing on their registered trademark in pursuit of their political agenda by continuing to unlawfully exploit party symbols and signs despite their expulsion.

Mr Komichi said Dr Khupe and her allies were causing confusion and misleading MDC-T followers by continuing to use the party trademark, symbols and signs.

They sought an order interdicting the respondents from “unlawfully exploiting and abusing its registered MDC-T trademark, symbols and signs.”

Adv Chamisa’s group argued that they were the rightful owners of the trademark, which the respondents are unlawfully exploiting, including the open palms symbol.

They accused their rivals of creating their own political structures in the name of the MDC-T, including making use of the party’s registered trademark and their derivative marks, symbols and colours.

Mr Komichi said Dr Khupe portrayed herself as the leader of the MDC-T and the party’s presidential candidate in the forthcoming harmonised elections.

Dr Khupe’s camp through its lawyer Professor Lovemore Madhuku insisted that she was the president of the MDC-T.

Prof Madhuku argued that the application was not proper before the court.

He said Dr Khupe became acting president of MDC-T by operation of law in terms of Article 9.21.1 of the party constitution, upon the death of Mr Tsvangirai.

Dr Khupe said her rivals whom she accused of purportedly acting on behalf of MDC-T, chose to defy her and walked away claiming they were party members.

She also accused Adv Chamisa of imposing himself and seeking to consolidate his “coup d’état” efforts by refusing to follow the dictates of the party constitution.

Dr Khupe said her group was the genuine MDC-T and accused her rivals of being rebels bent on destroying the party and causing divisions ahead of elections.

She argued that any possible confusion arising from the use of party names and symbols would be resolved in accordance with the provisions of the Electoral Act.

Since Mr Tsvangirai’s death, the opposition party has been a rocked by an acrimonious wrangle to succeed him.

The latest developments in the opposition party mark the third split of the original MDC, formed in 1999.


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  • Reason

    Being a Chamisa supporter I saw this coming and even warned zealous supporters that Chamisa should go for Congress.I was shot down but now the chickens are coming home to roost and ED must be smiling.

    • Mthwakazian

      You are such a liar. You thought you were home and dry.

      • Observer Mission

        Elections will settle everything. Khupe will never sale beyond Makokoba. She must enjoy the millions of dollars poured into her bank account by ZANU PF to spoil things.

        • Mthwakazian

          Whether she sales or not to the general populace, she will sale enough to stop Tshamisa from reaching 50%+1. You are screwed mashona.

          • zibulo

            musa ukubheda wena , obviously the next pesident will be a Shona still , from any party,since they lead all of them, but this is here nor there, Khuphe has played the role that was played by Welshman and Mtambara when they split the MDC vote deliberately at a time we were supposed to get Our Liberation from disctorship.She knows she will not win but if in MDC the chances are that she will also be free and will freee all of us so that the country returns to sanity. So if she knows she wont win why is she doing what she does, wasting precious Campaigning time and funds in court??? Typical of a Bought person.

      • Zim – Resident

        After the elections when Chamisa is on the thrown, KHUPE-nga and her boyfriend ‘ GUTU-ngo (gushungo) must be charged with treason for trying to delay the victory – freedom of the people. She has been plotting this coup-de-tet long way back when Hon M. R. Tsvangirayi was still alive. She was nothing more than a wolf in a sheep’s skin. Pasi na KHUPE-nga.

        • ntakubonvu

          but he has no liberation war credentials, sifuna abadala bethu

        • Mthwakazian

          Dream on. Dr T. Khuphe or bust!!!

        • Mbatatisi Mbatatisi

          Chamisa will be thrown away for sure. That’s true

          • Grace Tshuma

            Surely she could use one of the bedrooms in their new mansion.

        • mntungwa

          kwaaaaaaa watch how they will fight for positions these alliance people. Dream on about Chamisa Presidency. He can only go as far as Prime Minister in the GNU. And uza Khamisa shame.

      • Zvobgo

        Being home and dry follows only when one goes thru 1 Kings 3:16

        • Mthwakazian

          Bite me.

