Violent brawl as underworld ‘coup’ erupts in Cape Town

Cape Town — A ruthless coup has turned the Cape’s underworld upside down, with one group forcibly starting to take control of the nightclub security business following a massive brawl between rivals.

News24 understands the fighting started at an auction site in the northern suburbs on Wednesday morning and quickly escalated, leading to a businessman and his allies taking over security operations at a well-known city centre strip club shortly before midnight.

The group that took over the club is said to be linked to a notorious convict based in Johannesburg.

Some of the Western Cape’s most controversial business figures, including Mark Lifman and Andre Naude, have confirmed to News24 that they were present when fighting broke out in a residential area earlier on Wednesday.

The businessman apparently at the centre of the friction, Nafiz Modack, who was previously linked to an alleged scam involving luxury cars and whose LinkedIn profile says he works at Protection Services International, on Thursday replied to emailed questions from News24.

“I did warn them u wana take wats mine il take wats yours 2nyt an I dun just that, im no gangster im a businessman and only fear god no one else [sic],” he said.

Tensions apparently started mounting on Wednesday morning in Richwood, where a property of Modack’s went under the hammer.

A source with intimate knowledge of what happened said that the property was being auctioned off as part of a voluntary sequestration process.

However, the source said that because a buyer had already been found, the auction was not meant to go ahead. However, it did.

Modack, the source said, then went to the property to try and iron out the matter. The source said Lifman was there and this was when tension between the two started mounting.

— Sapa


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