VIDEO: RAPIST GOBLINS!. . . ‘Houses stoned, women sodomised & prophets flee’

Cowdray Park residents gather at the site of the cleansing ceremony (above)  and Mr Thabisani Ngwenya with one of the rocks allegedly thrown by the goblins

Cowdray Park residents gather at the site of the cleansing ceremony (above) and Mr Thabisani Ngwenya with one of the rocks allegedly thrown by the goblins

Nyaradzo Bakari, Chronicle Reporter
A PESKY goblin called Mike Maqobola is allegedly leading invisible beings to terrorise Cowdray Park residents, assaulting, sodomising and sleeping with women.

Sources from the suburb said they had called the goblin Maqobola, which is IsiNdebele for “hit with an object like a stone,” because it has developed a penchant for stoning residents.

Terrified residents last week each contributed $1 to hire wafa-wafas, goblin hunters from the Zion Church, from as far as South Africa to get rid of the randy “supernatural beings.”

Some residents shed tears after the wafa-wafas failed to deal with Maqobola and his alleged gang after a battle spanning about nine hours.

Goblins have, since 2015, been allegedly tormenting residents living in the Garikai section of Cowdray Park by stoning their houses or anyone who walks in the streets at night and “raping” women.

Thabisani Ngwenya

Thabisani Ngwenya

In October last year, Cowdray Park residents were relieved after a prophet, Lazarus Siziba destroyed a goblin named ‘Ernest Ndlovu.’

However, the peace was short-lived as Maqobola surfaced this year and forced some residents to flee their houses after allegedly vandalising their property.

The attacks are said to be happening at anytime of the day, with most of the action occurring at night.

Five women have reported the incidents at Luveve Police Station under RRB number 3270731.

“Prophets hired from South Africa on Monday failed to destroy the goblins and fled from the scene without solving anything,” a resident said yesterday.

Residents have since hired prophet Siziba who destroyed Ernest Ndlovu to help destroy the goblins.

When a Chronicle news crew visited the suburb yesterday, inexplicable banging sounds were heard on the roofs and walls, with residents alleging that it was the goblins.

Some were dodging stones but no one could tell the direction they were coming from.

In the afternoon tempers flared as residents gathered with the hope that a cleansing ceremony would be conducted by prophet Siziba since the South Africans had failed.

Prophet Siziba said he would cleanse the area this morning after an all-night vigil of prayer and singing.

“I will have a vigil with a few interested residents as we try to trap these goblins and consult the spirit. Tomorrow (today) morning we will then perform a ceremony to destroy the goblins so that people may live peacefully,” he said.

Residents who spoke to The Chronicle said the globins resurfaced on May 17.

Councillor Collet Ndlovu

Councillor Collet Ndlovu

“It all started on May 17; at first we thought it was children playing outside who were throwing stones but at night the sounds continued. Our asbestos sheets are being damaged and our windows are broken by the goblins. In some houses you find a huge stone inside even if doors were locked and we always wondered where they were coming from,” said Mr Thabisani Ngwenya.

Women said they were not at peace as the goblins were taking turns to “have sex with them.”

“I have known no peace in my life. Every night the goblins have sex with me. I can actually feel the penetration but cannot tell where it will be coming from. I have had to flee my house late in the night to consult prophets for help,” said a woman who cannot be named for ethical reasons.

She said the goblin would at times sodomise her.

Some residents said food was mysteriously disappearing and their children cried non-stop every night.

“In some cases our food disappears and we cannot tell where the food is gone. For example, the mealie meal I usually buy to last us more than two weeks now lasts less than that. We need people to help us cleanse this place. We don’t have peace in our homes. Our children cry every night for no reason,” said another resident who preferred anonymity.

The residents’ association chairman Mr Johannes Nyoni said the ‘fake’ prophets who were hired from South Africa on Monday failed to destroy the goblins and fled from the scene after falsely accusing a number of residents of being the owners of the goblins.

“The prophets who came here seem to have been after money. They kept pointing to people’s houses claiming that’s where the goblins where but when we got to the houses nothing was found. An altercation ensued between one of the men who was said to have goblins and the prophet when they found nothing at his house,” he said.

