UPDATED: MINISTER MUKUPE UNDER FIRE. . . ‘Statement on military unlawful and reckless’

Deputy Minister Terrence Mukupe

Deputy Minister Terrence Mukupe

Auxilia Katongomara, Chronicle Reporter
THE Government has dismissed as “unlawful and reckless” statements by Finance and Economic Development Deputy Minister Terrence Mukupe that the military will not accept an opposition victory in the forthcoming harmonised elections.

Acting Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Simon Khaya Moyo said Cde Mukupe’s statements “flagrantly” ran against President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s pledge to uphold the will of the people of Zimbabwe.

Cde Mukupe was quoted in the private media as having told a Zanu-PF cell meeting in Mandara, Harare, on Monday:

“How can we say, honestly, the soldiers took the country, practically snatched it from Mugabe, to come and hand it over to Chamisa?

“Look at me, I also want to be a president, there is no one who does not want to sit in the (Mercedes) Benz while sirens are sounding all the way, but everything has its time. I don’t think that I am mature enough to be given the country to run and all the soldiers in this country salute me saying ‘the commander-in-chief is here,” he was quoted saying.

However, Cde Khaya Moyo, also speaking on behalf of the ruling party Zanu-PF, said the reported claims amount to direct contempt of President Mnangagwa who is the sole Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.

“Read against our own environment and the impending polls, such pronouncements have the negative effect of raising doubts on Government’s commitment to a free, fair and non-violent plebiscite as well as to its readiness to respect and uphold the will of the people of Zimbabwe as expressed through their electoral choices and decisions,” he said.

Cde Khaya Moyo said if the sentiments attributed to Mr Mukupe are true, they are ‘both reckless and most unfortunate, as they do not represent the official position and attitude of the party, Government and the Defence Establishment.’

“This is untrue, and flagrantly runs against what his Excellency the President ED Mnangagwa has pledged and is determined to deliver both to the people of Zimbabwe and to the international community,” he said.

Cde Khaya Moyo said campaigning candidates should desist from dragging members of the security establishment into their political activities.

“Without regard to political party or affiliation, all campaigning candidates should respect the Defence Establishment and its Command Structure by avoiding embroiling our Uniformed Forces into partisan party politics and activities. The roles of the Uniformed Forces which are national and non-partisan are clearly spelt out in the laws of our country,” he said.

Cde Khaya Moyo said President Mnangagwa recently warned against undermining the constitutional position of the Security Establishment through involving or dragging members of the uniformed forces into the country’s party electoral politics and or activities.

“Through his directive, he unambiguously restated an iron –clad rule which ranks high among the pillars of our Constitution and which finds validation in the various Acts governing operations of various arms of the National Security Establishment,” he said

Cde Khaya Moyo said any pronouncements which have the effect of undermining the supreme law of the land and the authority of the Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces or suggesting that the well respected Security Organs will act in a partisan manner in relation to the country’s politics apart from being unauthorised, are unlawful reckless, improper, uncalled for and thus totally condemnable.

He added: “Besides, they imperil national peace and stability and amount to a frontal challenge to the tenets and practices of democracy as understood and practiced world-wide”.

This is not the first time that Mr Mukupe has been caught offside, in January; he was quoted saying that the Government was mulling phasing out bond notes, claims which were promptly dismissed by Finance and Economic Development Minister Cde Patrick Chinamasa.


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  • Major Musango

    Hey guys …… Mukupe is saying the truth …. why is Mr S. K. Moyo trying to shield the truth.

    • Mboni

      SK wants legitimacy. Mukupe is too childish and careless. Thats what the Gukurahundi partybis saying!

    • Solwazi

      I want to agree with on this. Mukupe knows what we don’t but only the inner ZanuPF know.
      We may lambast him now, but come result time… SB Moyo will be back on ZBC.
      ” We want to protect the interest o Zimbabwe…”

  • N. Sithole

    A reckless statement indeed from the deputy minister, but is he going to be censured by his party and government? The challenge that we have is not so much the reckless statements like this, but rather the culture of impunity that has become characteristic of our society.

    • Mboni

      There is no reckless statement here, according to the Gukurahundi party. This is just a PR exercise for the Lestoling Regacy clowns – with the eyes on Western Government; investments and legitimacy. Behind closed doors they are busy praising this Mukupe guy for bravey and courage.

  • Mboni

    “Unlawful”? Arrest him and get him tried. Or you just want Jonathan Moyo kuphela?

  • Newsroom VIP

    This Mukupe beat a director in his Ministry and goes on making reckless statements. Mukupe must go. Manje Harare East this time haalume.