          • Zvobgo

            i am not a dog that wukura

    • mk

      Politics is a game of numbers. Khuphe can win the court case but she wont win the hearts of followers. she has no numbers and therefore she wont go anywhere.

      • Mthwakazian

        Learn something from past splits. All of them did not have enough numbers to mount a credible challenge on the incumbent but they had enough numbers to stop their former party from forming the next government. Zimbabwean politics is a game of numbers for sure, you are right about that and that number is 50%+1.

    • Zim – Resident

      Apo hapana kana hwani chawataura, Chamisa being an MDC – Alliance President, they will just use ‘MDC – ALLIANCE’ name throughout and they will come out victorious. SIMPLE.

  • samas

    Khuphe was never elected but imposed herself. And mark my words if zkhuphe maintains to be MDC leader then ZANu of is smiling all the way to the polls. Khiphe and gutu are just vindictive people. They think all those masses which were following Chamisa will all come and vote them. I feel sorry for the Zimbabweans. Because of greediness ntombazana,you decided to sell the masses back to ZANU PF honestly.I wonder how umkhoba lo sleeps at night. Phambili lo Chamisa

  • Kezi

    It’s surprising that a party like MDC full of lawyers did not understand ” constitutionalism”, waiting to be told by a judge. Chamisa is a popular guy why didn’t he just have a congress and get elected. This issue will have been long laid to rest. MDC does not learn from past mistakes. They should take a look at 2013 election results. I know in some areas where ZANU won by less than 100 votes just because the opposition split the votes. These are the same guys who alwasys claim they have numbers but come election time they cry their are rigged. Even if one has 25 supporters to beat a party like ZANU, MDC needs all the numbers available.

    • Mthwakazian

      Tshamisa grouping knew they were wrong, they just played the tribal card.

      • Mike Baramasimbe

        Very true. Mam’Khupe’s ascendency was cunningly blocked by a powerful faction of the MDC leadership merely because she is non-Shona. During Tsvangison’s time,
        she was allowed to occupy the less influential vice-presidential position just to make the MDC more acceptable in the south western provinces of Zimbabwe. When it became clear Tsvangison would not win his battle against cancer, 2 Shona-speaking vice presidents were unconstitutionally appointed so that one of them could succeed Tsvangison at the expense of Khupe.

        • Doctor Do little

          I think that is the very thing that has been happening to Zanu pf for the past 30 some odd years is it not?

          • siphilanzima

            a prophet has said he saw someone not associated with zanu win the polls, he said some of them have a large support but their supporters never registered to vote

          • Essexvale

            Don’t be misled my friend. Read the messages of the three angels in the Book of Revelation. That way, you’ll be able to determine the sincerity of today’s prophets.

          • Susan Sibanda

            I think she counted the digits correctly

    • Sarah Mpofu

      where are you in the Champions League?

  • ziso

    haaa gender sensitivity, many guys are for Chamisa its obvious. Women lets arise.


    MDC will never be in order, it all began with the confused Tsvangirai. that is why i left the MDC. Partiality is its second name and now through Chamisa they have a third name violence

    • Batharbyle Ñdlovu

      A few years playing on X Box and Playstation with 3 meals a day

  • The Silent Observer

    This is a mischievous Judgement in which the Judge Totally Mis-Directed himself. The issue before him was clearly a Trademark Issue and not a Constitutional Issue. How he chose to mix the two is mind boggling! Watch this space.

    • Andrew Machinga

      My sentiments too, it’s shocking

  • ED

    we believe you chronicle, this is the same paper that said Fugitive Mnangagwa hides in S.A. today the support ED like crazy, Mdidi yenu ma reporrter wonke abe chronicle and herald…

  • QB

    Well done judiciary. Khamisa is just fake, he took a short cut.

    • Batharbyle Ñdlovu

      kids in England are all walking around stoned

  • Msongelwa.

