‘We aren’t worried Obama won’t visit us’

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Cape Town — The Kenyan government says it is not moved by President Barack Obama’s decision to bypass Kenya on his third official African visit on 26 June, touring Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania, according to a report. Kenyan officials have been quick to point out they do not view Obama’s African itinerary as a snub, according to a report by Timeslive.
“America, just like Kenya, is an independent   country   and   its president has the democratic right to visit wherever he wants,” Kenyan government spokesperson Muthui Kariuki said.

“Kenya is moving on with its development agenda and we continue to be part of the League of Nations. We are not worried that he is not coming to Kenya. We are fine.”

A US administration official said on condition of anonymity that Kenyatta’s election had been a complicating factor in setting Obama’s schedule in Africa, but Kariuki dismissed such reports. —News24

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