UPDATED: Zim conditions conducive for free and fair elections: Sadc

President Mnangagwa speaks to Sadc Executive Secretary Stergomena Lawrence Tax shortly after her arrival at the Munhumutapa Offices in Harare today.-(Picture by Tawanda Mudimu)

President Mnangagwa speaks to Sadc Executive Secretary Stergomena Lawrence Tax shortly after her arrival at the Munhumutapa Offices in Harare yesterday.-(Picture by Tawanda Mudimu)

Farirai Machivenyika, Harare Bureau
Visiting Sadc Executive Secretary, Dr Stergomena Lawrence Tax, has commended the political and legislative environment in Zimbabwe, saying it is conducive to conduct a credible election.

The elections are expected in July.

Dr Tax said this soon after paying a courtesy call on President Emmerson Mnangagwa at his Munhumutapa offices yesterday.

“You are about to go to elections so we discussed about the elections (and) that you are also undertaking socio-economic reforms, we touched on that,” she said.

“As you are aware we had on observer mission here, a pre-electoral observer mission and we have shared a few issues and generally our findings are that you are set for elections.

“Politically, the environment is conducive, the legislative environment is also conducive, pointing to a readiness for elections and also the reform processes which are ongoing. We also have agreed on how we can work together as a region to support Zimbabwe.”

Dr Tax reiterated President Mnangagwa’s call for  peaceful elections and called on other stakeholders to follow suit.

“The suggestion is to continue encouraging and assuring Zimbabweans as the President is doing that the elections are going to take place and are going to be free, fair and credible. That is the suggestion and also call upon all stakeholders to make sure that indeed they are part of that process, they use their civic right to also contribute in ensuring that the elections are peaceful and credible,” she said.

The Sadc pre-election observer mission was in the country early this year. A number of missions, including from Europe and the US, have also been in the country to assess the pre-election environment.

Parliament is debating amendments to the Electoral Act as part of reforms requested by the opposition.

Dr Tax said she had also visited Zimbabwe to introduce herself to President Mnangagwa following his assumption of office last year.

“This is my first visit since the new President took over. So I was here to introduce myself to him and also to exchange views and get guidance from him on Sadc issues. That was the main purpose,” she said.

On the economic front, Dr Tax acknowledged that industrialisation was the way to go for the Sadc region.

“In terms of reforms, you know that Zimbabwe championed industrialisation and that is still the way. So the suggestion is let us continue transforming our economies to make sure that indeed we can trade equitably,” she said.

Earlier, Dr Tax met Acting Foreign Affairs Minister Cde Simon Khaya Moyo and senior Government officials to discuss how Sadc can assist Zimbabwe implement its economic reforms.


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  • Concerned

    No, it is too early to say Zim conditions are conducive for free and fair elections! ZANU PF is cunning like a fox.These SADC guys are surprising.They come one day,stay in a hotel ,gets spoiled by ZANU PF, got bribed with gifts and begin to hallucinate about the electoral environment being fair,! What a circus! You need more than three months in Zimbabwe to talk about zim’s preparedness about free elections not a day!

    • mtshayazabhotshe

      they also should visit and talk to the opposition parties for their assessment on the country’s readiness and conduciveness to hold free transparent and fair elections.How on earth do you take one side of the argument and make an informed judgment?silly observers. SADC is surely a toothless bulldog!

      • Vincent Notho

        But your name is so violent, it fits the zanupf scheme of things. True, SADC is an untrustworthy barren lioness

      • AWESOME!

        You are the silly observer who failed to follow the facts—a whole team from SADC came and met with ALL the major parties including the one whose support-base is mostly semi-literate hwindi/umalayitsha of your ilk; so their conclusions are well-informed indeed—in any case they are certainly better informed than you!

        • mtshayazabhotshe

          woooow !!!what is it about you and the strong language mfana omncane ? you really believe if you said your blunt point with insults like this it will change how receive it ! An idiot is better off when they keep their bluffs to themselves young man!of all the things you waffled about above i heard a small portion.. that is the observing team met with all concerned parties. Okunye okubhalileyo konke buthuvi benkunzi (bullshit) !this is a platform to discuss and debate ideas not this kind of thrash!if i knew they did meet all the parties was i going to write anything like this ?don’t be a stupid imbecile.Learn to put a harness on your dull mouth and brains.

  • Willy

    Uyawumana lumama kayazi into akhuluma ngayo. What did she see okwenze wathi the environment is free and fair? Khonapho you may find ukuthi she didn’t even get the side of the other political parties. Mnxxxx mani.

    • sarah Mahoka

      That is the problem. You dismiss her because she is a woman. She represents SADC. Sadc just gave its assessment of the electoral field. they said it is conducive to holding free and fair elections. That is all govt needs. They do not need you pronouncing anything. It is SADc they want to pronounce and it has done so.

  • timmie Dance

    That Tax lady is telling lies.What has she noted so early like this.Thus why they go and write faulse reports to the international world.People are to assess the situation as time goes not now.Biased person.

    • AWESOME!

      Those with eyes will see that Chamisa and his hwindi/umalayitsha support base have done almost 10 rallies without disturbances whatsoever from state agencies, police, army or ZANU-PF—that a truly peaceful environment prevails in these elections—except of course for the occasional bus torched by Chamisa supporters. Those with eyes can also see that dimwits like you have finally found their voices with no danger whatsoever of retribution from the New Dispensation—abundant freedom of expression as never before experienced in this country. Those with eyes can see that the Head of State is the touch of a button away (on twitter, facebook and website) from any citizen who so wishes to engage him in constructive banter. Those with eyes can see a profound and breathtaking positive change—while the “blind” like you continue to wallow in the self-inflicted darkness of the non-believer’s journey!

      • timmie Dance

        Hameno hako kana uchiona sokuti kuna mareforns.Tinamareforms akawanda asinakugadziriswa zvokuti nyangwe uchida kutaura chokwadi hazvina kigadziriswa.Aippa haizati yabviswa,posa haisati yabviswa.Kana president vachida kuti ma elections ave free and fair ngavabvise mavuto akazara kumaruzeva uye ngavarege kuda manumbers emavoter slips avanhu.Iwehatina zvatingataura newe nokuti wakagara wangopfigwa mumuromo.naRobert zvakuti chose chine zita Z unobva waona sezvakanaka.Zvokuti wakangwara hazvishandi.zvokuti Chamisa aita marallies more than 10 handizvo zvoreva kuti mareforms akaitwa.kana uchibvumirana nazvo zvakangonaka chete.One Africa like what Mkanya said.

        • sarah Mahoka

          kkkk. Do you matter ? really? SADc just pronounced. That is all Govt Needs