    Soon the court will declare Khuphe as the legitimate leader and Chamisa will be expelled together with his so called partners in crime, as an advocate he should follow party rules hhayi ukuba ngusomathuba, even Mudzuri knows that what is happening in MDC T is wrong and Zanupf will benefit from all these party divisions.

  • Cetshwayo

    MT shouldn’t have elected two Shona VPs, a move that was done to stop Khupe becoming president of MDC-T. The election of those VPs was a tribalistic move and now its haunting the party, Khamisa is leader because being more vocal , charismatic and a believable liar it became easy for him to ascend to the throne. What made him think he was rightful heir to the throne was his tribe. Shonas hve always thought they are the chosen ones and the clever ones. I will never vote for any party led by tribalists.

    • Rudeboy

      You are tribal Ndebele fool Cetshwayo! You are so stupid to fail to understand that Matabeleland you are falling into the trap of voting for Mnangagwa and Rugeje the very architects of gukurahundi. Mandevere makafa pfungwa. Izvezvi murikutengwa ne ZANU PF afterwards you complain of underdevelopment in your region. It comes through people like Khupe.You reap what you sow.For us either Chamisa or Mnangagwa we are okay because both are Shonas. But for you it’s not yet Uhuru guys.Chamisa was just 5 years old when gukurahundi was done in 1983 thereabouts but Mnangagwa was the real perpetrator. So given a chance to choose who to work with,it shouldn’t be difficult. But any project with a Ndebele person fails because they always go tribal in the event of differences. A cooperative with a Ndebele will die a natural death.Those guys are antagonistic, good at majoring on minors and very divisive!

      • dundubala

        what a fool, Zimbabwe is a pariah state was it Ndebele in charge. Check your history, from Munumutapa to Gushungo, ruins after ruins

        • Ntando

          won the semi final home leg, who cares about stats except you of course?


          Everywhere they are in charge, Things Fall Apart!!

      • mtshayazabhotshe

        is this because of one person’s point of view??? you are an pathetic imbecile who suffers from shona superiority complex without any justification for that matter.You have proven that you are exactly like the person you are trying to condemn ,it’s true fools of the same mindset are drawn together! and boy oh boy you suffer from short man syndrome..still judging a person by the tribe they emanate from?you are a loser young man.You come to such platforms to paint a picture as if shonas are excellent in leadership whereas we all know why my beloved country is in this pathetic state its in? was it Ndebeles in charge?will it be a wise and correct thing for me to dedicate this destruction of the brand zimbabwe to your tribe’s leadership abilities alone? stop laying bare your academic neurosis on this platform.I am a Ndebele and proud of being one and for your information ngivela eLupane eDongamuzi! i really really believe with all my heart that not all shonas have stinking armpits and eat rats please don’t make me doubt my beliefs.

        • Doctor Do little

          I think you are a better person than that and I salute you for this. The person you are answering seems not to understand that the people that comment here do not represent the Majority neither do they want to do that. Like you I have my own opinions and they have nothing to do with tribe. Yes I think in the current situation there is a lot of tribal maneuvers in Political and economical circles.I also think we are at the crossroads at this time and point and any of the injustices that dog our society be they racist or tribal can only be settled by wise leadership coming from this election. I have travelled widely across the country and my observations was that to the ordinary rural folks they look at the Problems from a regional point of view and have little if any prejudicial attributes because bread and butter issues have no tribe or colour. I find that most prejudiced people come from the educated urban folks and even then they are not in the majority.Having said this we need this election to be done before we can start to heal and correct. The problem is our squabbling Politicians desire for power is forcing some to choose side from a tribal perspective. Sad is it not, when you consider that when people marched to remove a despot they marched as a people not as a tribe.

          • mtshayazabhotshe

            you stole my words ‘bread and butter issues knows no tribe!excellent observation my country mate we need to grow beyond the politics of tribe and grow as a united people. i believe we are way better than this tribal politics….look at in S.A the current incumbent is from the smallest tribe in the country does it matter?no! we just need people centered leaders irrespective of which part of Zim they are from.you also correct to say this prejudice is mostly in urban dwellings with the respect that most educated folks move to urban areas for better lives. Our country with the literacy rate of above 95% and the prejudice thereof still believing in tribal politics leaves a whole lot to be desired.Are we not over-exaggerating our educational state as a nation?