“The prophets ended up leaving without even doing anything as the goblin kept attacking people even during the cleansing ceremony.”

Cowdray Park Councillor, Collet Ndhlovu said residents had contributed money to hire the South Africans to cleanse the area.

“Each household contributed $1 for us to hire ‘wafa-wafas’ (also known as tsikamutandas) to try and find a solution to our problem. We hired a number of them, with some coming from South Africa and some from Kezi but they failed,” he said.

He said Siziba was suitable for the cleansing as he had experience in destroying goblins.


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    why wasting time and money paying “prophets” who are not prophets. True Prophets of God do not charge for helping people. Chronicle should address these people by their real titles .You cant call a traditonal healer a Doctor- Doctor of what? They are WITCH DOCTORS. Underline the word “witch” they are of the same family -They practice witchcraft . Its their trade. They do divination and its an abomination before God. God hates this. People of Cowdry Park , There is a Man of God in the city who can deliver you from these demonic attacks. Its absolutely free, you dont pay anything. Dont be deceived by these fake prophets who call themselves “prophets” they dont even read the Bible , No revelation, No Word , Zero. Thats why the Bible say ‘My people perish because of lack of knowledge Hosia 4;6 This Man of God am talking about is highly anointed, guess what??? He does not even have to come there, Just a word!!!!!! He will just say a word and demons will flee in seven directions

    • Magic Mushroom

      You need help!!

      • benjamin


        • Magic Mushroom

          Im just not a religious person Ben, sorry…. When i hear this rubbish about God saving the day, i just start laughing.

  • Brutal Truth

    Where lack of basic conventional education abounds, superstition & a whole lot of mythical nonsenses also flourish.

    • Doctor Do little

      That can be said of people country wide. The “diesel from the rock” comes to mind.

      • Bird Eye Chilli

        Hahahahahaaaa!!! Joke of the century!!!

    • Wellington

      No wonder the country is in such a mess

  • Njabulo Bhebhe

    Too many idle minds emalokitshini!!! Councillor Collet-who is supposed to provide enlightened leadership- looks semi-literate and uncouth and sounds deeply superstitious!!

    • Doctor Do little

      This is a problem that we are always going to face. We have leaders that are supposed to lead an yet they get involved in a lot of superstitious Mumbo Jumbo. It does not help as well that the Police force and many Politicians are superstitious in a serious way. This is not only in Zimbabwe. In 2009
      Police in Nigeria arrested a goat on suspicion of attempted armed robbery.
      Vigilantes seized the black and white goat, saying it was an armed robber who had used black magic to transform himself into an animal to escape after trying to steal a Mazda 323.’The group of vigilante men came to report that while they were on patrol they saw some hoodlums attempting to rob a car. They pursued them. However one of them escaped while the other turned into a goat,’ A State police spokesman said whilst they could not confirm the story, the goat was in custody.

      • Ndabezimbi

        How then do you explain the reports of all these women?

        • Doctor Do little

          This could be attributed to Mass hysteria which is defined as an imagined or assumed threat that causes physical symptoms among a large number of people. Groups of people can start having real symptoms and hallucinations just from stories they hear. There is no real explanation for why mass hysteria happens. It just does. Hysteria was the first mental disorder attributed to women (and only women) with symptoms including hallucinations, emotional outbursts nervousness, and various urges of the s*xual variety.

          • benjamin

            Very good!!! MASS HYSTERIA!!!

      • Essexvale

        True! The goat thing gave me a good laugh. I missed that one when it occurred. Anyway, you’ve made my day!! Yet to be serious, I must agree with the gist of your comment to a great degree; at least may I say this in relation to the scientific perspective from which you apparently speak. I however, prefer to to look at this thing from the Christian aspect. As such, I weep for Africa; a continent that is firmly in bondage to the occult regarding witchcraft and other dabbling in the supernatural. Yes, other nations outside the continent do also have adverse cultural practices linked to evil. However, I write as an African and my concern is for Africa first. My opinion? Africa needs, in a very committed way, to seek Almighty God through the only access way who is our Saviour Jesus Christ . It’s time that we take careful stock of our cultural practices and discard those that represent evil. My prayers are for our home continent!

