Vicious dogs kill four-year-old boy

Walter Mswazie Masvingo Correspondent—
A FOUR-YEAR-OLD boy was mauled to death while another 10-year-old child was left for dead allegedly by about eight vicious dogs in Masvingo’s Eastvale suburb. Success Kasanhayi of Shakashe Street was playing with four other children outside his parents’ house when the dogs belonging to Ahamad Amon and one Mukaratirwa pounced on him on Sunday at around 4 PM.

The dogs allegedly dragged Success into a nearby bush and mauled him all over the body, leaving him bleeding profusely. He was rushed to Masvingo General Hospital by one of the owners of the killer dogs, Amon, where he was pronounced dead hours after admission.

The dogs, which were roaming around the medium density suburb, allegedly set upon a 10-year-old boy, two hours after they pounced on Success. “When we were still seized with Success’ matter at the hospital, I received a call from home that my dogs had again attacked another boy. I then came back, only to find the boy writhing in pain with injuries on his hands and legs. I rushed him to hospital,” Amon said.

When The Chronicle visited Eastvale suburb at around 1PM yesterday police, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and officers from the department of veterinary services were hunting down the dogs.

By yesterday afternoon, they had tracked and put down four of the dogs. Success’ mother, Charity Mabhiza, 24, was distraught.

“I left my son at home playing with his friends while I went to buy some onions in town. My husband was at the shops,” she said. “On my way back, I met my husband and he instructed me to follow him without explaining where we were going. We then caught a taxi which was going to Masvingo General Hospital and when we got into the children’s ward, I was taken aback to see my son on life support.”

Mabhiza said she suspects that excessive bleeding caused her son’s death. The boy’s father, Grafton Kasanhayi, 30, said when he heard children screaming, he rushed to the scene but his son had already been rushed to hospital.

“It’s devastating but there is nothing we can do. But I feel the owners of the vicious dogs have a case to answer,” said Kasanhayi. Amon said he regretted the unfortunate incident. He said his dogs were last vaccinated four years ago and offered to have them put down.

“I want to testify that my dogs had not been vaccinated against rabies or any diseases for four years now. We last took them for vaccination in 2012. I’ve six vicious dogs and am keeping them for security reasons. I stay with my mother who is 94-years-old and she needs security since most of the time she’s left alone. Of late there are fuel thieves around and at one time I was a victim,” said Amon.

SPCA Masvingo provincial manager John Chikomo said if the dogs were not vaccinated, the owners should be charged by the police. “The owner of the six dogs told us that they were not vaccinated. That’s a crime on its own but it’s left to the department of veterinary service to write a report which will be used by the police to do their job,” said Chikomo.

He said the unfortunate incident could have been avoided if the dogs had been locked inside the yard. Acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Kudakwashe Dehwa confirmed the incident but said he was still waiting for finer details.

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  • Nonoe

    That is just sad! May the poor boy’s soul rest in peace

  • mthembo ozithembayo

    so sad, the local authority should also chip in and gun down all roaming dogs as a warning to their owners. Police should not hesitate to open fire on the dogs

  • khu

    the Vet dept and the Police should embark on constant patrols to deal with stray dogs at least BCC does that

  • Mixed Race

    This man’s excuse is really childish because these likker dogs were not guarding his old mother because these dog were roaming the streets.He should be charged for murder.I always advise my neighbours to ensure that their dogs are kept within their premises but these people think independence means we should break the normal bye-laws with impunity.No independence means we take responsibility for our security and economy seriously if we are to be a proud nation.
    BCC should eliminate all stray dogs and those found walking around streets and shopping centres with their owners without proper leashes.I have no mercy for those who complicate life for those who want to do their morning exercises because they afraid of these stray dogs.I love to keep dogs but I make sure that they have their 5 in 1 plus rabies injections every year around the beginning of January.Maximum number I keep is two according to the bye-laws.

    • Mixed Race

      correction-killer not likker

      • khulu undubeko

        l have a friend whose dog gave birth to six puppies then after a while the pups grew up and have their own pups he now has something like 20 dogs, when l tried to reason with him to sell some of the dogs, he responded rudely saying mind your own business are you the one who owns them neither have you seen me asking for their feed from you

    • Ya dotha kikd ma dog

      I should like to buy this story that these dogs used to provide security to his property. They must have breached the security somehow and got out of the yard. Most dogs left roaming the street are not that vicious. only those kept in doors behave this way. This was an unfortunate incident.

  • theza

    the veterinary should conduct house to house searches for dogs which are not vaccinated, this should be a lesson

  • Legal Eagle

    I cannot for the life of me why this Amon person speaks like he done a good service by rushing the child to hospital. A dog is a pet as well as a weapon with the purpose of defending ones home. As this is the case why are the authorities emphasizing more on the rabies certificate? A life has been lost and someone must answer. Many years ago a Minister’s dogs killed a person nothing was done. This situation is fit for precedent law. People who own dogs should keep them locked up in their yard and have them on a leash if walking them in public.If for example you left a loaded weapon in the street and some child picked it up you would be liable to prosecution because the Law requires gun owners to keep the gun locked up in a gun cabinet when not in use.There is no difference here. He should be charged with culpable homicide ( an act which has resulted in a person’s death but is held not to amount to murder.)

  • Mastermind

    I always complain about neighbors who keep dogs knowing well that their yards are not properly walled and gated. I hope they will learn from this incident.

  • blarazonke

    Sad story indeed. I can understand Amon’s trauma and confusion. I used to have a vicious dog in 2006 and we never let it out of the durawall until my sister visited from the rural home and decided to take a walk it to the near by shops. Boy oh boy I was at work, but when they phned me , they explained how the dog had set on a group of drunkards sitting outside a pub, sending all of them for cover inside despite showering their bottles at the dog. Unfortunately, there was a teenager who found himself barricaded outside the pub and the dog tore apart his butt. The first thing I did when I rushed home was to frantically look for the vaccination certificate, which fortunately I had done a month before, then rushed the boy to a private doc where I paid for the expensive injection. I was so traumatised because it could have been worse. I had to buy a new track bottom for the boy and I then asked the vet people to put it down to avoid a repeat which could have worse results.

    • Fred Muchena

      but this fool Amon allowed his dogs to roam freely on the streets, despite knowing how vicious they are. he deserves a lengthy prison term for culpable homicide.

    • popo

      where were the neighbors when all this was happening, the ones who are always looking outside for any news

      • blarazonke

        In middle density sometimes they don’t even know or talk to each other. Its not like Mucheke or Mbare or Mtapa were they share salt nepama window.

  • Fred Muchena

    this fool Amon allowed his dogs to roam freely on the streets, despite knowing how vicious they are. he deserves a lengthy prison term for culpable homicide.