          • Doctor Do little

            I think we always have.over-exaggerated situations. I know you also as a Zimbabwean do travel to the outside areas as well as do meet up with people in the urban areas who are illiterate. We are better off than many but much in Zimbabwe is over-exaggerated for some reason or the other. I mean this is a country that produced “diesel from a rock?” that was witnessed by degree’d people.That my friend to people like you and I was embarrassing.

        • Essexvale

          You’re so right. You’ve expressed the feelings of many of your brothers and sisters.

      • zibulo

        Don’t patronize us, wena ginyambeba!!

      • Mixed Race

        Do not allow anger to cloud your meaningful mindset.You have stated facts but the strong language you have applied on certain sections makes me lose a bit of respect of you.
        I prefer a politician on qualities and honesty,which I find lacking on both of them,however I would go for Chamisa after comparing their political past governed by what each candidate has done for his/her constituency.Ms Khupe has dismally failed in her constituency.This includes all the MDC-party mps in Matabeleland,therefore people are left with no real better candidates to choose from.This is really a disaster imposed to the masses by a few selfish individuals.If Ms Khupe was so mature she could have just found a better way to resolve the issue,whilst allowing the masses to use their votes to get rid of ZANU-PF legally without unnecessary confusion..After that the party would then call a congress to address the mess which was created by the late Morgan.Yes she feels offended but selfish counter productive actions make her appear in my opinion a very power hungry person who wants power at all costs no matter how she delays the masses’ wishes.This is her down fall-watch and see.

        • Essexvale

          Thank you for your well presented and mature sentiments. In an earlier post on this subject, I made a similar suggestion to yours concerning the way forward in sorting this mess. However; I was prompted to change stance slightly because of a response made by Dr Do Little. Alternatively to what I’ve already said, perhaps, going into the general elections and considering the welfare of the nation, the two contenders should consider forming a loose alliance while having equal statuses, with a view to forming a post election coalition. I say this because under the circumstances ZANU PF and ED seem to have the advantage to narrowly win the plebiscite. In this case, Khupe and Chamisa would then put together their tally of votes for the presidency, constituencies and wards which in a coalition should enable them to form the country’s next government.

          • Doctor Do little

            Which is now deleted as spam.

          • Ntando

            So you’re suggesting beer is a weight loss aid?

      • Essexvale

        You’ve fallen into your very own trap and your obvious resentment for Ndebele people comes through loud and clear. But then, who needs your approval concerning who we are or what we do. Calling people tribalists because they are advocating for equality and equity is stupid. Problem with your type is that when you speak to Ndebele people about unity, you actually mean subjection. Anyway, you shouldn’t imagine that you’re writing to the ignorant fools that you think we are. Given your poor articulation as depicted in your post; I’d say you barely passed form 2 final exams. Show respect for the opinions of other platform users, many of whom can teach you something meaningful.

        • Grace

          liquid oil only becomes a problem once

  • mlibazi

    why are you chronicle lying???the matter was never about who is the legitimate leader instead it is about the party name and symbols we know you now love Khupe n company as they are a zanu pf EDiots and junta project,stop it you junta mouthpiece the name of the party does not vote

  • Gen Gowon

    Time and again sane voices have raised concerns over the way Chamisa fraudulently wriggled himself into the presidency of the party.One cannot subvert his/her constitutional ritual by manipulating structures and appointing himself President of the party.The next obvious chorus would be that the Honourable presiding Judge is a Zanu Pf tool.Chamisa has exhibited high levels of immaturity so far.

  • zim1

    This issue will be settled at the poles by the people.Khupe and her cabal will be finished once and for all.

    • musa

      polls. not poles. you had me confused there, for a bit.

      • Ntando

        Liverpool fans don’t do a Paul McCartney.

