Valentine’s love killer

Leonard Ncube Victoria Falls Reporter—
A SOLDIER who had visited his wife for Valentine’s Day allegedly tortured his uncle, military style, resulting in his death after his wife said he was proposing love to her. Corporal Bekithemba Sibanda, 27, stationed at 1.2 Infantry Battalion in Hwange, allegedly flew into a rage after his wife Angela Nyoni told him that his uncle Dumezweni Ngwenya, 42, was “troubling her.”
The incident happened on Saturday at about 8PM in Monde Village, about 15km outside Victoria Falls.

Sibanda, popularly known as “Mafana” in Ntabayengwe Village where he comes from, threw his Valentine’s Day plans out of the window and immediately called his uncle when his wife told him of Ngwenya’s amorous advances.
The older man came running after Sibanda claimed he had found a job for him.

The fuming soldier allegedly beat Ngwenya up, poured water on him, made him roll in muddy puddles and forced him to do hundreds of push-ups and sit-ups.

Family sources said the torture went on for hours until Ngwenya fractured an arm and could no longer do the push-ups.
“Bekithemba then took a huge stick and flogged Ngwenya to within an inch of his life. He was covered in mud and blood when he eventually staggered home. He was barely alive when we rushed him to hospital (Victoria Falls District Hospital) where he died on admission,” said a family source.

Police arrested Sibanda inside a Bulawayo-bound bus at around 11PM the same night.
The acting officer commanding Victoria Falls district, Superintendent Dominic Sibanda, said: “We received a report of a murder involving a crime of passion where a suspect used a switch to assault a man he suspected was having an affair with his wife after inviting him to his house saying he got him a job.”

He said a livid Sibanda thrashed his uncle with a switch when he pleaded for mercy after he could not do any more press-ups because his arm was broken.

Villagers around Monde under Chief Mvuthu area said they were still trying to come to terms with the incident.
“We heard that the woman reported to her husband that Ngwenya was proposing love to her. Her husband invited him to his homestead on the pretext that he had found him a job and an unsuspecting Ngwenya proceeded to the homestead not knowing that it was a trap,” said a neighbour from the village.

Another witness said an injured Ngwenya staggered to his homestead after the attack and his family immediately rushed him to Victoria Falls District Hospital where he was admitted but died moments later.

Sibanda fled from his homestead and went to Victoria Falls as he intended to board a bus and escape but was arrested when detectives swiftly reacted to a report.

Police said Sibanda is likely to appear in court today charged with murder.
Supt Sibanda advised members of the public to seek advice from elders in resolving disputes.

“We advise members of the public not to use violence in solving disputes. Crimes of passion are now very common and people should seek mediation from elders instead of resorting to violence,” he said.

The councillor for the area, Dennis Thebe, said they were shocked by the incident.
“We heard that Ngwenya died as soon as he was admitted to hospital and Sibanda claims he only used a switch to beat him up,” he said.

Another soldier, Learnmore Moyo, 25, from the same area and also stationed at 1.2 Infantry Battalion, is on the run after skipping bail in a case in which he allegedly severely assaulted Gabron Ncube, 45, at a beer drink at Chidobe Business Centre causing his death on June 7 last year.

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  • Ntozokubukwa

    Sewenzeni manje? Ayitshelwa indoda nxa ukhonjiswa!!

    • Construction Equipment

      Ungafundisi abafazi isiwule wena khikhitha lebhawa, yenza isiwule sakho wedwa swine!!

      • Ntate

        The did has been done. Hamba ejele ubone ukuthi umfazi uzaphetha ngani.

      • Suppoter

        Khikhitha when last did I hear this name ngaze ngahleka


    Banjalo abafazi nxa bekhonjiswa ngumuntu ongela lutho baphanga batshele amadoda abo ,kodwa nxa bekhonjiswa ngo somabhizimusi ….zwiii uze uzibonele wedwa ,so be warned madoda .


    Just imagine if ngwenya was a millionire ,this soldier could have lost his wife to ngwenya ,njalo njalo banengi abamkhombisayo lu mmfazi but why u NGWENYA ?????

  • Hayibo !

    What a stupid man !! Now you will be jailed for a very long time and that wife of yours will remain behind and will obviously go out with other men . The stupid wife was trying to make you think she is faithful when in fact she is a cheat . She wanted you to help her because she is the type that can not turn down any proposal of love from any man .
    Shame on you .

    • MakhosiXamu

      I am not agreeable to your assumptions ndoda. The uncle overstepped in his line of responsibility. Umfazi wenye indoda ngu ngunyokozala , period. You are justifying ubulema bendoda engela nhlonipho.

      • Sixpence

        I thought it was MaNdex tradition for a father or uncle to sample their son’s wives if they worked far away!

        • Ndaba

          Your name and your brain are worth the same. Where did you hear that rubbish?

