VP Mujuru: The charges

VP Mujuru

VP Mujuru

Harare Bureau
FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe yesterday said Vice President Joice Mujuru did not deserve a day longer in office because she was corrupt and incompetent.
Cde Mujuru had risen beyond her capabilities and should now vacate her station, the First Lady told thousands of war veterans and senior government officials who gathered at her children’s home in Mazowe yesterday to support her elevation to lead the Zanu-PF Women’s League.

Despite her unbridled ambition, Cde Mujuru had reached her ceiling, the First Lady said.

“We know her capabilities and we know those who can reach President Mugabe’s levels and she isn’t one of them,” she said.

“In my view, I don’t think she is fit to lead this great country. One, she survives on extortions and does not want to work for herself. Two, she wants to grab power from the President illegally. Three, all minerals you declare that they’re yours and four, you’re incompetent.”

The First Lady said the British and Americans had decided to destroy Zanu-PF by working with elements within the party like Cde Mujuru.

“They saw that she is unscrupulous, she’s someone without principles and they wanted to use someone from within the party,” she said. “She was given money and some things to give people. You saw that money being used during the Youth Conference. Have you ever seen the President doing that, coming down to the cell level to organise people, imposing people?”

She said VP Mujuru was plotting against President Mugabe day and night and was using people like Zanu-PF Mashonaland East chairman Cde Ray Kaukonde to achieve her ambitions.

“She has her agents that she uses like Kaukonde. Kaukonde is in my sights, I’m targeting him big time. I said that the factionalism demon started in Mashonaland Central, and this Kaukonde also has that demon. That demon will come out. Kaukonde is Mujuru’s runner, he gets told to go to such and such a company and demand 10 percent (shareholding). He takes that money and buys our people,” she blasted.

The First Lady revealed that Vice President Mujuru duped the ruler of Ras al Khaimah, Sheikh Saud Al Qasimi, of millions of dollars in a botched diamonds deal and engaged in other sordid deals for her personal benefit.

She said VP Mujuru engaged in many other illicit deals by abusing her office. Apart from duping Sheikh Al Qasimi, VP Mujuru also holds shareholding in Africa Consolidated Resources, a company she wanted to use to plunder diamonds at Marange.

The First Lady promised to divulge more of VP Mujuru’s corrupt deals in the near future, saying she had only told “a quarter” of her nefarious activities.

“They formed a company called ACR for them to loot diamonds, gold and every mineral in Zimbabwe,” she said. “Their efforts were rejected in 2006 when the government said diamonds belonged to Zimbabweans and not one family. Recently, she brought a man from the United Arab Emirates, who had been lied to and told to buy shares in ACR on the pretext that it had diamond claims. Some $10 million was exchanged, and I guess that’s the money we see being splashed around,” the First Lady charged.

“She lied in the full knowledge that diamonds are for the state. What sort of human being does that?”

She said the VP entered into the arrangements as a way of raising money to fund her ambitions to succeed President Mugabe.

VP Mujuru exchanged visits with Sheikh Al Qasimi last year and a number of memoranda of understanding in the areas of energy, mining and pharmaceuticals were signed. But nothing has materialised from the visits.

Further, the First Lady said VP Mujuru owned 10 percent shareholding in Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe, the publishers of the Daily News that has been at the forefront of attacking her.

She said the newspaper was being used to tarnish her image.

“Did you know that she holds 10 percent shareholding in the Daily News? That’s why you see the newspaper writing negatively about Grace Mugabe every day. I don’t know if they see me as a toilet, that when they want to do a dump they just run there,” she said.

The First Lady said she had been quiet for too long, but had now decided to reveal the Vice President’s underhand dealings.

“I never wanted to go public in this way, but the way she has treated me has pushed me to the edge. I’ll stop here because your eardrums will burst if we’ve to catalogue all of this woman’s shenanigans,” she said.

She described the VP as an extortionist and dared her to publicly deny the allegations.

“Let her come here and deny, let’s see. Is this the behavior of someone who wants to rule this country? That’s extortion. You go and threaten people because of your position, blackmailing people saying if you don’t sign up to this then you’re not going to be allowed in Zimbabwe. The white people, some of whom we repossessed land from, they had companies which they started. We also have indigenisation – Mujuru and her family are there. I’m telling you what I know. We don’t want that, and above all, you’re undermining the authority of the Head of State organising at night. When you see him in the day, you lie that you love him, when you’re lying. She must stop it!”

She said rowdy youths in Mashonaland East had been paid $75 each last Friday to disrupt her Meet the People rally in Marondera.

VP Mujuru, the First Lady said, wanted to bribe her by donating $10,000 to Danhiko last month where the First Lady is the patron.