  • Concerned

    Clearly most commentators below are dull.This is a political judgement not a legal one.Judge Bere is a ZANU PF functionary with farms and hotels in Manicaland courtesy of ZANU PF.This judgement is his own way of contributing to the fight against MDC ahead of the polls. The issue before him was about trademarks and symbols not leadership or constitutional crisis as he claims.Khupe never challenged Chamisa in court about leadership because she knew everything was done above board. She is out to spoil it for Chamisa. She has made herself hated most by everyone who is opposed to ZANU PF.She is clearly playing to ZANU PF’s tune and an invisible funding hand is there to cause confusion for the benefit of Mnangagwa. It’s not about tribalism or gender issues as some would want to believe. Its about being able to cause confusion ahead of the polls and derail democratic change for the entire of Zimbabwe. Mnangagwa is in power through an outright coup d’etat after using the military but is being praised today by many fools on this platform.After 2018 elections the next ones are there in 2023.It means voting needs to be done wisely.

    • Ndumiso Mlilo

      chamisa is also doing business with zanu pf

      • Nothando

        Security at airports will find anything. I haven’t had a licence for over ten years and have no intention of getting one either.

    • Zim – Resident

      ……..yes in deed the is an element of an INVISIBLE HAND her!

  • benjamin

    With all due respect, this is a lesson we have been repeatedly learning both in ZANU-PF and the mainstream opposition MDC. Tsvangirai could have gone a long way in sorting out these issues bit by bit but he didn’t seem to take them seriously, probably thinking “an appropiate time” to iron them out would naturally unveil itself. Is this probably not the same mentality Mugabe had that eventually led to the ZANU-PF crises?

  • mtshayazabhotshe

    and Mr editor the current incumbent is legit?i mean ED?though i am not a supporter of any party but i have witnessed how biased your reporting is towards anyone and anything not zanu. On top of that you making it sound like the MDC leadership crises is worse than that of zanu……… soon you will be singing praises of president Chamisa

    • Mamisanai Zvipere

      Initial stages of the process were not legit….later sanitized through party and parliamentary processes and procedures. Similarly, Tjamisa should have been endorsed by congress…..

    • Jan Großer

      Sir, with all due respect Sir, HAS SOMEONE FINALLY IMPREGNATED YOUR WIFE FOR YOU??

      • mtshayazabhotshe

        yes someone did sir how did you know ?she is 5 weeks pregnant!and and that gentlemen is happy for the bungles of joy!…And on your side are you still angry at me about revealing about that issue?relax man to be a hormo is acceptable nowadays!

        • Jan Großer

          Oh so your case was of being a Hormo??
          All along I thought you had erectile issues and was about to suggest V iagra

          • mtshayazabhotshe

            nop if i had those issues i was not going to sleep with your mother

          • Jan Großer

            Nah, I doubt that very much, sleeping with my mom is not an option. Since when have you stopped mas turbation??

  • Magayiva

    Dr Khuphe should associate with Mthwakazi and be their leader in the politics. Tribalism made her chucked. I wil never vote for a shona in my lifetime. Leave that MDC name Tsvangirai died with it. Chamisa faction be behaving like G40 in its quest for power.

    • josefa chinotimba

      Bloody idiot.Why do you preach tribalism on this family newspaper?Time and again you guys always preach of tribalism why?You this think Khupe of yours will win the elections?We will prove her wrong.Whatever the case,whether she wins in the supreme court,we will never vote for her.

      We will prove her wrong.And we will go along with Advocate Chamisa.You suck.

      • Ndumiso Mlilo

        who is We? coz am gonna vote for her

        • josefa chinotimba

          And who are you??

        • Nothando

          BBC staff are overworked

        • Zim – Resident

          WE = Myself, josefa and all sane people,

      • indebele uqobo

        you dont get to say bloody idiot jus coz its a ndebele that commented. shut ur mouth coz this zim is not for shonas only, its as if you shonas are superior than ndebele people bloody tribalist nxxxx

  • musa

    like i said before, no candidate is worth voting for. i would never vote for zany pf. chamisa is clueless, & the other candidates in my opinion, are not worth mentioning. that is why i will not register to vote. i will watch from the terraces, 37 years with bob has made me indifferent to politics.