  • Ntombi Tshabangu

    Thanks Khaya Moyo, I am reminded of one Jonathan Moyo who supported “such statements” when the army commanders made that declaration in 2002. I wait for your party to fire this Mukupe fellow

  • Nqobile ncube

    Same old story……mukupe blah blah blah no action will be taken

  • Seles

    Its true that Terrence is saying the truth but someone forgot to tell him that when you are at the high table, you do not read out side the Party script. Sezawonyelwa yisikorobho engakasuthi lujaha shame.

    • MakhosiXamu

      Good day brother. Your utterances are terrible stupid, shame.

  • Mafira nhema

    Mukupe is an idiot,he said the truth though there is no Free fair and credible elections in Zimbabwe.Zanu Ikarohwa haiende kumusha zvekumhanya.

  • Zvako

    I whole-heartedly support the idea of Mnangagwa being given a chance to take the country through this transition by just one term to see if he can stabilize the economy, with his more engaging approach that is a total contrast to his predecessor. But to say I am disappointed in the utterances of this Mukupe is an understatement. Honestly God have mercy on us Africans/Zimbabweans. How did such a person become a minister in the first place? So for him leadership is about being saluted and being driven in a Benz? And we think we can see progress for the masses under leaders with such limited thinking! It’s like Mnangagwa’s son who, in an interview recently on how his father escaped Mugabe, started mentioning the “Louis Vuitton briefcase” his father was carrying!! This clearly shows you the mind of these people. Honestly, do we have to be mentioning these petty things when we have serious nation building issues to tackle? No wonder other countries are way ahead of us. Take some neighboring countries for example, you will never hear such cheap talk in the political circles! And we are surprised how they have become stable democracies and prosperous nations. We might not be aware of it or taking it seriously, but it is these seemingly small things that has landed this country
    where it is now (prevalent even in the last regime as well) and many other African countries. The Bible says in the Song of Solomon 2:15 ” “catch” the little foxes that spoil the vines.” Please let us develop a new thinking as a people and it should obviously start with our leaders!!

    • MakhosiXamu

      These issues might be petty from loose head but another minister – Hungwe has made similar utterances. ED is not a good leader for Zim. period.

      • Chief Charumbira

        ED is a good leader for Zimbabwe. In a space of 6 months, he has attracted massive foreign direct investments, e.g. the Kamativi Lithium Project, the Prospect Resources Lithium Project, the Kara Platinum Project & many others not mentioned in this narrative. He is the best President Zimbabwe can have at the moment and deserves a full five-year term. As I write Zimbabweans are enjoying their new freedoms bestowed by Operation Restore Legacy. The numerous extortionist road blocks are a thing of the past, the CIO has been put in its right place while the prevailing peace in the country is the envy of many.

        • MakhosiXamu

          being brainless is one thing that can’t be one’s fault but being stupid is by choice. Yours is a terrible manifestation of stupidity … I live in this country and nobody can lecture my person about good governance. ED is just another idiot, period. Those Projects are mere publicity campaigns that will not bring food on the table for a sane Zimbabweans. Foreign direct investments?.My foot?. If true and realistic investment has occurred … you will not need the Zanu PF military junta publicity managers like the ZBC’s reporters , The Herald and the Chronicle. Queues will disappear on their own accord without any campaign managers. Operation Restore legacy was caused by internal Fights within Zanu PF -: G40 and Lacoaster… those are the facts. Only a crazy Zimbo will fall those words such – as NEW Dispensation?. This country does not need the military to to run political parties. ED and company are the ones who created parallel Govt. structures that resulted in the worst form of corrupt Govt. employees ZRP included. CIOs are still part and parcel of Govt. ED could have just disbanded the whole lot. Peace has been with us since 1980. There is nothing new here. Zimbabwe needs a new properly elected President … period .

        • Mixed Race

          It so surprising to have people with such narrow-minded mentality.You talk of cheap damp mining at Kamativi because you were too young or unborn to know how the same politicians you are praising destroyed one of the best mines in the country.I grew up at Kamativi Tin Mines and tried to improve it after my professional training but these shortsighted politicians of yours selfishly destroyed the mine with their unrealistic personal allowances.At one stage the new black management wanted more direct exchange lines from Dete increased from 3 to 12 to cater for the misguided and naive managers who never took into account the mines production and expenditure.The mine had survived for decades on 3 direct exchange lines with a local switchboard to connect all managers via extensions, but when our black brothers took over management they wanted expensive services for personal joy at the expense of the workers.Tin prices did fall but that was not the main reason for the company’s total failure.Malaysia also faced tin price falls but its mines remained in operation until the prices peaked up.Do not make careless comments on national forums before doing proper research.
          These politicians have not learnt much in the past 38 years except to loot and make our lives miserable.

