VP Chiwenga warns MDC Alliance against kindergarten promises

President Emmerson Mnangagwa receives a football jersey inscribed number 9 and a ball from Brazilian football legend Julio Baptista, while Vice President Constantino Chiwenga (left) looks on

President Emmerson Mnangagwa receives a football jersey inscribed number 9 and a ball from Brazilian football legend Julio Baptista, while Vice President Constantino Chiwenga (left) looks on

Felex Share, Harare Bureau
Zanu-PF which launched its election campaign yesterday, said it is now time to dismantle MDC-Alliance’s juvenile politics which have seen its leader Mr Nelson Chamisa going around the country making startling kindergarten promises to the electorate.

Mr Chamisa, who is the MDC Alliance’s presidential candidate for the harmonised elections expected by the end of July, has become a laughing stock for his unattainable proposals which include introducing bullet trains and constructing airports in rural areas.

Zanu-PF Second Secretary and Vice President Cde Constantino Chiwenga yesterday told delegates who graced the manifesto and election launch that the revolutionary party would resoundingly cruise to victory as nothing stood in its way.

He said the election campaign launch was the first step in the dismantling of MDC Alliance’s “make-believe dreams”.

Cde Chiwenga said instead of going around peddling falsehoods, Mr Chamisa should first deal with the legitimacy woes he was facing.

“We shall have time to dismantle their little, make-believe dreams as we get down to real campaign work,” he said.

“Before they tackle our icon, could they do their own supporters a small favour by resolving legitimacy issues that dog and haunt them!

“We excuse them for being too young to have participated in the struggle. But we cannot excuse them from mounting a bid for national leadership from a pilfered party crown!”

Mr Chamisa’s legitimacy problems mounted when MDC-T president Dr Thokozani Khupe held a successful congress in Bulawayo two weeks ago.

Dr Khupe was elected MDC-T leader during the congress and is in the process of recalling from Parliament officials aligned to Mr Chamisa.

She has also written to Parliament recalling Mr Chamisa himself.

Cde Chiwenga said elections presented the electorate with contending visions meant to transform the society but Mr Chamisa was openly selling the voters dummies.

“The courted and concussed voter has to read, weigh and decide from a welter of competing visions,” he said.

“But visions are deeper and a more serious affair for transforming nations, impacting a people not childish dreams which excite rude passions, while not surviving even the most charitable scrutiny. We hear such child-like and childish talk designed to transform make-believe worlds fit for the painter’s canvas, never phases to be lived and enjoyed. Bullet trains! Spaghetti Roads! Rural Airports! Cellphones for Animal Kingdoms! All such and much more crazy ideas to come.”

Cde Chiwenga went on: “Until we ask ourselves why pretenders who sell us such convoluted dummies cannot manage small traffic in our real world cities and municipalities which they control and run! Why reach Bulawayo in 40 minutes when Harare workers can’t reach Kuwadzana in five hours? What open cans of spaghetti when potholes straddle single lane roads in the city centre? Shouldn’t these starry-eyed juvenile politicians take us to Mabvuku after a hard day’s work before they put us on ‘Apollo 11’ to the Moon?”

The MDC-T run councils have failed on service delivery with several of its councillors being arrested on corruption charges.

Cde Chiwenga said Zanu-PF was built on principles of internal democracy and servant leadership that served with integrity.

“The national economy must now recover and grow so the youths have jobs,” he said.

“The national stomach must always eat plentifully so no one goes hungry. Agriculture must succeed. The minerals must become usable wealth which looks after our people. We hear you loud and clear. Tourism must grow. So, too, must our infrastructure which must be made modern and which must speak to the infrastructure of the region so we become a real hub of the region.”

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  • Mumanyikawakaroka

    Stop this regitimesi issue Cde, you are all irregitimeti. Only say ED ZANU PF is a better devil than ECD-Alliance. I was going through your divorce case with Joyce and looking only at rings, gold-, gold-diamond and gold-emerald rings etc etc I got convinced that people of your prosperity have no more need to steal. Actually all of you cannot be stealing any more, even the Most Obidient Son. That’s why I say Vote Ngwena and ZANU-PF, rather than voting somebody still hungry who still needs to fill his stomach and pockets first.