        • Doctor Do little

          My friend I also am a Christian but I believe that God works through men and so does the Devil. Hence as a Christian all these things cannot affect you. I know you are aware of what hypnosis is about. Defined it is induction of a state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction. I would suggest to you that humans that are disciples of evil can use this supposed to be a gift for evil purposes. My point here is that Goblins and mermaids do not exist but there are people that have the gift of power of suggestion that can influence large numbers of people. There are even Politicians with that aurer around them that hypnotize you when they speak. We had one of our own in Zimbabwe. There are also people with mental conditions that makes them see things or hear voices as there are conditions that make people talk to themselves. A lot of the Devils work is carried out by humans and in my opinion none by Goblins.

          • Essexvale

            As a Christian, I must disagree with your assertion that goblins had nothing to do with the strange happenings mentioned in the story. I do not dispute your claim to be a Christian, yet it should be plain knowledge that in the spiritual aspect, there are supernatural beings called demons, who are in actual fact the one third of heaven’s angels who together with their leader, the evil one, were expelled from that holy realm for rebelling against Almighty God. According to the Holy Bible, ghosts, goblins or demons are just another name for these evil spirits who persistently do their leader’s bidding.

          • Doctor Do little

            Yes of course but would I be far from wrong in saying that demons are within human beings? For example is it not demonic to use the power of suggestion and knowledge of the uses of hypnosis and other mind control methods used for evil purposes? The accuracy of the bible can never be doubted and at the same time those given the wisdom and vision on things to come and things around during that time can we say that they were trying to interpret it in the best way possible baring in mind that they could not interpret what was to come as it is because they could not know at the time that anti aircraft weapons firing were not scorpions spitting fire as described in revelations and snakes swallowing people as being bullet trains. That in itself proves the existence of God by how close these prophecies are to what we see today. Having said that I do appreciate your input and of course I stand to be corrected. I just think there is a closer connection to Christianity and science that we might think.

          • Essexvale

            Bullet trains ….. hahahahaha; yes, I like that! Anyway, although I respect your wise opinions, this time I am committed to believe solely in the Word of Almighty God. Speculation or philosophising on it’s content may force one into compromising the truth. It is a dangerous precedent that one must wisely avoid.

          • Doctor Do little

            A very wise stance. I will bare that in mind. Thanks.

          • Essexvale

            The Bible refers to these evil beings as familiar spirits.

  • Magic Mushroom

    Is this article real? Sounds like a fairy tails…

  • Wellington

    No wonder we are where we are as a country, believing in such nonsense and hogwash

    • Ndlukula Ye Sizwe

      Nonsense really? Just because you got a BSc from Lupane State you now think witch craft and the occult does not exist. After all the evidence we Africans have seen and heard throughout the centuries? Please give us a break with your wannabe modern views. Witchcraft exists my friend and deep down you know it and are terrified, thats why after this story you probably wont even allow your wife to visit Garikai.

      If you believe in God you also must believe the devil and demons exist, therefore these incidences of these goblins or whatever are probably real especially since so many people are testifying to this
      Science cannot explain/solve this hence these poor people end up calling in fake prophets/izinyanga who end up conning them. Its sad. The devil is at war knowing his time is short

    • benjamin

      Very true my friend. And with all this hype about Zim having the highest literacy rate in Africa, it’s so baffling as to how a resident fails to realise that whoever is stoning them are criminals or vandals perhaps even working in cahoots with the so called prophets. Any civilised person would not be expected to point to goblins after failing to sleep from sounds emanating from the ceiling. Are rats, doves, pigeons, owls, house sparrows etc now extinct? How about loose roof panels banging against each other in the wind? About women being raped, that’s all myth and plain psychological. The human mind is so powerful that it can bring into existence (within the psychic) what actually does not exist. If I were to believe that last night I saw a goblin under the cover of a certain bush many people walk past at night, sooner or later a lot of the people who traverse that path at night will start “seeing things” and believing there is a goblin there.

      • Wellington

        well said thank you

    • Tholombo

      nc nc nc nc… let it happen to you, you will see that its real. if God is there, then the devil is there, if there is good, then there is bad. african magic is real

  • qondani

    Siziba solver

  • chrogic

    He has the information,and you are just plain jealous!