    • Batharbyle Ñdlovu

      Then marry Philip Greens daughter !!

  • Zvobgo

    The reporter and the Khupe camp are celebrating like the woman in 1 Kings3: 16….
    It aint over yet

  • Wikinerri

    If Khamisa represents a democratic party why is he afraid to go for congress

    • Zvobgo

      The congress is called by the SG, and, since Hon Mwonzora didnt call for it, there was no legitimate congress.

  • Gxabhashe

    Dr Khuphe is just creating a problem she doesnt even command a 1/4 of what Khamisa commands ,she should just drop it mani nxxxxx even us her own people dont like her,…..

  • Brutal Truth

    When Hon. Nelson Chamisa becomes President of the Republic of Zimbabwe in a few months’ time Ndebeles should get their help from Khuphe.They are all full of krap!

    • Nothando

      How about you first telling closing your mom’s legs/Kusvirisa business that she’s making a living off of it.

    • zibulo

      day dreamer. Did Shonas not vote for Mgabe for thirty 30 years ??? If we follow your reasoning then Shonas are responsible for the chaos we are swimming in. There is truth in that Chamisa didnt follow procedure but we all need to FREE OURSELVES FROM ZANU, we need to liberate ourselves so that soon we will bring all those thieves to account for the millions they own and the missing USDs, not the bullshit ypu write here

  • Ediot

    there is a reason why they are called amaShona othuvi

  • mbuso

    Khupe is the rightful heir to that party’s presidency only that Chamisa wants to cheat her

  • Andrew Machinga

    You know i have seen dumb judgements but this one beats them all, here the issue is about the use of the name and symbols and the judge wants them to resolve leadership issues which clearly have been resolved because the two factions have chosen their respective leaders constitutionally in their different ways albeit. Its like telling a divorced couple who have already remarried elsewhere to resolve their marriage.How?

  • Savage

    Khupe should just swallow her pride n join forces with Chamisa….She even knows it she doesn’t stand a chance

    • Mthwakazian

      She knows that but she wants to teach MaShona a lesson on tribalism. Tshamisa will lose and Dr T. Khuphe loses as well. Everybody would lose.

  • Essexvale

    This embarrassment could have been avoided if the disputing parties had chosen to have a round-table discussion as the way towards finding common ground. Contentious issues would then be addressed on the basis that the table will be approached by those concerned holding equal strengths. Time’s fast running out while the principle contenders squabble like outraged children. My opinion is that as a means of finding an interim solution, given that time is the essence, the parties concerned should ideally park their differences for now and perhaps accept a “middle of the road” plan where Khupe and Chamisa will agree to accept the party’s presidency under a united MDC on a rotational basis. The loose ends may then be attended to after the general elections.

    • Doctor Do little

      I think these two have come to a point that they do not want to be in the same room.Having said that I think the younger man should have the Zest to reinvent himself and set out his own legacy for what type of a Zimbabwe one would want. The name MDC T came about because when the MDC split up there was some sort on a consensus from the elders of both sides that there needed to be a clear differentiating factors between them so as there was no confusion who was voting for whom. Morgan took the step and added the T and people put the N on Welshman’s faction. If there was that sort of a mutual understanding the younger one should of earlier bit the bullet and said I don’t want to get into this so Whilst we have the greatest of respect for the Late we feel it is time we do not align our Party with an individuals name so we will retire that name with honors and go for MDC amalgamated or Renewed MDC or something else. Why I say this is because he has been having enough crowds to sell the idea. Khupe on the other hand if she lost could still say MDC T for Thokosani and cause even more mayhem. For Chamisa to take this to the courts which we know are still suffering from a Zanu pf hangover was always going to be tricky so here he missed a trick. Whilst he misses the trick ED smiles because this time he does not have to twist the Judges arm which was broken by Mugabe already. He could have even got rid of this two vice President nonsense that Mugabe force onto the Government with the three that MDC was to have even more ridiculous.