        • Doctor Do little

          You are a very deluded individual. By ignorance? No. By design? Yes.

  • Prince Maphosa

    Mr president I dont know why a u waiting for just fire Mukupe does it need to think about it

  • Prince Maphosa

    People are waiting to see your action send us a signal president

  • Chigora Chigora

    Surely, how can the country move forward with such a calibre of ministers? And we continue to entrust a ministry, (Finance) for that matter! I wonder….

  • lizzy

    This Makupe young man might be saying things he is hearing behind the scenes from some misguided elements.His only mistake was to say it in public.

  • dotiyenja

    Mr President, Fire this idiot and get my vote. If you dont, I wont vote for you

    • Major Musango

      he is right ….that’s the truth

    • MakhosiXamu

      Should ED also fire Hungwe ?.

  • Innoe Zoe

    if the gvt perceive Mukupe`s rants as flagrant & untrue the imbecile must be fired. if he is not, the public & the international community must take his rants as the truth and must`nt perceive the opposition as alarmists when they are demanding to be involved in the ballot printing process.

    • MakhosiXamu

      Mukupe is making realistic pronouncements. If Zn PF and Govt. are denying this. What about Hungwe’s utterances in Masvingo ?. ED/Chiwenga are spoiled ex-soldiers full of shame.

    • Chief Charumbira

      I fully concur with you that the Deputy Minister should be fired instantly as he is a liability to the New Dispensation.His rants are unbecoming as His Excellency, the President, wants Zimbabwe to hold free, credible, fair and transparent elections. The Deputy Minister will cost the Government international acceptance and recognition and the sooner he is shown the exit door the better. He is the same Deputy Minister who assaulted the Director of Finance in his Ministry for refusing to afford him excess allowances for a trip he had undertaken to RSA. If Minister Shamhu could be fired, why not Terence Mukupe? What is so special about him?

    • Mboni

      What difference will firing him make, seeing that is exactly what ZANU PF plans to do. How do you fire someone for being honest?

  • Chipoto vhaivhai

    He is a swine.

    • Major Musango

      He is saying the truth

  • Wellington

    FIRE HIM!, but we know he wont be fired because mukwasha waED

    • Chief Charumbira

      You are lying. He is not ED’s mukwasha. Can you identify ED’s daughter who is married to him? Please do not write about something you are not privy to.I, however, agree with you that he MUST be fired immediately

      • Wellington

        ED has 23 children sons and daughters majority out of wedlock, only 9 are officially known; you FOOL usangomhanyira kungovukura without any knowledge

        • Eugene Matikiti

          He he he he. Wellington wandisetsa. It is nice kumbo seka pa weekend so wakatandara. he he he. Election ye Zimbabwe inofadza. he he he he. Hanzi usangovukura. Asavukura nekuti haaazii kuti ED dzine vana vangani ? Kkkkkk. So was Grace right ? Ko Grace maimuvengerei ? Grace ndimafira kureva.





  • MakhosiXamu

    What about Hungwe of Masvingo. These guys are saying the truth, period. This junta is rotting.

  • Owen

    It seems this Mukupe fellow is indispensable in this transition (temporary) govt

  • Mboni

    Come on the UK, US, SADC and the AU – what are you all saying about this? Turning a blind eye because White farmers are being compensated? What about we Blacks in our own motherland and Continent – where is our compensation? Where are our Human Rights? Our rights to choose our own leaders and governments as you also do in your countries?

  • 1975

    This boy (mukupe) is a political liability for zanu-pf. the youngster is so immature its as if he was never educated at all. i wonder what mnangagwa sees in that pathetic idiot.

  • 4.1

    Makupe has a feeble mind.Njabulo.libertyliberty at gmail dot com.The problem with zanu pf is that they do not take appropriate action against a minister or mp that acts in bad faith or exude indecorum behaviour.One wonders as to whether they have an books with rules of how their officials,mps or mps must conduct themseylves.This tells a long story about zanu pf.lt shows that there is no proper administration in zanu pf and the government.Ministers in their individual ministerial and in their collective ministerial capacity ,must conduct themselves appropriately .They render public service and are supposed to be role models,so good conduct is expected of them.They are under scrutiny from the media ,the world and the public per se.So,a minister who has behaved like that must resign gracefully or be forced to resign.Resignation is the appropriate and proportionate action to take under such circumstances.More recently,in the UK ,the Home Office Minister was forced to resign due to being incompetent and what she had said about a hot issue.There was a public outcry by the public and the other ministers including the opposition party.That must be the case in Zim(He has a feeble mind).

  • Mboni

    Even the Junta Government is unlawful!