    • Rod Strictland V2.02

      Yo Sorry maybe it’s me who has uh problem but ah think you just said nuttin’. Zero, non, nuttin’!! slap mah fro!

  • chitayitayi

    Our leaders should talk about bread and butter issues,we do not care which parties are contesting and what legislative issues.We want facts and we the voters will analise and decide.We will listen to everyone view,todzeya ,toyisa x panofanira based on facts and history.Politicians must avoid going into other parties issues as they are diverting focus,we are focused on deliveries only.

    • takunda nigel

      We really should be more concerned about social issues and less absorbed by political issues . The President has said so also . He can afford to say so because in his Party everyone knows what system of government the people who matter want and need . They all say they want a system that sympathises with the weak in society while facilitating the rise of all who aspire higher . Ndiko kuronga kwavarikuita .
      Mozvonzwa Chamisa woti “ndichatanda nhingi nanhingi ” . But , Mr Pastor , how will you chase those people when they are the people we make progressive arrangements with ? Can it be really true you want to do as Tony Blair did , to renege on an international agreement ?
      If we can find a way of avoiding this chaotic situation in our thinking about our State , specifacally , if there were some guarantee that we wont be free today , colonised tomorrow , it would be very easy to pull all the potential of Zimbabwe in one direction with amasing results ..

      • Tavaka Zhou

        Mugabe wakatotandwa in case you missed it.

        • takunda nigel

          Recalled , not chased away . Dziidzai kutaura chokwadi .

          • Tavaka Zhou

            The tanks went into the street 1st. Taura chose chokwadi

          • takunda nigel

            Of course , tanks use streets or bush . Its only bullet trains that use rails with magnetic suspensions .
            But maybe that is not what you insinuate .
            Well , our covert institutions rely on forewaning , intelligence and in this case they knew well before hand that the criminal element had hired some snipers to help pave the way to Gire`s take over of the Party and Gvt leadership . So it was clear that unless there was a deterent show of force and capability , a bloody war was in the offing . Thus , once again , our patriotic forces put theselves between the criminal element and its hired assassins and the people of Zimbabwe , the YOU and me .
            That development had its own psychology in that seeing the boys venjombo in the streets , the main criminal strategists had to be realistic and make a run for life .
            Conclusion ? Valued lives saved , yours included .

          • Roddy

            Bull Crap

          • takunda nigel

            You can say that because you were saved . Telling from your rush to reply , your chances in a civil war can confidently be put close to zero .

  • Pams

    A kindergarten promise is when Zanu Pf promises 2 million jobs and creates none then comes back 5 years later and say we will built 1.5 million middle income houses in the next 5 years as they have just promised in their attempt of a manifesto. Bullshit !!!!!

    • takunda nigel

      Making an application to the Courts and fumming when the courts rule “not in your favour ” is kindergaten tantrum at its worst . Subsequent appeals just confirm the immaturity . In fact , Grace`s PhD might just be among many illgotten , unmerited certificates ! Chamisa is a nonStarter .

  • Cde

    Zimbabwe has a history of unity govt thats a fact a real solution ..rule it alone u will be couped..from Mzili to Mugabe..We demand Unity Govt …Chamisa Vice President..Nkosana Prime Min…Vice PM Khupe

    • takunda nigel

      Mbombera yenyu yamunoti Alliance yatanga kumwashuka .
      I do not think we should concern ourselves much about ZANU PF`s electability when experience has shown again and again that it is its unelectability that must be treated as a very rare event indeed .
      The Mbombera under liarboy Chamisa could only be electable if more than two fifths of ZANU PF memberts were irredemeably gillible . A proposition which is totally alien to Magamba and their faithful patriotic supporters .

      • Simango

        Why are you so clueless. What happened to ZANU Pf? G40 and Lacoste are these not factions. Even if you stand on Mt Everest and denounce Chamisa I will always or will always vote for him than to elect harahwa isu vanoda mabasa tiripo

        • takunda nigel

          Machinda echimanjemanje ! BitCoin enthusiasts !
          But I doubt you could be so empty headed like that Chanyiswa Trump poodle .