    • Mthwakazian

      There is no discussion to be had. Tshamisa pulled a fast one on Dr T. Khuphe while she was busy arranging the repatriation of Tsvangirai’s remains. Imagine the backlash if Dr T. Khuphe had done what Tshamisa did. Stop this double standard MaShona. With Dr T. Khuphe pulling the other direction, you are screwed. If you didn’t learn anything from the past splits, you probably won’t learn anything in your entire life. The past splits prevented MDC from forming the next government. The only winner in this tug of war would be Zanu PF.

      • zibulo

        and then thina sibuyelwa yini? Ngoba i ZANU iyabuyela and ITS SUFFER CONTINUE even for those who want Khuphe, is this what you want-ZANU to go back, and prolong the suffering, the currency-lessness, joblessness , poverty, whilst abantwana bakaMgabe still own millions of USD notes and have Murderers rule some more; Mnagagwa Shiri , thieving Economists Gono Magundya who come up with the wildest economic theories/policies never seen before. Better an MDC govt which we can then drive to change ,than ZANU which will never listen to anyone in cluding its own supporters/followers. With MDC we can make Court challenges constitutionally and we can make them bend , ZANU will never respect LAW, so i hope we use brains and vote for MDC Chamisa, only as a vehicle for Change, not that we want Chamisa, but he will be our transition,itr will open a lot of doors and Freedom will be easier to attain.

      • Essexvale

        Don’t equate me with those reprehensible people from the eastern half. I’m true black Mthwakazian and although I share your sentiments on this issue, I do feel that I am entitled to make meaningful suggestions toward finding a way to rid ourselves of the tick called ZANU PF. You see, they are the main obstacle that prevents us from attaining nationhood as Mthwakazians. With them out of the way things will be very much easier in achieving our goal.

    • Grace Tshuma

      I hope they are not immigrants and have Peruvian ancestry


    No Constitutional crisis here. There was no constitutional crisis when Mugabe fought with Ndabaningi Sithole over the name ZANU in the 1980s. There was no Constitutional crisis when Welshman Ncube fought with Morgan Tsvangirayi over the name MDC in 2005. Here too, there is no crisis over the name MDC-T. Dont get too excited over nothing!


    Stop wasting party resources fighting in Courts. There is no time for that. You will lose focus. The focus now must be on winning the coming elections – don’t be easily distracted. This is what Chamisa and co. should do:

    1. Use the name: MDC- Alliance and leave the MDC-T name to Khuphe;
    2. The Alliance is what Tsvangirayi wanted so dont disturb the current arrangement otherwise you create more problems of bickering again for yourselves. Time is not on your side;
    3. Retain the colours and symbols. The time is too short to change and market them afresh;
    4. Look for a marketing Guru who is an expert on product differentiation. He will keep the symbols and colours as they are, but enhance them in such a way they will look significantly different from the Khuphe colours and symbols. Ensure he somehow fits Tsvangirayi’s face in the background together with Chamisa’s face in the foreground, as they would appear on the ballot paper. Chamisa’s face and his name should be significantly pronounced in print; and
    5. Distribute the new images immediately to the supporters and ensure they understand the slight changes.

    • inyanga

      the spirit of Tsvangirayi will either be with Chamisa or Khupe, abaphansi balikhangele

  • Mbatatisi Mbatatisi

    Those 2 issues will lead to Chamisa downfall.
    1. The Khupe issue
    2. Forcing unpopular Alliance candidates on us

    • Nomthandazo

      Dubai is horrible. I had to go there for work

  • The optimist

    divide and rule…..

  • Samantha Moyo

    Please don’t let it be my ex

  • Samantha Moyo

    Ban wet wipes.

  • joel

    Victory be ti Khupe phambili ngaye phansi ngoChamisa lodlakela