  • Sekoes

    Mfana why have you done this ; you can solve a civil case by committing a criminal case , using military approach in all cases doesn’t work . I hope you will get light sentence Kesto who killed a fellow Kesto . anywhere such is life bmy Kesto

  • Essexvale

    Very sad ….. but then, affairs of the heart are often unpredictable and on many occasions end up in tragedy. The unfortunate parties need prayer..

  • Munationalist

    This young soldier have always been stupid and here we are, he is in prison just because he forced his wife to write names of man who were after her or had shown interest in her. The woman gave him a long list of which the deceased was number 2. He first called his first victim and also hit badly, This guy was the husband to this soldier’s wife, and the wife was brought up but this victim number one.
    The late was lured to this soldier’s place, because they are related, as usual the guy thought all was ok, unknowingly he met his death. Rest in peace man.

    - Do you kill a man for trying his luck on your wife guys?
    - Even if the guy was involved, do fight the man or let the loose woman go her way?
    - These two victims and others on the list were too many for a normal person to think there are all wrong, instead the issue was with the woman who now have a new lease of life. Free to choose any other man because this soldier is history.
    - Do you think the woman told his this soldier the true boyfriend or just used relatives to cover up.

    This rowdy young soldier should just rote in prison period, Lesson to other married man, never force your woman to divulge all men who tries their luck on her because 90% of your neighbors have done that already including your close friends.

  • Gogodera

    stupid ndebele guyz killing each other because of a ndebele prostitute wife

    • MakhosiXamu

      Your tribal comment is very offensive. Young man, you should apologise before I take the law it my own. Fights are found every where- amongst shonas and other tribes …….Mgodoyi.

    • Kuta Kinte

      I strongly hate such tribal comments. What is the difference between us Africans except the language. The so-called Gogodera, you are very retrogressive and these are such comments which should not be given space.

    • Jamaicanpass

      The communities of Monde aren’t Ndebele but Nambya having said that, there is somehow no way we can say this has to do with one’s tribe but just folly and over-zealousness on the part of these young soldiers. This is premeditated murder and now this woman will go looking for men and not the other way round.

    • Bambanani

      Your hate for amaNdebele is destroying your very own humanity. It isn’t doing any harm to the tribe that you hate so much, but just damaging your own mind.

      Hate is more dangerous to the hater than the hated. The hater feels the pain, but the hated has a choice to ignore the hater.

      Carry on hating and killing yourself emotionally.

    • Vusi

      WTF dude?

  • vusumuzi

    Why does the paper not erase gangerous TRIBAL MANTRA like the one from GOGOTERA?? Knowing what the feeling is amongst Shonas and Ndebeles in this country because of our History , allowing such utterance only adds to the hatred , and unless someone or some groups are benefiting , this should not be allowed. Obvoiusly the writer is basking in the “glory ” of negatives that befell other communities after gaining hard worn independence where all communities played active and very important roles in order for those in Power Toaday to be where they are. And the Chronicle paper itself , funded by Taxes has the ability and means to STOP IT yet it doen t !!!. Life is like a wheel

    • MaGumede

      I think that there are those that would like to keep the fire burning. This person comes on with many names like Tonde, Mike and Marcus. He is always on the same note insulting people from our region. If ever this column is being regulated this idiot should be sanctioned. It is one thing debating our differences and its another thing insulting other people. It is obvious that there are people within the chronicle that share his views and who is to say it is not someone that is within that paper who is doing it.

      • vusumuzi

        Uqinisile Sokhela , seeing what the Staff Line-Up is at Chronicle . It is a paper company where those with Power and Influence , including writers are not from the Region. Neither are the reporters as evidenced by their names. How can such reporters REPORT REAL FACTS ABOUT the area where the Paper is sold , when it engages those obviously clueless about the Community , Social and Cultural values of the community it serves. A lot is being sidelined in this region because of the compositon of the reporting staff. We miss a lot of Happenings and Events that take place here because wrong people are writing “our stories”. The heart of the Region is Emalokitshini , including the Western surbubs where the real Bulawayans are , yet the paper is just blank. Weddings , funerals , family gatherings of news worth reporting just go unnoticed because these guys emnploy kith and kin who leave e Sauerstown/ Queenstown . If only amongst us we could breed entrepreneurs who can replace most things Shonalised here; (Even Ndebele news zifundwa ngabesishoneni)abantwabethu ke. Surely someone is benefiting from all the tribal mantra

      • Gogotera,Tonde,Mike and Marcus

        I can see you are a bona fide Sherlock Holmes!

  • mawaya

    wena sifendukazi esingela nqodo manje uzimu luzalilungisa labakini nja yothuvi why kade umutshela yenalowo yedwa why ungamtshelanga abanye ngabe laso isifedukazi lesi liyasihambisa ejele siyinja asilaqondo ubulalisa umuntu but l dont think linomali loyi two