Watch out for DJ Liz in 2017

DJ Liz

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
Fast rising female DJ Liz (pictured) says 2017 will be a year that she will make strides in all corners of the continent.

She says she wants to be a well known wheel spinner, not only in her country, but across Africa as well.

The DJ, real name Sharmaine Lizzie Waldman, from Bulawayo last year made a name for herself after proving her worth at recognisable gigs she performed at such as Black Motion at Hartsfield TshisaNyama, Kalawa Homecoming at Queens Sports Grounds, Castle Lite Block Parties in Bulawayo and Harare and the Golden Pilsener gig in Bulawayo where she shared the stage with South Africa’s Busi and DJ Zinhle and local chanter, Winky D.

As if that is not enough, the innovative DJ has also played host to SA’s top female DJ Zinhle each time she has visited Zimbabwe – making it a bit simpler for her to have the right links when she eventually decides to visit the neighbouring country.

After a busy and successful 2016, DJ Liz who is resident at Hartsfield TshisaNyama where she always wows patrons during weekends said her focus was now on putting her name out there more.

“Last year was a good year for me as I grew the DJ Liz brand. I got to play at most top gigs that took place in the country and got to stand out as one of the top female DJs in the country,” sad DJ Liz.

“Now, I want my brand to be that one which people feel their shows will be incomplete without, the one people will know they’ll get real value from, not just a pretty face type of thing. I feel like everything I achieved, I deserved it as I worked hard for it,” said DJ Liz.

She said she was more than ready to travel around the country exploring and meeting other artistes who can catapult her to fame.

“I’m ready to tour the country as I didn’t travel much last year. I’m ready to travel from the smallest town to the biggest city and by end of year, the whole country should know about me.”

As part of efforts of marketing her brand, DJ Liz hopes to launch a clothing line on her birthday – April 25 and set up social media pages.

“If all goes well, I’ll be launching a DJ Liz clothing line on April 25. It’ll be for women mostly as they’ve been the ones who’ve shown interest in my brand. Also, I’ll have a Facebook page where I’ll share snippets of my performances and other things related to DJ Liz such as mixtapes.”

Turning to her life as Sharmaine, the DJ said she was not planning on wedding or having children anytime soon as her focus is on her music career.

“I need to make money first because my children can’t starve as I can’t fend for them now. So marriage and children are not my priority for now, but probably a bit later,” said DJ Liz.

– @bonganinkunzi

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