“She said I want to raise money for you. I said I don’t want hand-outs. I borrow from the bank if I need money. I just saw an envelope with $10,000, trying to bribe me with money. I can’t be bribed,” she said.



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  • koka

    No comment. I will relax and enjoy this circus. kodwa ke ngibona omunye esifa lapha.

    • MehlokaMthwakazi

      kkkkkkkk , Grace is already dead , she doesn’t have fear , almost like a dead man .

      • koka

        Lets hope she does soon. I hate people that abuse their positions and start making all sorts of allegations without accompaying proof. I dont condon corruption but if digrace is got something on Mujuru she must just give to chronicle to publish.

  • used condom

    the shalowness of Dr Dis Grace is just heart breaking, the civilised world does not work like that sisi you need to prove your allegations dear, people are not removed from their post in rallies.

    • MehlokaMthwakazi

      You are my Mentor of today , well spoken , thank you .
      But one thing please , change your name , your brains are better and doesn’t resemble the signs of a used condom

  • Bongani Dlamini

    Siyabonga sisi Dr G. If she is corrupt she must resign now. Those that are saying you aren’t the right person to demand that she goes are insane. We saw her publicly trying to protect the cashberts.

  • xaba

    is forced resignation allowed?usually the Zim government has been known to respect the time one has spent on a particular post. She cant just be told to step down, is it correct according to the laws of the land and what does the constitution say.

  • Disgrantled

    Zvese zvese ndini ndakazviita kuti zviitike. Mai Mujuru ivava ndini ndakava appointer He chino nechino ndini ndakachiita. Ngwarira zvaunotaura.

    • Sam bogga

      This then means that she’s the one who is ruling this country

  • Jotham

    So you were watching ?. Hmmmm Xaba yeka ukuxabana labanye.

    • jojochenjera

      “If no one was mentioned by name you think it is your God-given right to make fun (sic) conclusions” (Chronicle, 15th October, 2014). Eyomdeni ayingenwa. Do you remember this, Yotam?

      • Jotham

        Hmmmmm , now you are after my neck. At times you are too silent , it appears as though you are becoming another Mujuru.

        • jojochenjera

          I’m back with a bang, breathing fire. When I said Grace was power-hungry you chose to shoot me, the messenger.

          Anyways, in another post, I did say ‘Silence is golden’ for a good reason. That said, I support neither Mujuru nor Grace. What I find abhorrent is Graces’ verbal diarrhea. Using and abusing grown men to further her political ambitions is not on.

  • Dumbarashe

    Please….these are not official “charges” as you put it. This is just Grace Mugabe ranting as she likes to do. mathuthu we know you are doing your best to make professor moyo happy, but grow up, there is a future to think about

  • G Dawg

    She is doing the right thing. Example: Robert abuses the British and American political leadership. They do not comment at all and I guess they say he’s crazy. I am sure Dr. Mujuru is saying Grace’s husbands sickness is contagious and like Ebola Grace has it now, so ignore her

    • Jotham

      Those are mere generalisations, assumptions and wild guesses or claims – Grace went public and thus we expect Mujuru to go public as well.

      • G Dawg

        I am not saying Mujuru is clean. No. I don’t believe anyone in ZPF is clean. I am suspicious of the timing and if Mujuru is engaging in illegal dealings it is a matter for the police and resigning only is not the answer here. Looks like the only motive here is for her to resign. That is wrong. Mujuru should be held to account. I haven’t read anywhere where Grace is calling for the law enforcement agencies to investigate her claims. From where I stand it looks like smear campaign. unfortunately it is sanctioned from the top and it is clear.

      • tsk tsk

        Horrible logic.
        Don’t argue with a fool. From a distance people can’t tell the difference between you and a nugbag typist. Even if she’s a dawk-tor.

      • MehlokaMthwakazi

        Grace is a none thinker like you , she is to reactive to the issues like you , Mujuru’s response should be a proactive
        one , what is the point of going to the media and start barking in public, sign of madness .

        • Jotham

          All politicians love the press eventually she will go public – efuna noma engafuni. Lonyaka bazalala bekhangele that is for sure. The congress is just by the corner 30 days from now. Chamisa versus Mwonzora – the drama from this group is ending next week. Power – hmmmmmm how i wish I was a politician I would deal decisively with Seles. MehlokaMthwakazi, jojonjera, Xaba and all the hogwash peddlers.