    • takunda nigel

      Did Chamisa promise you his sister for saying such nonsensical stupidity ? What do you intend to do with a liar`s sister even if she may be honourable ?

  • Zvobgo

    Some of us dont see Chamisa saying that…
    We only see the scarf and its wife on telly
    Thus we cant take the scarf’s vice seriously when he says Chamisa this Chamisa that….

    • takunda nigel

      Be serious , Zvobgo . Chamisa who is in a losing fight with the Courts at this time can not be serious about leading Zimbabwe . So . if I may ask , how can you take him seriously ? What`s gotten into you , mfanami ?

      • Zvobgo

        Hold horses….
        I believe in 1 Kings 3: 16 where the real mother won her baby from a cunning yet foolish woman

    • takunda nigel

      Clean your ears to hear . Wash your face to see . Not Particle Physics that .

      • Tavaka Zhou

        Ndiwe or nguwe asinganzvi clean your ears and know that even Mugabe knows ED and his junta are unelectable

        • takunda nigel

          Look up . do not look down to pick some discarded piece of irrelevance .

        • takunda nigel

          Will ndingu do ? Or we could adopt NDUGU from Swahili .

      • Zvobgo

        Dzoku Paramende hadzieyende kumatare: remember iya Mr Roy Bennett vs Cde Patrick Chimamiswa was dealt with the legal komitea

        • takunda nigel

          I guess you must be right here . Thanks for info .

  • Gatsheni

    Chiwenga with his black and white hands, why bleach old man…come on its embarrasing buka manje ukuthi ubukeka njengoPopeye

    • takunda nigel

      Ok if you are a woman . Otherwise , men who are into cosmetics , those who busy themselves with other people`s complexions were described looooooooong ago as worse than them pigs and hwawuz !

  • Sol

    And your habit of threatening workers for withdrawing labour should stop forthwith. You have made false promises since independence


    I dont think this so called VP knows the meaning of the word Juvenile. Since when has a 40 year old a Juvenile? Please stick to Chewa, Nyanja and Shona and stop venturing into English. Its too complicated for you!

    • takunda nigel

      DO you and your english ! The Queen included !

      • Fellon

        Yo Why did dey gots they father’s surname an’ not yours? brace yo’self foo’!

        • takunda nigel

          Again and again till you sizzle !

    • Roscoe


    • takunda nigel

      Of course , he knows . In this case he correctly uses the word as a synonym of puerile , infantal .
      Now , whatever yoour relationship is to English , , you do not know it so well as to usurp , Chamisa style , the right to forbid or hinder anyone using it in the way they like .
      I see you did not have the blessing of acquanting yourself with the writings of Bernard Shaw on linguistic freedom . You still can consult Noam Chomsky , tho . Mr Dofo !

  • Chipoto vhaivhai

    Was it not Kasukuwere who was throwing spanners in the works when councils wanted to develop their areas? Was he MDC? Stupid fool.

    • takunda nigel

      How could it have been MDC when MDC never concerbed itself with development ? MDC aims to create a dust storm and under its cover to slither its way to State House .

      • Simango

        But you created dust as ZANU in November so that Dambudzo may go to state house. Usanano tsotso iri muziso remumwe usingaoni a Gumtree in yours kkkkkkkkkkest chisa mbama chisa

        • takunda nigel

          Correction , Simango : After watching the undressing of the liar unlimited on BBC Hardtalk , I realize what I thought was dust is actually mind fog .
          In November we restored the Legacy of the Revolution . Out of that came the new dispensation which no fool can label dust without deep self-introspection .
          If after that self introspection you still think it was dust , then , maMai , hit the road towards Ingutheni . You will be there in no time if you are young enough to wait for bullet trains that move at 800km/ hour !

          • Cha misa

            You are History you fool. If you cannot see that then you are very thick.

          • takunda nigel

            It is not about me , mister . It is about your chances of testing power , assuming you want to try your ideas to develop Zimbabwe .
            Ngatiti Mai vako vanofudza madhongi . Ko baba vako vanosweroitei ?

  • marsha laul

    That is photo shop at its worst!!