UPDATED: Mbo Mahocs lands role on Scandal!

Mbo Mahocs

Mbo Mahocs

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
SOUTH Africa-based TV host and actress Mbo Mahocs has finally got a breakthrough in the neighbouring country’s arts industry as she has joined one of Mzansi’s biggest television soapies, Scandal!.

The Bulawayo beauty made her debut appearance on the soapie yesterday as a new character called Chichi.

Mbo Mahocs’ character is described as a cheeky young lady who will do everything to get what she wants. The show airs every weekday on eTV at 7.30PM.

Mbo, who stole the limelight at the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards where she was an MC, will be rubbing shoulders with long serving Scandal cast members such as Hlomla Dandala (Kingsley Siseko Langa), Kgomotso Christopher (Yvonne Thebe) and Joyce Skefu (Maletsatsi Khumalo).

The 30-year-old, who moved across the Limpopo two years ago in search of greener pastures, said Chichi was a person she was afraid of as the character was a direct opposite of her real persona.

“I’m looking forward to people meeting Chichi, who sometimes I’m afraid of myself. Acting comes with hard work, discipline and truthful commitment to your delivery or performance.

“It’s a bonus that I’m passionate about the craft which makes every step worth it. It’s also great to work with a collaboration of professionals that encourage you to be the best you can be as a character,” she said.

Mbo described her SA television debut as a privilege.

“I cannot begin to express the level of excitement and at the same time, humility and gratitude I have towards playing Chichi. This is a platform that I’m privileged to have as an actress, to learn and grow.”

Ever since her sojourn to South Africa, Mbo Mahocs has been chipping away at the industry. One of her first breaks was featuring in Bekezela’s self titled music video where she played his love interest. Her latest feature on Scandal! may just open more doors for her in SA as she is a go getter who has been placing herself well by attending key showbiz events there.

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  • Tebogo Maja

    Go girl go Chichi

  • zibulo

    Zimbabwe has no opportunities for her children, hence its a headline to feature in neighbouring Free, Democratic and Really Independent RSA, where the Ruling Party has nothing to do with National Broadcasting and allows freedom of Independent Community Radio and TV. The lack of and deprivation of Community TV and Radio in Zim is and was for the perpetuity of ZANU Ruling forever , so that we do not see hear or comment on any news item. We are supposed to be miles ahead of RSA, as we had televison in Zim before RSA way back early 1970S. Plenty Zim talent in Radio,TV, you see theu guys reading REAL TRUE NEWS there, same guys who go tired of reading propaganda and left, as actors and singers have done too.

  • Innoe Zoe

    i was thrilled by her salient entrance & i think she`s gonna burn the etv house down. #congratsgirl im so happy for you.

  • Brutal Truth

    Chihure chiya chazobhadhara manje

    • Inspector Madengure

      The day we discover your identity, u will rot in jail.

      • Musorobhangu(G40)

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      • Sozo

        Mbonisi is hardworking And She is South African Permanent Residence..so relaxe

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          • Brutal Truth

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  • Dudu Mdlaziba

    Congrats Mbo Mahocs. Your beauty always fascinated me!