          • Seles

            How mfowethu? By bumping me off my bicycle? kkkkkkkkkk go to Harare and talk to the boys dzemasutu enavy. Maybe ungasikwanisa.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ThembaniNyoniByo ThembaniNyoni

    Dr. Grace Mugabe, ensure that VP Mujuru is finished off such that she will not assume the Presidency later on. Because in the post-Mugabe era there shall be consequences if the Mujuru faction prevails on the presidency. Mark my words! Including at surface level you being charged in a court of law with character assassination and beyond the rind of things vengeance machinations that shall completely destroy whatever will be remaining of your political and material riches.

  • MehlokaMthwakazi

    Definitely she is under the influence of drugs , certainly she will do so soon .kkk

  • xaba

    Dr. G. cannot single handendly remove the VP.it is not according to section 97 of the constitution of Zimbabwe amendment no. 20 which reads in part (1) The senate and the National Assembly, by a joint resolution passed by at least one half of their total membership, may resolve that the question whether or not the ………………………………..should be removed from office for……………..

    • Jotham

      This is what I call a well researched contribution, now you are becoming a true professional. Mujuru can resign on her own accord – firing her is not possible right now.

      • Seles

        Xaba has always been one. It is just that you were not taking him seriously all along. Welcome aboard. Kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • nono

    me l think grace is really mad cause all thi is a defamation of character and becarefull cause she is going to die soon once she does this carelessly did she go to war and in capabilities does she want her friends to get into the what is she ( grace) targeting when her (grace) friends into those post look at the issuue l assalute you mai mujuru it shows you are an mature person with that may God guide am sure this is a great controvesy for sure between satan and the devil lets see who wins obvious satan will loose but in who is satan between grace and mujuru secondly grace mad a mistake on pointing out one person out of all zanupf government they are alll crooks in zanupf and noone is innocent even you grace you also corrupt
    tell us when did you start your phd and for how long have you been in that target?

  • ubabamkhulu

    we don’t need the demos or violence we are a peaceful country. What the lady is saying is part of politics

  • Jotham

    Kikikikikikiiiiiiiiiiiiii – the helicopter story , kikikikikiiiiii. At times I wonder whether you have a bed at home or uzilahla phansi njenge nyoka- no sane person can utter such hogwash talk.

    • MehlokaMthwakazi

      Your confrontation is up to zero , the helicopter story is from Mujuru , tahts her history , now is hogwash from me , yeyi ngizokuloya wena , becareful .

      • Jotham

        My friend don’t send me ondofa. Those things don’t affect me – I belong to the all mighty. The next coming week I won’t a bother to you for 5 days, the platform is all yours.

  • jojochenjera

    You must be a nutbag. Are you even thinking? Like seriously? So Dr. Grace is now the court, judge and jury? In any event, does Dr. Grace have clean hands?

  • jojochenjera

    Silence is golden. I’m sure you learnt that much, even in primary school. Why should Mujuru stoop so low as to emulate a lunatic?

    • Seles

      Besides, they say if you argue with a fool ….

      • jojochenjera

        Spot on Sir/Madam!

        • Seles

          Guys guys guys. Omunye ebengikhombisa nje just last week. Does my contributions have a feminine touch, I wonder.

          • jojochenjera

            I guess that’s why I said Sir/Madam, just to be on the neutral side. But if bekukhombisa, I think you should take that as an honor and complement. Happy weekend…

          • Jotham

            Kikikikikikikikiki hahahaaa yeyi madoda

  • vusumuzi

    Kawulamehlo wena so-called Mehlokazulu . It is your own suggestion that MDC T must demonstrate . No one said so , so why displya your danda headedness by thinking when someone says something agains’t Her , they follow MDC T. Go back to basics to find out why the liberation war was fought . It was to have Democracy and Freedom of choice and speech within law limits , not to think you know what others think . Hlala endabeni leyi – uthini ngalokhu engikutshoyo ukuthi ziyadliwa izimali zethu wena ulokhu ukhuza abathi ziyadliwa uyeka abazidlayo? When Tswangirayi was beaten and all swa that on TV , do you think that was what the Liberation war was about? for Zimbabweans to beat each other like that using State Machinery on unarmed civillians? Surely kumnandi kuwe and you forget impilo ifanana le wheel which turn s around. Love Tswangirayi , Mugabe , and any other Politician as fellow Zimbabweans and not some as Gods and some as omabonwa babulawe. You are my brother like all , but why should we insult , beat , kill each other for Politicians ? Even a Traditonal Chief can lead us better than these big-headed Politicians . Maybe you look down upon them coz they are not paper-educated yet dispense with a better Justice system than the State’s.

  • Ýes I Love Weed

    she was making a fool out of him….

  • Ýes I Love Weed

    true dat y is she mum

  • Jotham

    Kikikikikikikii , I didn’t know at times you be humorous . Thanks for your comment- ngabe salumindevu kudala, Kikikikikikii yaaaaa.