WATCH: Sir Wicknell celebrating after Highlanders take the lead against Dynamos

Is Sir Wicknell a Highlanders fan? His scream and shout after Rahman Kuntsanzira’s well struck goal suggests he is.

Watch video below

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  • delete deletes

    Is it a crime for Wicknell to support Highlanders?What are you insinuating?

  • linda madanha

    saka zvinei nesu nhai veduwe …..chronicle yakushaya news nxaaaaaa

  • Mabhuqa

    Why so much attention on this mofie?

  • makhosi

    He is a CAPS supporter.

  • Dunderhead

    He celebrated the Dembare goal, as well.

  • Ronald Sibanda

    Asifuni bumbulu wena mafukufuku Sivayo.